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Compatibility of Virgo and Pisces — causes of conflict

Compatibility of Virgo and Pisces — opposites attract

Compatibility of Dev and Pisces is considered favorable. This is a union of two opposites, which with terrible force attracts each other.

A relationship is held under the slogan «all or nothing.»

Compatibility in love

A pair of these two signs is the best confirmation of the theory that opposites attract. Indeed, they, like a magnet, are drawn to each other, and they cannot resist it.

Compatibility of Virgo and Pisces - causes of conflict

And the older, more experienced and wiser partners are, the stronger the connection between them will be.

What is characteristic of such a union:

  1. Relationships will be happy and harmonious if both are able and willing to respect the values ​​and interests of a partner that are different from their own. The differences between them are due to different elements.
  2. Fate will constantly check their strength by sending various tests. Only tactfulness, a diplomatic approach and a desire to cooperate will help to achieve mutual understanding and easily solve problems that arise.
  3. If everyone learns to be grateful, to make concessions and accept a partner as he is, in a pair both will be able to develop their best qualities in themselves almost to perfection. They can achieve great success both in the financial and spiritual spheres.
  4. They need to set common goals and achieve them together. Hardworking and efficient signs perfectly interact with each other not only in love, but also in creativity, business and business.
  5. They have similar and negative traits. Both are lazy, perfectionists, stubborn and obstinate personalities. But this does not interfere with the relationship, because the positive qualities still prevail.

We summarize: this couple has every chance to live together happily ever after. The only thing that they need to learn to openly express their feelings and pronounce claims, solving the problems of relationships together and not relying in themselves.

Causes of conflict

Virgo and Pisces in a relationship usually have no big problems. But quarrels still happen, mainly because of the different attitude towards finances.

Maiden is confused about how carelessly her partner treats money. He easily spends them on trivialities and can drain all savings one time.

Compatibility of Virgo and Pisces - causes of conflict

Pisces need to learn from a partner of financial planning and listen to her opinion, otherwise he will feel the full power of her criticism and condemnation.

It is difficult for the Pisces to tune in to the Virgin and in the emotional sphere. In the field of feelings, they may not understand each other, because they are accustomed to expressing love in different ways.

Fish periodically suffer from mood swings, which sometimes tires a calm and balanced Virgo. She may seem a partner too cold, sometimes even unfeeling.

They need to try to avoid negative moments in the relationship. Any problem must be spoken out loud and solved together.

Therefore, it is necessary for both to overcome their closeness and understand that the partner is not a psychic and does not always understand what has offended you.

If both learn first to make concessions and take the initiative in reconciliation for themselves, everything will turn out well.

Female Pisces and male Virgo

Such a union in real life is quite rare. A man seems creative and unpredictable girl rather boring, stingy and boring.

But everything changes when she recognizes him better. Having talked closely, she realizes that her chosen one is a sensual, intellectual nature.

She appreciates his restraint and realistic approach to solving problems.

Compatibility of Virgo and Pisces - causes of conflict

She constantly feels the protection and care of her chosen one, which she very much appreciates. He, in turn, receives the inspiration he needs.

It pleases a man and the fact that his woman is an extraordinary, creative, but rational and sober-looking world.

In a family, a woman receives all the necessary support, including financial support. Her man is both a breadwinner, a defender, and a psychotherapist who understands her like no other. Instead, she becomes a caring wife and mother, a wise keeper of the hearth.

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Pisces man and Virgo woman

In these relationships, a man shows the worst qualities of his nature. He is hot-tempered, sometimes unbalanced, therefore emotional stability is completely absent.

He is looking for peace in a woman, but in this couple he does not receive it.

The girl believes that the first man should meet and initiate relationships, therefore she herself will not become acquainted. Therefore, the Fish has to prove itself in all its glory. We must pay tribute to him — deciding to achieve impregnable Maiden, he will do everything possible.

Uses all his creative and intellectual potential, turn on the charm to the fullest.

She is satisfied, receiving the necessary attention, and eventually agrees to a relationship. At first, the relationship is very strong and stable.

The girl brings coziness and cleanliness in the house, the man is responsible for material security and solving family problems.

Then the first conflicts begin. It is important to overcome them, not to part in the period of lapping.

If the couple withstand a difficult period, then everything will turn out as if in a fairy tale.

Partners will respect each other’s personal boundaries and space. They will set common goals and will go to them, enjoying the results together and supporting them in a difficult period.

Disagreements can only be in the material sphere of relations. The girl is upset by the extravagance of her man, insufficient, in her opinion, level of income.

And from time to time he is not satisfied with the pettiness of the chosen one, her tediousness over trifles.

The question of jealousy in a relationship is very serious. Both always have a lot of fans.

And both are not confident. Therefore, even trusting a partner, they can periodically roll up scenes of jealousy.

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