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Compatibility Snake and Bull

Compatibility of the Snake and the Bull — the eternal struggle

Compatibility of the Serpent and the Bull according to the eastern horoscope is considered rather difficult. This is due to the conflicting characters of the partners. Are they able to get along together?

Consider the predictions of astrologers.

general characteristics

The bull is used to dominate, and will do so openly. Snake also prefers to make decisions, but it is more cunning and resourceful, therefore, conflicts on the basis of the “struggle for power” almost never happen.

Compatibility Snake and Bull

What can be expected from such a union:

  • Quiet and calm novel, which will last long to the general pleasure of both. It may even seem to both of them that it was about such relationships that they dreamed all their lives. They like partner’s restraint, lack of impulsiveness and a reasonable approach to solving any problems.
  • Material stability will always be. This contributes to the success of the Snake in financial affairs and its desire to reach career heights. And the Bull, though devoid of ambition, is very hardworking, so it also never needs money.
  • Stable and long-lasting relations between the Snake and the Bull can lead to marriage and survive until old age of both. They respect and value marriage bonds, they strive to preserve relationships by any means, and not destroy them.

Bull Man and Snake Woman

Both partners have a prudent approach to relationships and life in general. They often have similar goals, attitudes, principles, and priorities.

Therefore, although their union can not be called passionate and sensual, they sooner or later think about family and serious relationships.

Compatibility Snake and Bull

What is characteristic of this type of union:

  1. They almost immediately make a good impression on each other due to their restrained characters and a serious attitude towards life.
  2. The Snake Girl is accustomed to bathe in male attention, therefore, she is rather picky and wants to opt for the best and most successful one. The Man-Bull fully complies with all her requests, therefore he has every chance to win the favor of a spoiled and capricious darling.
  3. The girl is fascinated by such qualities of a partner as perseverance, imperiousness, purposefulness and caring attitude. She sees in him a real man with whom you can build a good, abundant and happy family.
  4. The bull is a really tempting candidate for the role of a life partner that many girls dream of. Purposeful, hardworking, but at the same time gentle and romantic, he gives his chosen one everything she needs.
  5. Snake girl seems to him incredibly dignified and attractive. She is rather mysterious when she needs to be — silent, and understands him perfectly. He is completely fascinated by her intelligence, insight, restraint and wisdom. I also like the ability to keep myself in society, it’s not a shame to go out with people. The bull is always proud of its second half.

This couple personifies the traditional relationship model with the correct distribution of roles. The girl is the mistress, mother and keeper of the home.

A man is a support and support, a responsible and powerful leader, an excellent family man.

Snake and Bull Woman

This union can also be very happy, partners are able to live in love and harmony, but still have to face some difficulties. If they cope with them, the fate of the relationship will develop safely.

Compatibility Snake and Bull

What is characteristic of this union:

  • Both are by nature leaders, so they will constantly fight for power. If a woman can be more cunning and does not succumb to her chosen one, a break is inevitable.
  • A woman will always be lacking in a man of reliability, he will seem to her too frivolous and frivolous. Until he proves the opposite, the relationship will hang in the balance.
  • Also, the Bull girl is too independent, she wants to control everything, decide and do everything herself. She should learn to be softer, more compliant and weak, to show a man that she needs him.
  • If she does not want the man next to her to lose ambition and lay down on the couch, be sure to take most of the responsibilities on him. Stop deciding everything yourself and start needing it. Then the Serpent man will not only not weaken, but will also grow significantly, achieve great success.

A man likes the warmth that comes from his chosen one. But stubbornness and too strong character are often annoying.

It is because of this that he may lose the desire to continue communication.

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Union cons

Immediately after meeting the partners, it seems that they are practically made for each other. They believe that they are able to build a really happy relationship that they have long dreamed of. But problems cannot be avoided.

They can be solved if you know what to work on.

What can be attributed to the cons of the Bull and Snake union:

  1. The bull is extremely hot-tempered. He can get excited and talk nasty things in the heat of even the smallest quarrel. It offends the Snake and makes them build evil plans for revenge.
  2. The bull is also a born dictator. He is very tough and implacable, everything in the house must obey his rules. Otherwise, a series of tedious conflicts will begin. The snake remains either to submit, or to pretend that she is ready to yield.
  3. Both signs — the nature is incredibly possessive. Therefore, they will not want to share their chosen one with anyone and constantly demand attention. Jealousy is manifested not only in suspicion of adultery. They are also jealous of work, friends, hobbies and even communication with parents.
  4. Snake nature is secretive, she used to cheat, manipulate and keep back. If the Bull notices this, a powerful flash of his anger cannot be avoided.
  5. Quarrels also occur because of the coldness and eternal detachment of the Snake. She never fully surrenders to her partner and relationship, and indeed nature is rather selfish.

All these problems are solved, so you need not to part with the first quarrel, but together seek a compromise and way out of the situation that suits both. Then the relationship will last a long time, will be filled with love, respect and consent.

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