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Compatibility Rats and Dogs — Relationship Problems

Compatibility of the Rat and Dogs according to the eastern horoscope

Compatibility of the Rat and Dogs is not the most favorable for the eastern horoscope. And in real life, such a pair is quite rare.

Consider what problems and features this union has.

general characteristics

The rat is attracted by the mystery of the Dog. This person attracts with its mystery and unpredictability.

They get to know each other better and start a relationship, thinking that they were made for each other.

Compatibility Rats and Dogs - Relationship Problems

What is typical for such a pair:

  1. The dog is a faithful person. It will never change or betray that the partner appreciates and respects. They solve any problems and troubles together, they manage to find a way out even from the most difficult situations, with honor to withstand all the difficulties.
  2. Love compatibility in this pair is not the most favorable. But partners can successfully interact in business, create a profitable business. They are excellent companions and friends, and this unites.
  3. It is extremely important for them to learn to feel each other, and not just to analyze the events occurring in a pair of head. It is necessary to develop intuition, because they can never understand the logic of a partner.
  4. Both natures are independent, value their freedom and do not tolerate the violation of personal boundaries. Because of this, a pair of possible conflicts. It is necessary to learn to find compromises so that, sooner or later, another quarrel does not end with a break.
  5. Both are incredible workaholics. They will fully devote themselves to their work, leaving the relationship a small part of their lives. On the one hand, this is good, because it allows you to avoid conflicts — there is simply no time for them. On the other hand, love with this approach is difficult to maintain.
  6. Both are smart and intelligent. Therefore, there are always common topics for conversation. But there are differences between them. For example, the Rat approaches to solving problems rationally, relying on the arguments of reason. The dog is inclined to idealize everything and give in to emotions.
  7. In relations with the Rat, the Dog becomes more liberated, erases many of its borders, attitudes and beliefs. This allows you to achieve success in life, especially in the financial sector.

A dog can teach a partner responsibility, cure his selfishness and help to abstract his own problems. But it will succeed only if she already has sufficient experience in relationships.

Man-Rat and Woman-Dog

To a man, this woman seems incredibly seductive, and at the same time inaccessible. Therefore, he will make all possible efforts to achieve the location of the chosen one.

Sooner or later he does it.

Compatibility Rats and Dogs - Relationship Problems

A woman needs most of all the support of her lover and his tokens of attention. This is the problem, because her chosen one is extremely selfish and does not like to share, preferring not to give, but to receive.

In addition, he is always busy with affairs in the outside world.

Sooner or later, the girl seems that the chosen one invests in the relationship is not enough. She will be sad trying to sort things out.

If the result of this behavior does not bring, it will simply go away in search of a more worthy candidate for the role of her life partner.

Prevents the relationship and indecision of the girl, her insecurity. She often doubts, fears, because of what rarely achieves success in business.

Therefore, it is extremely important that the man takes the place of the breadwinner and is responsible for the material well-being of the couple.

Man-Dog and Woman-Rat

This variant of the union is considered more successful. The woman in this couple is adventurous and active.

She is likely to try to take a leadership position, insist on her opinion and keep the last word.

But at the same time, the man will think that he is the main person in the pair. And she will try to do her best for general well-being.

The girl, in turn, will always support him, hedge, will be affectionate, loving and grateful.

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Relationship problems

Since the compatibility of this union is not the most favorable, problems in relations cannot be avoided. But do not part with the slightest difficulties.

You just need to learn how to solve them.

Compatibility Rats and Dogs - Relationship Problems

What is worth working in the relationship of the Rat and the Dog:

  1. Dog — naive nature. She idealizes everything around, sees only dignity in surrounding people, ignoring flaws. Rat is annoying, she is constantly trying to remake the chosen one. She needs to learn to accept a partner as he is, if she wants to maintain normal human relations.
  2. The dog also loves to control the partner and limit his freedom. Often makes stinging remarks, criticizes, can condemn for failures. It is important for her to become more tactful and stop putting pressure on the second half.
  3. When the relationship is smooth, the partners start to get bored and quarrel. In such situations, conflict for them is a source of bright emotions. In order to prevent this, it is necessary to periodically give each other new emotions of a more positive nature.

It is also important for them to spend time with each other more often, and not to go headlong into work or business. Otherwise, sooner or later the relationship will come to naught, and the jointly spent time will decline more and more.

Sexual compatibility

In the sensual realm they complement each other perfectly. Therefore, there should be no problems with intimate relationships. The dog wants to experiment, constantly try something new.

The rat willingly goes to meet the desires of a partner, enjoying a sexual life no less than him.

Business compatibility

Even if the relationship does not develop, these signs can become excellent business partners and create a business that will bring good profits.

Both workaholics, set goals and achieve them, using all possible ways. It brings them together, and makes common business incredibly productive.

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