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Compatibility of Virgo and Libra — causes of conflict

Compatibility of Virgins and Libra in relationship and love

Compatibility Dev and Libra, according to astrologers, is not the most favorable. The elements of these signs are not combined with each other, therefore, in order to have a happy relationship, you will have to try pretty hard.

Compatibility in love

These two signs are side by side in the zodiacal table. Such pairs are therefore often found, despite poor compatibility.

They find in each other a lot in common, and at first they may think that they are made for each other.

Compatibility of Virgo and Libra - causes of conflict

What is characteristic of the relationship of Virgins and Libra:

  1. People born under these signs are endowed with similar traits. Both people value intelligence above all else in people, do not like to clash and quarrel, have developed taste and a sense of beauty. They are also conservatives, they do not like drastic changes in life.
  2. Good compatibility between them is only in intelligence. This attracts them to each other. Relations are established on the basis of common interests, which at first are relatively calm and balanced.
  3. Most often, relationships begin quickly, without a long candy-bouquet period. They like to communicate with each other, they are ready to talk endlessly, discussing everything. They love to argue and compete in intellectual abilities. But everything goes smoothly and calmly only for the first time, the idyll will not last long.
  4. Virgo thinks that she is smarter than Libra, and is superior to her partner in intelligence much more. But at the same time, Virgo will appreciate the flexibility of thinking, creativity and freedom of the chosen one.
  5. In time, the Virgin will realize that she was mistaken, and Libra is much smarter, which causes envy and the first quarrels. Virgo is also jealous of the fact that everything is easy for a partner, Libra is always lucky, and they effortlessly get everything they want from life.
  6. Due to Libra’s diplomacy and Virgo’s tolerance, there are almost no serious conflicts and violent scandals in a couple. Both of them prefer a thin world to a good quarrel, so they can “tolerate” each other for a long time, until they get used to it, and relations do not become a habit.

We summarize: at the beginning of a relationship, partners admire each other. Sympathy arises almost immediately and quickly turns into love.

They learn from their partner the best qualities, adopt a lot.

But over time, when superiority in intelligence and Libra’s achievements will become too pronounced, Virgo will begin to feel uncomfortable. She may begin to envy that Libra is completely incomprehensible.

They get annoyed. And relationships can come to a complete collapse.

Causes of conflict

In order for a relationship in such an incompatible couple to evolve well, the Virgin will have to take responsibility for it. It is on her ability to adapt and make concessions that the overall atmosphere in a pair will depend.

But Virgo will go for it only in two cases: if he falls in love deeply, or feels a serious material benefit. In the latter case, she can easily go to a marriage of convenience and apply all her strength to save the family.

Compatibility of Virgo and Libra - causes of conflict

What it takes to work in a relationship with this couple:

  1. Libra does not tolerate criticism and objections. Virgo should accept their opinion, appreciate and in no way dispute. Otherwise, peace is lost in relationships, and constant quarrels begin.
  2. But it will be incredibly difficult to do it, because the desire to criticize everyone and everything is one of the main traits of Virgo’s character. If she can restrain and control herself, the couple has a chance to turn into a happy and harmonious union.
  3. Libra is tired of the desire of the Virgin to constantly share her spiritual experiences. But you have to learn how to do it, otherwise the Virgin will be unhappy: she starts to suffer and suffer from a lack of emotional return from a partner.
  4. Virgo should learn to communicate with Libra in their own manner: with a sense of humor, ease. To support both intellectual conversations and conversations about dreams, desires, abstract things.
  5. It is very difficult for a couple to deal with the financial sphere of relations. Virgo is very rational about money. She loves to save, save, deliberately applies to all expenses. Scales, on the other hand, treat money easily, love to spend, sometimes on unnecessary things. Financial planning only tires them out.
  6. Scales can pull the last money for travel or entertainment, they rarely have a financial airbag that Virgo is just shocking. To quarrel on this ground was not, it is better to give the management of the family budget in the practical hands of the Virgin.
  7. Virgo is a very closed man. She does not like to openly show her feelings, talk about what she does not like and talk about her desires. It harms not only relationships, but such a closeness of a career does not really help either.
  8. Scales, on the contrary, are very open and self-confident. They are able to successfully pass an interview, even without being an excellent specialist. Simply, they are so confident and able to operate with facts that make a good impression on the employer. Virgo is always jealous of this. Envy and irritation, it will hide for a long time, but then the negative will break out.

It is this envy of the success of a partner that often becomes the reason for their separation.

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Virgo woman and Libra man

A man in such a relationship often feels a lack of emotion from his chosen one. She is closed and cold, from which it may seem to him that there is absolutely no love on her part.

She does not understand the indecision and gentleness of the partner. And because of the lack of initiative and actions, she can be offended, withdraw into herself and criticize the chosen one without end.

If at the beginning of a relationship, partners are in love and respect each other. over time, a huge amount of grievances and complaints accumulates. At the same time, they can be together for a very long time, because both signs are difficult to part with people.

They are indecisive in this regard and are able to tolerate a situation that does not suit them for a long time.

Compatibility of Virgo and Libra - causes of conflict

And it is the man who suffers the most in this relationship that it will be more difficult to break the union. He will get used to a perfectly organized life, he will hope for the best.

Virgo man and Libra woman

This pair option is more successful. At the initial stage of the relationship, the girl falls deeply in love with her romantic and courteous companion.

He is delighted with her intellect and innate charm.

A man takes the responsibility to support his family, solves all domestic issues and problems. The girl remains light and airy inspiration, the keeper of the family hearth.

If the Libra girl is able to preserve her beauty for many years, youth, begins to constantly evolve, the relationship can last until old age. The only thing that she should restrain her expenses, because the senseless squandering is incredibly annoying her practical and rational companion.

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