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Compatibility of Virgo and Sagittarius — causes of conflict

Compatibility of Virgo and Sagittarius in love

Compatibility of Virgo and Sagittarius is not the most favorable. These people are better able to interact in business, but not in love.

Let’s talk about why they find it difficult together and whether there is a chance to build a happy relationship.

Compatibility in love

Astrologers call this union a pair of «Counselor and Patron.» This type of relationship is characterized by the fact that they exist as long as the partners have common goals that they strive to achieve.

Compatibility of Virgo and Sagittarius - causes of conflict

It would be better for them not to try to build love, but to interact only in business, work or business. The decision to start a relationship becomes a fatal mistake.

In intellectual terms, the partners are not inferior to each other, so at first it is interesting for them together. The role of «Advisor» while taking on a rational and reasonable Virgo, which helps the partner to generate ideas and bring them to life.

They have common interests — both are drawn to the beautiful, they adore art. Therefore, they often visit theaters, museums, cinemas, discuss the books they read and share their impressions of visiting exhibitions.

Sagittarius, on the other hand, prefers to act rather than develop strategies, so he and Devoy perfectly complement each other. She is a great strategist, but too lazy to do anything.

When the period of love passes and the partners see each other without rose-colored glasses, they gradually lose the desire to continue the relationship. They are seen quite rarely, and these infrequent meetings gradually disappear.

Therefore, the gap passes gradually and painlessly for both.

Strong love in this couple will never happen, but they can live together for a long time, start a family and have children. This will happen only in the case when both see some material benefit in the relationship.

On some feelings, they will not go far.

We summarize: a pair of Virgo and Sagittarius is not considered favorable. They can make great friends and partners who together can achieve great success. But the relationship will never be true love, because the emotional compatibility between them is zero.

The maximum is the peaceful coexistence of two friends who respect each other. There is a possibility of communication on the side, which they lead to fill the lack of emotions from the second half.

Causes of conflict

They are so different that conflicts and problem situations in relationships are almost inevitable. Although at first they feel that they are made for each other, over time this confidence disappears.

Compatibility of Virgo and Sagittarius - causes of conflict

What can cause quarrels in a pair of Virgo and Sagittarius:

  1. Virgo is looking for a relationship of peace. She dreams of a quiet family haven, a measured and balanced life. Sagittarius does not need this at all; for him, life is a never-ending holiday, which should be full of emotions, entertainment, and his personal victories.
  2. Because of the difference in views on family life, the couple will constantly quarrel. Sagittarius throw a violent tantrum, and the Virgin finally closes and goes to himself.
  3. They are well aware that their goals, principles and methods of existence are radically opposite. It seems to Virgo that her chosen one hears and notices only himself, neglecting the relationship and her. And Sagittarius justifies her expectations by constantly changing.
  4. At first, Sagittarius is attracted by her restraint, excellent manners, and focus on the family. He likes that the house is always clean and tidy, and at home waiting for a faithful and faithful wife. But in fact, he wants to see next to him the same extravagant, unpredictable and passionate nature, so in relations with Deva over time begins to yearn, carp and complain.

Virgo feels great when the chosen one is rejected. At the beginning of the relationship, she falls in love with his charisma, intelligence, energy and sense of humor, and when it leaves the relationship, she begins to suffer and suffer, realizing that feelings have passed and there will be no love.

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Virgo and Sagittarius

At first, the girl will fall deeply in love with the passionate, energetic and energetic Sagittarius. He will seem to her the very man with whom you can build a family and live happily ever after.

But his lack of restraint in emotions, sharp jokes and sarcasm will eventually lead to the fact that in the soul of the Virgin one after one will begin to accumulate resentment. She is subtle, vulnerable, vindictive.

Seeing that the chosen one likes all the women in the district, the Virgin will constantly check him, he will want to control his every step. And her suspicions will be confirmed.

Sagittarius does not want to limit himself and will now and then start an intrigue on the side, out of jealous companion.

Sagittarius can not be re-educated — this is the fatal mistake of Virgo. Gradually, the gap between them will grow, and they can no longer be together.

Compatibility of Virgo and Sagittarius - causes of conflict

They still have a chance to build a family. To do this, they need to be united by a common ambitious goal.

Then all the fervor will go to work, and in the relationship will only calm and joy of success.

Virgo and Sagittarius

A cheerful, charming and resolute Sagittarius girl herself does not understand what she found in a closed and uncommunicative man-Virgo. It is strange that she even paid attention to him.

Such couples in real life are very rare.

But if the stars so agreed that this couple decided to build love, then it will happen more because of the girl’s desire to diversify her life a little and try a relationship with an atypical partner.

The man has long been shocked by the rectilinear and unpredictable nature of his chosen one. But he feels the passion that emanates from her and cannot stand.

At first, partners are even good together. They trust each other, they are united by high intelligence and upbringing, they are on the same wavelength. But gradually the man will begin to seek to control his companion, to impose some rules on her.

She will rebel in response because she does not tolerate encroachment on her freedom.

As a result, the couple will part, without understanding why at the very beginning they were so drawn to each other.

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