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Compatibility of Virgo and Gemini — causes of conflict

Compatibility of Virgo and Gemini in love and relationships

The compatibility of Virgo and Gemini is very unfavorable. Their elements are not combined with each other, but in business they interact better than in love.

Let’s try to figure out whether this couple has a chance for a happy and long relationship.

Compatibility in love

Elements of signs — earth and air are not combined with each other, therefore there is no harmonious compatibility in this pair. But both signs in their zodiacal map have a common planet — Mercury.

Because of this, their relationship is governed by the intellect, not the senses.

Compatibility of Virgo and Gemini - causes of conflict

What is characteristic of the relationship of the Virgin and Gemini:

  1. They are perfectly compatible in business. Working as a team, they can achieve great success. Gemini becomes a generator of ideas and talented creatives. And the Virgin — scrupulous and practical performers.
  2. By combining intellectual abilities, they can work together to achieve great success. Their type of interaction can be described as a union of the patron and adviser.
  3. If they start a relationship, then at first everything goes well. But this is only the appearance of harmony and happiness. Gradually, the Twins begin to dominate, incessantly proving that their intelligence is far superior to Dev. The latter is angry, offended and annoying.
  4. Over time, Gemini begins to feel that the Virgin is very boring, boring. They get no emotion, they start to get bored and disappointed. Dev, in turn, annoys lightheadedness and lack of coordination, irresponsibility of the partner.
  5. In order for relationships to develop safely, Virgos need to pretty much try and bring into the life of a partner a lot of emotions, inspire and support. They are not always ready to go for it.
  6. They have a chance to save love, if they set common goals in business, finances and career, and begin to achieve them, complementing and supporting each other.
  7. Virgo herself is sometimes not happy with her rationalism and practicality. That is why it can carry away the creative, bright and charming personality of Gemini. And they like the stability and earthiness of the Dev, their ability to become a support and reliable companion of life.
  8. Relationships in this couple most often start out of sheer curiosity. Gradually, they can grow into something serious, strong, stable. But only under the condition that Virgo will not extinguish the bright creative potential of Gemini, and they, in turn, will be able to remain faithful and put up with some of the shortcomings of their partner.

Unfortunately, in most cases, the couple still breaks up. Because the Virgin begins to doubt the merits of the chosen one.

And Gemini will get tired of anxiety and constant jealousy.

Causes of conflict

Conflicts in a pair will be sooner or later: it is inevitable with any, even the most favorable compatibility. But in the relationship of this pair of quarrels are especially dangerous, because none of the partners is not particularly eager to work hard to preserve feelings and understand the causes of scandals.

Compatibility of Virgo and Gemini - causes of conflict

What are the reasons for the conflicts of this pair:

  1. Virgo will always be worried and anxious because of the levity and direct attitude to the life of the partner. Gemini is sickened: they will perceive jealousy as an encroachment on personal freedom.
  2. To defend personal boundaries, Gemini will constantly argue and prove their case. Sometimes they will be able to find the right words, and “thin peace” will reign in the pair. But not for long.

Gradually, reconciliation will become temporary, intervals of peace and love will be reduced, and quarrels will become almost permanent. As a result, it will tire both, and the couple will break off any relationship.

Female Twins and Male Virgo

At first, the girl admires the insight and practicality of the chosen one. He will be delighted with her liveliness, lightness, spontaneity.

Therefore, they suddenly fall in love with a friend and decide to start a relationship.

Compatibility of Virgo and Gemini - causes of conflict

At the initial stage, they understand each other perfectly. It seems to them that in many ways they are similar, and differences in characters only help to supplement the qualities that are lacking in themselves and to develop together.

They tend to be ironic about any difficulties. This will help them maintain a relationship even after falling in love, and rose-colored glasses fall off.

In principle, this pair has a chance. But only under the condition that a man will reconcile with the activity, sociability and a certain frivolity of his chosen one.

And she, in turn, should try to give him all the necessary attention.

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Male and Female Virgo

Such couples are rare, because the partners do not find each other quite attractive. But of all the rules there are exceptions, so the union of male Twins and female Virg still sometimes formed.

A man his darling will never arrange entirely. He considers it too mundane, rational, simple and somewhat boring.

Therefore, he is not particularly interested in relationships, and they are based precisely on the feelings of the Virgin.

Her chosen one will begin to remember her only when there are no other, more suitable and interesting things for him. He then wants her and tends to be there, then completely disappears from her life.

Such unpredictability makes a girl fall in love even more, suffer and wonder. She thinks that the reason for the coldness of the chosen one is in her, but she does not understand what exactly she is doing wrong, why can’t we please the naughty man?

But if at first she begins to “work on relationships,” she will try to change herself and her character, to tune in to her partner. Then, having suffered a collapse, he will be disappointed and will use all his abilities to wound a word in order to annoy a man, make him jealous and worry.

Of course, with such an approach, there is no need to talk about harmony and happiness. Sooner or later, complex relationships will tire both, and the couple will part, full of claims to each other.

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