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Compatibility of Virgo and Taurus — causes of conflict

Compatibility of Virgo and Taurus — a harmonious pair

The compatibility of Virgo and Taurus is very harmonious. Both signs are even and are dominated by the elements of the Earth. Therefore, their relationship promises to be long and happy.

We will understand in more detail.

Compatibility in love

The relationship of this couple is usually a long, promising and calm affair. They do not give each other light intrigues.

Although at the beginning of a relationship they need time to get to know a partner and get used to each other.

Compatibility of Virgo and Taurus - causes of conflict

What characterizes the relationship between these two signs:

  1. Astrologers call the type of such a union a parent-child relationship. In which the «parent», controlling and responsible, is Taurus. And Virgo is in the role of «child.»
  2. Signs have the same element of the Earth, so they are in many ways similar and look at their partner, as if in a mirror. They understand each other perfectly.
  3. Both are stingy with emotions, preferring to show and prove their feelings with actions. But at the same time Virgo is a more creative person, and Taurus is rather an analyst. As a result, the first is responsible for sensuality, and the second — for stability.
  4. Love between them does not occur instantly. Feelings come in a pair slowly, gradually, as you progress through all stages of relationships — from falling in love to spiritual intimacy.
  5. Both signs are earthly, therefore they value stability, orderliness, rationalism. It is very important for them not to soar in the clouds, but to stand firmly on their feet, knowing what tomorrow will bring.

Both appreciate in the partner respect, loyalty, responsibility. And give it to each other.

Therefore, in their relationship there is no serious quarrels, conflicts and differences. Slowly and gradually they seem to grow into each other, opening their hearts more and more every day.

Causes of conflict

Despite the good compatibility and excellent mutual understanding, this couple has something to work on in a relationship.

Compatibility of Virgo and Taurus - causes of conflict

What you should pay attention to:

  1. Virgo is a very meticulous person, sometimes even petty. Such “tediousness” often annoys and oppresses Taurus, which doesn’t pay any attention to trifles. It is more simple and positive, so the Virgin should learn from a partner such an attitude towards life and people.
  2. It is Taurus most often responsible for problem solving and the financial security of the family. And Virgo is in the role of «child», who is conveniently settled on the neck of the chosen one. To avoid conflicts, it is important for her to understand that she does not need to fight for equality or even leadership. She must be ready to take a subordinate position and accept the decisions of her chosen one.
  3. Both are very obsessed with career, money and life. In these areas, they usually succeed. But at the same time the spiritual component of the relationship suffers. They may lack emotion in a constant race for achievements. Therefore, it is important to arrange each other these emotions, so as not to get bored.
  4. Virgo loves to chat, which contrasts sharply with the silent Taurus. It is important for her sometimes to give her chosen one time to be alone with her thoughts and not to get talking.

In principle, this union almost always becomes happy and lasts a long time. And in order to avoid petty quarrels and disagreements, you just need to take into account the differences in the nature of the partner from its own.

Virgo Woman and Taurus Man

The woman in this couple prefers to engage in everyday life and maintain a family budget. And she does it well, thanks to innate practicality and accuracy.

However, sometimes it will bring — pull it into the work, then in his career. During these periods, the man will have to monitor the economy himself, which may cause discontent.

Compatibility of Virgo and Taurus - causes of conflict

At first, a man seems to Virgo almost perfect. She will not notice his shortcomings and will accept completely. Over time, she will understand that Taurus is not so beautiful as it seemed at first glance, and may be disappointed.

But the risk of parting is still small, because Virgo is difficult to let go of the life of a man to whom she was accustomed.

It is better for this couple to meet at an already mature, less conscious age, when both have already filled the cones in unsuccessful relationships, gained experience and become wiser. Then, after a short period of lapping and getting used to, they will grow into each other and form a single whole.

And their relationship will not be able to destroy any circumstances.

This pair is easy to overcome any crises, because both are fairly calm about the problems and act together. They build relationships, set goals and achieve them.

There is usually no material problems and differences in the upbringing of children.

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Male Virgo and Taurus Woman

The man in this couple falls in love with his darling almost instantly. He is an emotional person, and he is attracted by the rationality, calm and wisdom of this woman.

At first, the girl does not take seriously the ardent gentleman, she is skeptical and not ready to start a relationship right away. But his actions and intentions, beautiful courtship and impeccable behavior in the end make you pay attention to yourself.

In a relationship, the girl will quickly understand the nature of the chosen one. She is well aware that he likes to find fault with and bore over trifles, but does not attach much importance to this.

She easily overcomes acute situations with humor, therefore there are no serious problems and conflicts in a couple.

Usually they are long enough to meet. A few years later, when they finally got used to each other and learned to adapt to the character of their partner, they decide to enter into marriage without any doubt in it.

This relationship promises to be easy and happy because everyone wants to please the partner, and not compete with him. Grievances are spoken out loud, so there is no understatement.

A man is quite strict and rarely shows his emotions, but this does not depress the girl at all. She always keeps easily and naturally, not letting herself be controlled.

Therefore, a man respects her personal boundaries and never violates them.

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