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Compatibility Snake and Rooster

Compatibility Snake and Rooster — the union of opposites

Compatibility of the Snake and Rooster is considered favorable. Despite the fact that people born under these signs are completely different, they are able to build long and happy relationships.

general characteristics

People born in the year of the Snake have a well-developed intuition. They feel the emotions of other people, see their intentions through, rarely surprised. Encountering the Rooster partner, they immediately and thoroughly understand his character in the smallest detail, so their expectations are true.

They are quite purposeful people, but they are implementing their plans slowly, albeit with an excellent result.

Compatibility Snake and Rooster

The cock is not so slow, it is an impulsive and unrestrained person. He may be too straightforward, which is not always liked by others, therefore, his friends, as a rule, are few.

But they are truly loyal and loyal supporters.

Rooster little worried about public opinion. It seems so around.

But in fact, he is far from indifferent to what they think about him, preferring to hide his natural sensibility.

Astrologers promise a couple of Rooster and Snake a fairly high compatibility, due to the following factors:

  • Full understanding reigns between partners. The snake manages to discern, behind the outward rudeness of the Rooster, a thin, sensitive and vulnerable soul. And he is able to open to her completely.
  • Both love money and comfort, strive to earn good money. Together they will do everything possible for a prosperous and prosperous life.
  • Hardworking, but only in the case when their work is well evaluated. For a decent reward willing to work long and hard.
  • There is perfect sexual compatibility between them, so there are no problems in intimate life.

Snake-Male and Female Rooster

Astrologers believe that such a couple is a model of almost perfect relationships, full of romance and love.

Compatibility Snake and Rooster

What is characteristic of this type of union:

  1. Their relationship begins with a strong love and flow very romantic. Candy and bouquet period will be filled with beautiful courtship and passionate nights spent together.
  2. Unnoticed, albeit very gradually, they fall in love with each other more and more. Over time, comes the understanding that they are created to be together always. During this period, they create a family and think about the birth of children.
  3. Both are aimed only at serious relationships and understand that sooner or later they will enter into an official marriage. But before putting a stamp in the passport, they tend to agree on all aspects of family life. Able to make concessions and negotiate in difficult situations.

Rooster girl is rather impulsive and capricious. Often worries over trifles and shares his experiences with a partner.

It does not bother him. Man nature is very balanced, nothing can embarrass him.

Therefore, he is always able to calm his beloved and make her stop being nervous and anxious.

Rooster man and Snake woman

This relationship is also an example of true harmony. Partners complement each other perfectly and develop together.

They are able not only to build happy, harmonious relations, but also to create a successful business, to realize the most courageous creative projects.

Compatibility Snake and Rooster

What are the features of this type of union:

  1. A man becomes a beloved teacher. He makes a lot of new things in her worldview, makes you look at the world in a completely different light. Next to him, she begins to expand the boundaries of her consciousness, sees many opportunities and learns to love the world in all its manifestations.
  2. The Snake girl is very wise, her intuition is well developed. Therefore, it becomes the very “neck” that skillfully guides the chosen one on the right path. Due to her balanced temperament and innate wisdom, she manages to maintain and strengthen relationships even in the most difficult periods for both.
  3. They notice the flaws in each other, but do not focus on them. Ready to accept the chosen one as he is. But on the merits they say openly, often they thank and appreciate what they have.
  4. They will never endure litter from the hut, so people around them do not even know about occasional quarrels. Find out the relationship only between themselves, peacefully resolving any conflicts.

For both, public opinion is extremely important, so they only praise each other among friends. Sometimes they are jealous, considering the perfect pair.

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Union cons

Despite excellent compatibility, relationships do not always add up well. Like in any other couple, conflicts occur between the Snake and the Rooster. Usually they solve them easily by joint efforts.

But you need to know what to look for in order to continue to maintain love and harmony.

What astrologers attribute to the cons of the union:

  1. Undermining love can be a constant struggle for power. This is especially pronounced in joint work or in the upbringing of children. It is important that someone alone could give up and stop competing, then the gap can be avoided.
  2. For a man it is extremely important that the beloved does not surpass him in anything. If she takes a higher position in society or earns more, it hurts his self-esteem. Therefore, it is necessary that a woman does not exaggerate her virtues, but constantly emphasized that her husband is better than her in everything.
  3. The rooster girl must overcome her tediousness in some places. She can cut a man through everyday trifles, which is extremely annoying and takes him out of himself. It is worth becoming more loyal to such petty problems and being more patient.
  4. The rooster is a true talker. His mouth does not close for a minute. Sometimes the Snake is tiring, she wants to be in silence and not listen to anything. Both must respect the characteristics of the nature of the partner and not be annoyed about this. The rooster needs to come to terms with the silence of the second half, and Snake should listen to everything he tries to convey to her.

The stumbling block of the Rooster, who is not always ready to give up the attention of the opposite sex, can also become a stumbling block. The snake does not tolerate betrayal and betrayal, at the slightest suspicion will sever the relationship.

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