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Compatibility of zodiac signs by date of birth — horoscope of love

Compatibility of zodiac signs by date of birth — find the perfect partner!

Who among us does not dream to meet his soul mate and create a happy relationship with her? But very often, a person who at first glance seems to be ideally suited to you, in a life together, changes radically because of what happens a break in relations. .

From this article you can learn how different zodiac constellations get along with each other.

Compatibility of zodiac signs by date of birth - horoscope of love


Aries is a passionate kind, he likes to choose and conquer his partner. And if the second side will keep some intrigue and does not reveal all the cards in front of Aries — it is possible to create a happy family.

How to combine:

Aries with AriesA: A rather rare type of connection. Both partners are very passionate and hot, emotional, so their relationship is similar to active volcanoes. The future of the couple depends on the ability of the subordination of one partner to another.

Compatibility is not very good.

Aries with Taurus: They are radically different people. Aries is not satisfied with the tranquility of Taurus, and Taurus is not happy with the sharpness of Aries.

At the same time, Aries is impressed by the reliability and stability of Taurus. Relationships are possible, but they will be very hectic.

Aries with Twins: Both Aries and Gemini are energetic, they understand each other and experience sexual satisfaction. Despite this, you cannot call this pair ideal for compatibility.

All because of the superficiality and windiness of the twin partner.

Aries with Cancers: Unusually problematic connection. Although partners feel a strong sexual attraction, they have few common points of contact.

The main thing in the union, of course, will be Aries and the future of the couple depends on how he will show prudence and restraint.

Aries with Lions. There is a coincidence in character and temperament properties, but if there is no true love, the couple will surely disintegrate.

It is easy for lions to remove any difficulties of life, but this does not apply to the marriage union.

Aries and Virgo: complex relationships. They can be pleasant, but the probability of a happy marriage here is fifty percent.

But Aries and Virgo can be great business partners.

Aries with Scales: A pair is a combination of zodiac opposites. Although Aries and Libra have a similar inner world, they suffer from contradictions in different spheres of life.

Stars promise a short relationship, but not a happy marriage.

Aries and Scorpios: Each partner is different independence. Their relationship will be based on either friendship or enmity.

Strengthening communication contributes to freedom and independence, as well as equality.

Aries with Sagittarius: Representatives of the element of Fire often fall in love with each other at first sight. They understand each other perfectly in everyday life and have common interests.

The only thing that will interfere with the relationship — physical satisfaction, on this will have to work.

Aries with Capricorn: Aries are inherently disturbed by nature, and Capricorns are conservatives. They are so different in temperament, character traits and rhythm of life that they create relationships extremely rarely.

Aries with Aquarius: Relationship can be happy only when a strong Aries will not seek to suppress a strong Aquarius, and the latter will stop provoking Aries to jealousy. According to statistics, very gifted children are born in this couple.

Aries with Pisces: Aries — bold and confident, Pisces have a good intuition, all together it forms a bright and happy union. Even the dissimilarity of characters and temperaments will not interfere with partners.


Taurus is inherent ownership in the field of relationships. He fills the relationship with forces, means and emotions, but in return awaits a return.

Compatibility of zodiac signs by date of birth - horoscope of love

How to combine:

Taurus with Taurus: Both partners are workaholics; they have a love for hoarding, they have a high mutual understanding. But there is sexual incompatibility — women suffer from increased sentimentality, and men are more mundane.

Relationships are possible, but they are unlikely to end in marriage.

Taurus with Gemini: They are strongly attracted to each other sexually, but in the life of partners there is a great distance. The twins love active social life, and Tauruses are very jealous of them. These characters have different characters: Gemini is windy and Taurus is phlegmatic.

Because of misunderstanding often breaks in relationships.

Taurus and Crayfish: They complement each other well, have many common points of contact. Both Taurus and Cancer are couch potatoes, sentimental, love sex.

Due to similar interests and goals, the link promises to exist for a long time.

Taurus with Lions: Here the relationship is based solely on sex. Partners do not want to obey each other, so they often have conflicts.

Do not enter into such a relationship.

Taurus with Virgins: This relationship is favorable for both participants. Relationships can be based on wild passion and deep attachment.

Both partners really look at the world and are very practical.

Taurus with Scales: Both constellations are controlled by Venus, but they have different sensuality. Although there are many common interests and strong similarities, marriages are rarely added up, but different life principles are to blame.

Taurus with Scorpios: Signs are antipodes, between them there will be either a strong attraction, or dismissal, but there is no indifference. Sex plays a huge role in this regard, and jealousy is also constantly present.

The stars promise a stormy romance, but not very long.

Taurus with Sagittarius: Relationships are possible if Taurus manages to rein in Sagittarius. There is a strong sexual attraction between partners.

But the relationship is likely to fall apart, because they do not have a solid support.

Taurus with Capricorn: Both Taurus and Capricorn are configured for long-term relationships. There is little romance in relationships, but there is good sex.

Partners have a lot in common, their union is held due to perseverance and endurance, as well as endurance and perseverance. Strongly attached to each other.

Taurus with Aquarius: In this regard, Taurus has a hard time — he constantly suffers from anxiety. Aquarius is inclined to «soar in the clouds», to generate original ideas and poor Taurus is forced to constantly «lower it from heaven to earth.»

There are many unpleasant surprises in the union.

Taurus with PiscesA: The foundation of a relationship is very strong — it is an attraction, and love, and loyalty with devotion. There are many common points of contact: both Taurus and Fish strive for a quiet, beautiful life.

Well combined in the bedroom, the connection will be strong and long.

Gemini features amorousness, as well as superficiality and impermanence. They can quickly create marriages, and also quickly divorce, because they strive for novelty in everything.

Compatibility of zodiac signs by date of birth - horoscope of love

How to combine:

Twins with Twins: A very interesting and promising union. Relationships will develop in an active scenario, they will never be bored with each other.

Enjoy each other in sex and have fun together.

Twins with Crayfish: Passionate Crayfish will satisfy ardent Gemini, and the latter will improve the mood of Cancer. But otherwise, the partners have little in common to create a long-lasting union, the relationship in most cases falls apart.

Twins with Lions: They are passionate lovers and show loyalty to each other. They try to compete in society, but find in this mutual pleasure.

The connection between the signs is quite successful.

Twins with Virgins: They are under the auspices of Mercury, but they have nothing more to share. For the Virgin, the Twins are too frivolous, and the Virgin is too boring and cold for them.

When partners enjoy each other in sex — the union will disintegrate.

Gemini with Scales: the union is very harmonious in all aspects. They are motivators for each other, find complete mutual understanding. They will not compete, strive for entertainment, crazy about travel.

The only caveat — both partners are strong tranzhyrami.

Gemini with Scorpios: Inventive Twins and dynamic Scorpios in general understand each other quite well, there is a strong sexual attraction. But the difference in the characters and temperaments will play a role.

Twins with Sagittarius: Signs-antipodes, which strongly pulls to each other. They are excellent interlocutors, love to argue, strive to achieve freedom.

There may be misunderstandings in the bedroom and parting because of this.

Twins with Capricorn: The twin is windy and frivolous, and the Capricorn is conservative. They can find mutual understanding, although there will not be a burning passion in this alliance.

Gemini with Aquarius: Well find a common language. Both Gemini and Aquarius are quite unpredictable, so misunderstandings will arise in the relationship.

In marriage, they are more loyal friends than ardent lovers.

Twins with Pisces: In a relationship there is a passion and a lot of problems. Reckless Twins tend to hurt the feelings of emotional Pisces.

Also, partners have too different views on life and needs.

Cancer is the most sensitive and emotional of all zodiac constellations. He seeks to find the perfect love and support, is prone to dedication.

How to combine:

Crayfish with crayfish: This pair has a lot in common, which often causes difficulties. They know each other’s weak points and can hurt them badly. But completely satisfy each other sexually.

Unfortunately, this relationship is not very promising.

Crayfish with Lions: Perhaps the emergence of a passionate relationship and a successful marriage, if Cancer will make concessions to Leo, adapts to the heightened emotionality of the latter. The lion will be king in the relationship as a whole and in the bedroom, and Cancer has tremendous intuition.

Partners harmoniously complement each other.

Crayfish with Virgins: Cancers are emotional, and Virgos have an analytical mindset, but they complement each other pretty well. In such a pair, there are often long-term and happy relationships in which a reliable Cancer will be able to protect the tender Maiden.

The bond is likely to end in marriage.

Cancers with Scales: These are individuals from different worlds — Cancers strive for bright feelings, and Libra dreams to have intellectual intimacy. Difficult they are given and sexual relations.

If Cancer criticizes the partner too much, Libra, as a rule, finds a new hobby.

Crayfish with Scorpios: Scorpios are extraordinarily passionate, they are able to awaken hidden sensuality in Crayfish. The crayfish are attracted by the power of Scorpio, and the latter enjoys peace of mind due to emotional attachment to Cancer.

They have very high chances to organize a happy union based on sincere and mutual feelings.

Raki with Sagittarius: Sagittarius opens new intellectual horizons for Cancers, but otherwise the partners are too different, they are distinguished by their views on life, demeanor, temperament. They can make good friends, but not lovers.

Crayfish with Capricorn: Relationships begin with sexual attraction between antipodal signs. But Capricorn is a careerist, and Cancer craves more attention.

Due to differences in the characters, the union may soon collapse.

Crayfish with Aquarius: Cancers are very sensitive and tender, Aquarius is too cold for them. Cancer tends to become attached and does not give Aquarius the necessary freedom.

Cancer often suffers from the stinging attacks of Aquarius. Only sexual compatibility prevails in the couple.

Crayfish with Pisces: The relationship between Cancers and Pisces is based on common interests, emotional affection, sexual pleasure and spiritual intimacy. Cancer in a relationship is a leader, but Pisces happily obey him.

Likely successful marriage union.

The following video will tell you more about the compatibility of zodiac signs.

a lion

Leo is a passionate kind, who seeks to subdue his beloved and does not accept the refusal. Looking for a man who will share his romantic destiny with an attractive appearance.

How to combine:

Lions with lions: This is truly a royal couple. They are united by a strong sexual passion, both are romantics, adore life. But often there is a struggle for leadership, no one wants to give up the palm.

The union is quite harmonious.

Lions with virgins: Lions «peck» at the intellectual abilities of the Virgin, but can not get from her sexual satisfaction. Virgo is distinguished by practicality and caution, and Leo — extravagance and extravagance.

There are many differences in views on life, so the union is doomed to destruction.

Lions with Scales: Lions are creative, and Libra is natural aesthetes. Partners tend to overshadow each other, in the bedroom becomes the leader of the Lion.

Relationships are possible, but not long lasting.

Lions with Scorpios: They are sexual magnets for each other, but Leo is embarrassed by the jealousy of Scorpio. Different attitudes and contradictions provoke the death of the union.

Lions with Sagittarius: Open Lions conquer sociable optimists Sagittarius. Both partners strive for freedom, complement each other well in family life.

Lions with Capricorn: Cautious Capricorns are trying to take power over the generous Leo. But Leo does not want to be subordinate.

By the end of the separation is inevitable.

Lions with Aquarius: They strongly attract each other physically, but suffer from many contradictions (Aquarius criticizes Leo, and Leo suffers from this). However, they create very happy marriages.

Lions with Pisces: Lviv is different activity, and Pisces — softness. In relationships there is intrigue, but not harmony.

If the Lions and Pisces get married, then they will most likely be divorced.


Virgo is very practical in love, looking for material benefit here too. Looking for loyalty, order, honesty and transparency.

Compatibility of zodiac signs by date of birth - horoscope of love

How to combine:

Virgo with Virgo: The relationship between them is almost perfect, but both should stop looking for cons in each other. They can compete for leadership, but in general the union is very successful.

Virgin with Scales: Libra is too frivolous for down-to-earth Virgo, they squander money, have fun, and Virgo criticizes them for it. Usually such couples break up.

Virgins with Scorpios: Scorpio is inherent in sensuality, he seeks to liberate the Virgin sexually, and also is jealous, which is very appealing to the gentle Virgo. Partners get along well enough.

Virgin with Sagittarius: Sagittarius strive for freedom, and Virgo — to work. Although both partners are intellectual signs, they are not well matched with each other.

Different temperament and life position provokes the inevitable gap.

Virgin with Capricorn: Very harmoniously complement each other in all plans. Between Virgos and Capricorn are often strong and happy marriages.

Virgin with Aquarius: Both are rationalists, have high intelligence, but nothing else binds them. It is difficult for them to even be friends with each other.

Virgin with Pisces: Virgos seek protection in love, and Pisces are waiting for a great feeling. Begin to tire quickly each other and leave.

For Libra, a strong relationship with a partner is very important — this is how they feel their perfection. Most fear loneliness.

How to combine:

Scales with Scales: Libra is distinguished by emotionality, and Virgo is too closed and serious. Scales — adore the company, and Virgo is a homebody.

Relationships are possible, but not long lasting.

Scorpion Scales: Libra is “caught” by Scorpio’s passion, but they suffer from its increased anger. In addition, they too adore diversity.

Union is short-lived.

Scales with Sagittarius: Meeting, be sure to create a happy relationship. Sagittarius loves adventure and motivates this Libra, and he is fascinated by the tenderness of his partner.

Marriage is very successful.

Libra with Capricorn: For Capricorns, the sexual energy is important, but nothing else unites them. Scales need flattery and attention, and Capricorn is too secretive for this.

A short affair is possible.

Scales with Aquarius: Here secular and artistic interests coincide, a lot of general activities. Partners are good in bed and in life — marriage promises to be happy.

Scales with Pisces: The beginning of the relationship is cloudless, but then everything changes. Fish seek support and attention, and Libra aspires to fun.

Parting in this pair is inevitable.


Scorpio is distinguished by passion and sensuality. The connection with this sign is strong enough, it is difficult to break it.

Scorpio is prone to jealousy, does not forgive deception.

Compatibility of zodiac signs by date of birth - horoscope of love

How to combine:

Scorpions with Scorpios: Marriage unions are quite rare along with friendly relations. There is a strong physical attraction.

Relationships are possible, but not very successful.

Scorpions with Sagittarius: Scorpio likes the love of Sagittarius, he seeks to lock him up in four walls, which inevitably ends with a break.

Scorpios with Capricorn: In this case, the passion of Scorpio will be appreciated by merit. Both partners harmoniously complement each other, the relationship will have a good ending.

Scorpios with Aquarius: Scorpios are too demanding on Aquarius, they have different views on life. Future forecasts are unfavorable.

Scorpions with Pisces: Indecisive Pisces happily rely on a strong Scorpio. The union is based on sincere feelings and will last for a long time.


Strelets Troops need extraordinary personalities for relationships. They do not hesitate to create marriages with representatives of other cultures, races and ideologies.

How to combine:

Sagittarius with Sagittarius: According to some astrologers, this union is just perfect. Strelets Troops are distinguished by their independence and love of freedom, but they have little in common, which is fraught with parting.

Sagittarius with Capricorn: Sagittarius tend to frivolously treat love, which does not fit the practical Capricorn. Their life goals are too different, poor compatibility.

Sagittarius with Aquarius: They value life very much, they rush into the future, they feel sympathy for each other. Excellent perspective for the future.

Streltsy with Pisces: Pisces are interested in the life force of Sagittarius, and the latter admire Pisces spirituality. In the bedroom, they are not very satisfied with each other, the novel will not be long.

Capricorn shows practicality and sobriety in everything, in love as well. Have a strong sense of duty.

How to combine:

Capricorns with Capricorn: For Capricorns, it is important to see similar views of life in people, and the union of two Capricorns will be harmonious, but complex, devoid of joy and emotion. Feelings tend to go «no.»

Capricorns with Aquarius: Aquarius is too unpredictable for Capricorns, and Aquarius seems to be the first indifferent. There are many differences, but if there is sympathy, friendship can arise instead of love.

Capricorns with Pisces: Capricorns give Pisces stability, are the leader in the bedroom. Although the partners are quite different, they harmoniously complement each other.

Wonderful combination.


Aquarius is impressed by original and unpredictable partners. They highly value freedom and will devote their lives to social activities rather than family.

Compatibility of zodiac signs by date of birth - horoscope of love

How to combine:

Aquarius with Aquarius: Sincerely admire each other, have an excellent sense of humor. Rarely quarrel, so often create strong and happy family relationships.

Aquarius with Pisces: Aquarius attracts the romantic charm of Pisces, while the latter are interested in his lofty ideals. But despite this, the connection will be quite complicated.

Fish can love sincerely and disinterestedly. They have tender and spiritual feelings, tend to forgive a lot to their beloved.

How to combine:

Fish with Fish: They are great for each other in the bedroom, but otherwise very different. Poor get on in everyday matters.

This union is unpromising.

Knowing your compatibility with one or another sign of the zodiac, it will be easier for you to decide on the appropriateness of the relationship and you will be able to predict their future in advance.

Guess today with the help of the tarot spread "Day map"!

For proper divination: focus on the subconscious and do not think about anything at least 1-2 minutes.

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