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Compatibility of Virgo and Scorpio — causes of conflict

Compatibility of Virgo and Scorpio — a harmonious pair

Compatibility of Virgo and Scorpio is considered favorable. Earthen and water elements of signs are perfectly combined with each other, so partners can easily find a common language and build happy, harmonious relations full of love and harmony.

Compatibility in love

Scorpio is extremely emotional and impulsive. Therefore, he is so good next to the calm and balanced Virgin, who skillfully quenches his outbursts of anger and resentment.

At first glance, these people seem to be completely different, perhaps that is why they are attracted.

Compatibility of Virgo and Scorpio - causes of conflict

What is characteristic of the relationship of this pair:

  1. They have a lot in common, despite the difference in character, they easily find points of contact. Thanks to. that their signs are in the zodiacal table through one parity, their relationship is characterized as the union of «older and younger brother».
  2. The “elder” in the union is Virgo — she takes care of, cares and takes responsibility for herself. And the “younger” Scorpio plays the role of a capricious, but sweet partner who inspires, accepting care and love with gratitude.
  3. They never get bored with each other, they always have common hobbies and topics for conversation.
  4. For reliability and stability in the relationship is responsible Deva. She does this easily, thanks to her innate emotionality and practicality. She always think sensibly, which helps her to extinguish the negative emotional pores of the second half.
  5. Virgo is able not only to predict changes in the mood of the chosen one, but also successfully control its emotional nature. True, such harmony occurs most often in a relationship where the Virgin is already quite an adult, mature and experienced person.
  6. If the Virgin is young and young, she can quickly get tired of the unpredictable chosen one. At first, she easily rushes into the pool with her head, but then the love fervor cools down, and problems can arise.
  7. This pair perfectly interacts in business, work and business. They most often converge, working together and being colleagues. At first they look at each other, and then there is sympathy, which can grow into true love.
  8. In business collaboration, Virgo becomes a think tank. She directs, generates ideas that Scorpio, with his infinite inspiration, successfully executes. He is decisive enough and energetic, which helps him quickly to solve all the problems for which Virgo lacks efficiency.
  9. Virgo is a great strategist. She can calculate all possible outcomes of events, therefore, she is able to direct her chosen one on the right path, not allowing to make mistakes due to emotionality and spontaneity.
  10. Excellent compatibility with this pair and in the sexual sphere of relationships. They are very good with each other. Scorpio’s emotionality and passion perfectly complement the gentleness and subtle feeling of the Virgin. All this creates a pair of special sensual atmosphere. From the side of their relationship seems ideal.

We summarize: this couple is able to build true love, make the relationship happy and harmonious. Small disagreements may arise due to the emotionality of Scorpio, who periodically tempts to arrange a scene.

But Virgo successfully extinguishes these impulses, not allowing a quarrel to grow into a stormy scandal.

Causes of conflict

Despite the almost perfect compatibility, conflicts in the pair still occur. Therefore, we must learn to solve them correctly in order to preserve love and mutual understanding for a long time.

Compatibility of Virgo and Scorpio - causes of conflict

What is worth working in the relationship of Virgo and Scorpio:

  1. They complement each other: Virgo intelligence, Scorpio — their energy. But sometimes these resources overwhelm both, which can lead to conflict. The reason is that Virgo rarely begins to analyze the relationship and find flaws in a partner, to criticize him. And Scorpio lacks spontaneity and vivid emotions, so sometimes the partner seems to him too boring and bland.
  2. Scorpion scandals rolls in moments just a lack of emotion — this behavior, he tries to provoke the manifestation of feelings in Virgo, wants to reach her. For Scorpio, it is ideal to end the quarrel with violent conciliatory sex, but for some reason, Virgo begins to “work on relationships” and analyze everything. She needs to try to treat the emotional flashes of the chosen one more simply.
  3. Scorpio loves the attention of the opposite sex. Therefore, he often flirts and flirts with all recklessly, while remaining true to the second half. But it is extremely hurt her, so Scorpio should temper their desire to please everyone.
  4. Scorpio has no logic that infuriates and annoys Virgo. She does not understand why he has so many friends of the opposite sex who, moreover, are constantly doing something for him.
  5. If Virgo learns to calmly and with a bit of humor respond to emotional flashes of the chosen one, and he stops looking towards others, the relationship will be prosperous and happy.

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Virgo Woman and Scorpio Man

In such a relationship, the traditional distribution of roles. The man is the breadwinner and protector, and the woman is the keeper of the family hearth and the creator of comfort.

The girl inspires and supports her chosen one in everything, gently and imperceptibly controls him so that he does not even know about it. To do this, she always has to be in shape so as not to break.

Compatibility of Virgo and Scorpio - causes of conflict

For the sake of his chosen one, Scorpio is capable of exploits. Their union is filled with love, both partners develop in relationships, improving their personality and showing their best qualities.

Virgo man and scorpion woman

The man in this pair is rather stingy with emotions and is constantly busy with something. In the girl he sees his missing qualities: emotionality, passion and tenderness.

Therefore, over time, he will learn to demonstrate his love, will become less closed.

Surprisingly, when paired with Scorpio, a closed man-Virgo, for whom spontaneous actions are not peculiar to him completely, can suddenly break off from work or go to another city to stay a little longer next to her beloved.

They perfectly complement each other, learn and develop together. This is a tandem of two loving people, filled with mutual understanding and harmony.

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