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Compatibility: Pisces with other signs in love and friendship

Compatibility: Pisces with other signs in love and friendship

Pisces’ expansive imagination distinguishes them from other representatives of the zodiacal circle. The mystical mystery and extraordinary sensitivity of water signs is formed under the influence of the moon: they are accustomed to think intuitively.

Who can these unusual people get along with? Consider compatibility: Pisces with other zodiac signs.

How to find an approach to impressionable persons?

Compatibility: Pisces with other signs in love and friendship

The changing nature of Pisces

The moon has a strong influence on the formation of Pisces’ character: they feel the interlocutor at the subconscious level. However, do not forget about the influence of Neptune, which endows his players with eccentricity and a penchant for melancholy.

Therefore, Pisces constantly need friendly advice and support.

Sometimes it seems that Pisces knows much more than they say out loud. They are so impressionable and compassionate that they are ready to take on their fragile shoulders all the problems of a grieving person.

But they cannot solve these problems because they do not have a decisive character.

Emotional troubles are characteristic of all representatives of water signs, and Pisces also feel a constant self-doubt. They need a person who is able to maintain an emotional tone so that Pisces will not slip into a prolonged depression about the imperfections of the world.

  • not prone to conflict;
  • calmly relate to gifts of fate;
  • possess a fine instinct and intuition;
  • responsive and inclined to help people;
  • know how to protect themselves from life problems.
  • tendency to melancholy;
  • constant mood swings;
  • constant understatement;
  • suspicion and distrust;
  • the desire to control your every step;
  • prefer to go with the flow of life; painful criticism;
  • avoiding problem solving;
  • stay in the country of dreams;
  • outright lie.

Pisces know how to cast a shadow on the fence, to keep a thoughtful silence about something important and make the partner suffer in conjectures. They like to dive into melancholy with absolutely no apparent reason — they just have such a mood.

Mating horoscope

Water signs

In Pisces, Pisces has a very strange alliance: the partners idealize each other at the beginning of their acquaintance, which subsequently brings complete disappointments. In a pair where a man is Cancer, harmonious relations can develop if financial problems do not appear.

Pisces do not like the secrecy of Cancers, who are accustomed to withdraw into themselves under any danger or adverse conditions.

With Scorpio, the union can be very harmonious. Pisces is impressed with Scorpio’s confidence, and he finds in Pisces a source of inspiration and desire for creative and spiritual growth. Pisces can gently extinguish the aggressiveness of Scorpio, and they give Pisces the necessary support.

Pisces is not against Scorpio’s leadership in the family, even Pisces men — this completely wears everyone.

Can a pair of Pisces get along? Partners perfectly understand each other, feel any spiritual impulse.

However, the union will instantly destroy life, because Pisces are completely unsuitable for solving simple earthly tasks. Spouses will diligently shift the solution of problems to each other on their shoulders, which will not lead to anything good — and things are still there.

Astrologers argue that Pisces can be ideal lovers, but not spouses.

Compatibility: Pisces with other signs in love and friendship

Earth signs

With Taurus, marital compatibility is not very good. Taurus does not like the impracticality of Pisces and the endless soaring in the clouds. Scandals can occur on financial grounds, as Taurus used to count every penny.

Better harmony can achieve a couple where a woman Taurus and a man of Pisces — she will help her husband to gain confidence in their abilities. With age, the relationship in the pair only strengthened.

With Pisces, Pisces can have a successful union if both partners agree to change in the name of common love. Pisces tendency to soar in the clouds can annoy the Virgin, but she can teach Pisces to be more practical. But this applies only to the couple, where the wife is Pisces.

If Virgo’s wife is in a pair, then the union is categorically impossible — the spouse will begin to suppress Pisces and put out any desire to be together. Fish do not tolerate criticism and quibbles.

Save the marriage can only be a common goal.

With Capricorn, the union is very prosperous. Pisces just lacks a confident and reliable partner in all respects.

Capricorn assumes the solution of all life problems, Pisces can only calmly swim behind him. This balance of power suits everyone. Capricorn surrounds Pisces with complete comfort, and they fill it with the necessary romance and play of feelings.

Both signs have a positive effect on each other.

Air signs

Relations with Gemini depend only on the willingness or unwillingness of partners to change and adapt to each other. In practice, the partners quickly end the relationship, trying to hurt each other more.

Gemini considers Pisces too obsessive in expressing feelings, and Pisces lack attention from Gemini. Occasionally, unusual married couples may meet, where Pisces man takes on the role of housekeeping, and the Gemini woman provides the family financially.

With Pisces, Pisces has nothing in common, and they do not even try to find common points of contact. Union is possible only temporarily — for romantic meetings. In the conditions of family life any romantic notes sounded during dating.

First, both signs are characterized by uncertainty in their abilities and do not have a clear life position. Secondly, each and partners will try to shift the responsibility to the other.

With Aquarius, union is possible with mutual concessions. Conflict between them may arise on the basis of misunderstanding — both have an unconventional thinking and are not able to adapt to each other.

Problems expect a couple in domestic matters — none of them knows how to properly manage the household. Both are passionate about dreams, soar in the clouds and can not land on the sinful earth.

Harmony can be a union only in business or creative relationships.

Fire signs

With Pisces, Pisces has such a different temperament that relationships are hardly possible. Aries Fish seem passive and too slow. In fact, Pisces simply do not keep up with the active Aries, their life rhythms do not match.

Despite the harmony in sexual terms, in domestic terms, these signs do not correspond to each other at all. In the relationship, Pisces suffer from the pressure of a temperamental Aries, but their coldness is not to their heart.

Relations with Leo are so heavy that a union is hardly possible. The rhythm of the movement of Cancer and Leo is so opposite and multidirectional that they simply cannot understand each other.

A Pisces woman is prone to make hysterics about jealousy, makes attempts to manipulate her husband — this is absolutely not tolerate the royal person of Leo. A Pisces man can negotiate with his wife Leo, if they jointly distribute duties and will faithfully fulfill each of their roles.

With Sagittarius, alliance is impossible, since the straightness of the fire sign hurts impressionable Pisces. Sagittarius is not accustomed to prevaricate, expresses everything in the forehead and does not care about the feelings of a person. In addition, both partners begin to compete in manipulating — who will replay whom.

Only a common goal or a spiritual ideal can unite this pair.

Compatibility: Pisces with other signs in love and friendship

Friendship with Pisces

In friendship, Pisces demonstrate positive qualities of loyalty and sympathy. They are wonderful interlocutors who can sensitively listen to a comrade. They, like anyone, can truly empathize with someone.

Pisces can not only listen to the interlocutor sincerely, but also sincerely admire him. This ability of Pisces is explained by the constant wearing of rose-colored glasses — they do not see shortcomings point-blank.

Unfortunately, Pisces constantly wonders how they could have missed the cunning of a friend.

The strongest friendships are formed with representatives of their element — Scorpios and Cancers. Fish can calm expressive Scorpion, and he will protect his friend to the last drop of blood.

With earth signs, Pisces get along very well. Pets of the earth element give Pisces confidence in their abilities, and those envelop them with tender feelings and warmth of the heart.

In Pisces with earth signs, there is no reason for conflict.

Fish and Aquarius get along well with each other — these are two dreamers and an idealist who understand each other perfectly. Pisces is also attracted to the fiery temperament of Aries, whose cheerfulness can allay any sorrow.

A lion can give protection to insecure Pisces.

Who is friendship impossible? Relations with Libra and Aquarius, the Virgin and Sagittarius do not get along well.

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