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Compatibility: Scorpio with other characters, character and elements

Compatibility: Scorpio with other signs in love and family relationships

The bright and unpredictable nature of Scorpio will never be left without attention: it is either loved or hated. And always sincere. Pluto gives their pets impassivity and will to win.

Scorpio will go over the corpses to achieve his goal. The song of love on the battlefield is about it. Consider compatibility: Scorpio with other signs of the zodiac.

Who can handle this uncompromising cynic?

Compatibility: Scorpio with other characters, character and elements

Mysterious Pluto and Scorpio Character

Scorpio hates flattery and hypocrisy. This is the most characteristic feature for him. Do not try to hold it and let the fog — he reads the thoughts of man, thanks to an extraordinary intuition: among the Scorpions there are many mystics and soothsayers.

Therefore, only a sincere partner can find contact with Scorpio.

Among Scorpios, you can find people with opposing worldviews and attitudes — from religious fanatics to the most ruthless murderers and fanatics, from people close in their development to geniuses of thought. An insane psychopath and a terrific drama theater actor are all Scorpio.

He lives the feelings that lead him through life. At the same time, he is a great thinker, with mathematical precision calculating the way out of the maze of life.

The most amazing thing is that in one Scorpio can combine many independent and opposing traits of character. This makes the life of Scorpio’s partner simply unbearable, and sometimes tragic.

It is impossible to predict in advance the reaction of Scorpion to the same event — it will be different. It is impossible to understand how the same person can be a genius and stupid at the same time.

The brutality of the actions of Scorpio is on the verge of the impossible, but at the same time he can demonstrate sacrifice for the sake of someone.

Life with Scorpio is similar to one-man theater, whose role is always dramatic.

If Scorpio is confident that good reasons are needed for a smile, what else can you say? Astrologers consider this zodiac sign to be the most difficult, unpredictable and surprising.

Being in alliance with Scorpio, one should never lose vigilance — one should always be prepared for any manifestations of his complex and incomprehensible nature. If the behavior of the signs of water is always characterized by the absence of logic, then the behavior of Scorpio is triple.

Cynics and rude, Scorpios in the depths of their mysterious world in dire need of affection and concern for them. It is impossible to understand it by reason.

Scorpio stings all around — enemies, friends and himself.

The power of destruction leads restless pets of deep waters through life and can be directed at anything, including their own destiny: Scorpio can die for the idea and principles.

Element of water

How do watermarks coexist with Scorpio? All representatives of the water element live emotions and can not imagine something else.

Life, business communication — it is always secondary. It is more important to solve questions of a sensual nature than to engage in a dull routine.

Water signs understand each other without words — at the subconscious level, which greatly facilitates the relationship.

Scorpios get along well with Crayfish. This is almost a perfect union in which partners learn the best from each other.

Scorpio relieves Cancer from complexes and uncertainty and receives in return a reliable and faithful life partner. In addition, the Cancers will not claim to be the leader in the family, which is very important for the militant Scorpio.

The friendship between the signs will also be fruitful and strong, because their interests are completely the same.

Compatibility: Scorpio with other characters, character and elements

With Pisces, Scorpios have complete emotional coincidence, they feel good together. Both signs seek spiritual growth, helping each other overcome their own shortcomings. There are no misunderstandings and conflicts between spouses, as they guess thoughts from a distance — the sense of intuition in both is so developed.

The Scorpio man is very sensitive to his wife Pisces, as to any woman of other elements. Strong friendships can arise between signs, as vital interests and goals coincide completely.

Will two Scorpions be able to live in the family? Only under one condition: a woman should voluntarily give leadership positions to her husband. If the Scorpions start to fight each other, this will not end well.

Especially aggravates the situation of financial turmoil: Scorpios do not stand infringement in the financial sphere.

Element of earth

With Taurus, the union ends in failure, although both partners are distinguished by a large supply of vitality and an inexhaustible source of energy. They simply direct their aspirations in different directions.

Instead of solving life issues together, Scorpio and Taurus begin to fight with each other and strive to put their partner in the Procrustean bed of their own values.

With the Virgin Scorpions can get along well. Scorpio gives Virgo confidence and determination, and she, in turn, teaches Scorpio patience and wisdom of life.

However, a Scorpio man needs to give his wife Virgo the opportunity to develop, and not to limit her aspirations only to the role of housewife. Virgo is an intellectual sign, therefore it needs constant mental activity.

With Capricorn union is possible, because both are characterized by purposefulness and energy in achieving goals. Scorpio likes Capricorn’s solid approach to life, the ability to earn money and to achieve a strong position in society.

Strengthening relationships in the family will contribute to the atmosphere of romance, which must constantly be created. But the couple should not be involved in a common business: they begin to pull the blanket over themselves.

Compatibility: Scorpio with other characters, character and elements

Element of air

With the Twins alliance is almost impossible. Gemini so easily perceive life that they can fly from flower to flower like butterflies. Such a position does not suit the jealous and cynical Scorpio.

There will be everything: scandals on the basis of jealousy, disassembly at every turn. Not life, but hell.

It is better for them not to meet and not torture each other.

Libra irritates Scorpio with its indecision and constant hesitation. The woman of Libra, despite all the difficulties of the relationship with Scorpio, seeks to save the family, because Scorpio gives strong moral support and strengthens the spirit.

There is also good sexual compatibility between Libra and Scorpio, which strengthens family positions.

With Aquarius alliance is impossible. Both are stubborn and are not going to give each other anything. Aquarius does not tolerate the restriction of his freedom, and Scorpio is constantly trying to control it.

A Scorpio woman can save a marital union only in one case: if it creates the appearance of consent to the leading position of Aquarius in the family. However, the couple is not very compatible with sex, so the relationship will be extremely difficult to maintain.

Element of fire

The combination of water and fire seems unthinkable, but Scorpio has a lot in common with Aries. This and the passions, and powerful energy.

Two fighters for justice never lose their true feelings and intentions from each other. They can arrange public scandals with each other, but always quickly reconcile.

Both strive for material prosperity and sexual pleasures. If at the same time they will not seek to suppress each other, and will send their ardor to the mainstream of victories in the social field, the marriage will be harmonious and long.

Friendship between them is not possible for one reason — the struggle for leadership in relationships.

Scorpions have a very difficult relationship with Leo, as the two leaders in the family are unlikely to get along. Between spouses there are constant clashes and conflicts only on this basis.

Brighten the situation can the birth of children, and then, at the time. Neither Leo nor Scorpio can tolerate restrictions in freedom, but they constantly strive to take this right away from each other.

With Sagittarius there are few common points of contact, therefore neither love nor friendship are possible. If, after all, the marriage took place, Scorpio will have to temper his ardor.

The freedom-loving Sagittarius will not tolerate scandals, recriminations and the infringement of their rights.

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