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Compatibility Sagittarius and Aries — the causes of conflict

Compatibility Sagittarius and Aries — happy together

Compatibility Sagittarius and Aries to be extremely harmonious. The fire temperaments of both can provoke quarrels, but not for long.

But they understand each other perfectly, being reflected in a partner, as if in a mirror. Develop and improve together.

Consider the astrological forecast for this pair.

Compatibility in love

This is a union of two bright personalities, creative, unpredictable and extraordinary. At first they can enter into competition, showing their strong character.

But the confrontation does not last long — until the first rapprochement.

Compatibility Sagittarius and Aries - the causes of conflict

What is characteristic of the relationship Sagittarius and Aries:

  1. The main thing for them is to stop competing and start cooperating. Then they can achieve much together and build a truly happy and sincere relationship.
  2. The strong qualities of Aries are its unyielding character, tremendous willpower and incredible charm. Sagittarius is distinguished by creative and intellectual potential, the ability to generate a multitude of ideas and look for a non-standard approach to solving problems.
  3. They are incredibly interesting to each other. Develop and improve together, perfectly complementing the partner and helping him see new facets of the world, people, phenomena.
  4. Sagittarius — the personality is incredibly bright. He always stands out from the crowd, often achieves success and quickly fulfills his own desires. Next to him and Aries begins to drive incredibly — there are many opportunities for self-realization.
  5. That Sagittarius is able to become a mentor, a patron who will send his stubborn companion on the right path. He will prompt the right solutions to problems, new ideas for development.
  6. They interact perfectly not only in relationships, but also in affairs. This is a good tandem for business, friendship, career building in any field. Therefore, they should hold on to each other, not allowing the life circumstances and opinions of others to somehow affect the usual course of things.
  7. It cannot be said that their union is a one-sided game. Sagittarius not only gives a lot, but also receives the resources he needs from his chosen one. He accepts gratitude, inspiration, care and support. And this is quite enough to fill with energy for new achievements.

We summarize: this union is doomed to success. He will be happy and harmonious.

In a relationship, love will never subside, and only serious circumstances can separate this couple.

Causes of conflict

Despite the fact that this union is doomed to success, problems in relationships still occur. It is important to be able to solve them in order to preserve harmony and love.

Compatibility Sagittarius and Aries - the causes of conflict

What can cause conflicts:

  1. Both are charged for success. They set joint goals and strive to achieve them by any means. But if everything is not as good as we would like, they are nervous and disrupt negative emotions on the partner. It is important to learn to restrain yourself by pouring out the negative elsewhere.
  2. It is Aries who, sooner or later, can surrender and leave, having failed to withstand the stormy quarrels and conflicts that he himself provoked. He, like a capricious child, does not know what he wants. And often shifts responsibility for family problems to a partner.
  3. It is important for them to be able to maintain their composure during life difficulties. Fate will definitely prepare these trials for them to test the relationship for strength. If they fail to solve the problem quickly, they may even stop trusting each other, paradoxically.
  4. Both signs are freedom-loving natures. They do not like restrictions and invasion of their personal space. But at the same time they seek to control the chosen one, not realizing that this can lead to a collapse of relations and a complete rupture.
  5. Sagittarius must stop taking care of Aries and allow the fire sign to become independent. And Aries should learn to take care not as an annoying factor, but as a manifestation of sincere and true love.
  6. Sagittarius sometimes needs to be alone and relax. His companion perceives attempts to disengage from relationships as a loss of feelings, and is offended. Aries must be taken for granted that from time to time his partner goes into himself. Do not make trouble, and let go for a while.
  7. And then Sagittarius will hold on to the relationship, realizing that it will be extremely difficult for him to find such an understanding and loving partner after parting.

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Aries man and Sagittarius woman

A man falls in love with this girl instantly. Therefore, she does not immediately notice shortcomings in her, but repeatedly exaggerates her merits.

He allows her a lot, often forgiving even serious misconduct.

Their relationship fully fits the claim that the woman is the neck, and the man is the head. The girl fully recognizes the leadership of her chosen one, but at the same time subtly and imperceptibly manages them, making decisions herself.

Compatibility Sagittarius and Aries - the causes of conflict

Thanks to feminine wisdom and male love, relationships can become extremely successful, full of mutual understanding and trust.

Aries woman and Sagittarius male

This is a very harmonious union, in which both make concessions, support the partner and trust him. The woman believes that her choice — the best of all whom she met.

So it is — no one has ever had such a relationship with her.

It is important that their relationship as soon as possible go into a serious direction. They should not think long about marriage, it is necessary to register the relationship immediately after they realize that they love each other.

Both are equally responsible for psychological comfort in a couple. Therefore, should make the same effort to preserve harmony and love.

It is worth forgetting about the whims, looking for compromises during quarrels and supporting a partner in everything.

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