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Compatibility of Virgo and Capricorn — causes of conflict

Compatibility of Virgo and Capricorn — a practical and stable union

Compatibility of Virgo and Capricorn, two earth signs, is considered almost perfect. They understand each other perfectly and gradually, step by step, build very strong and stable relations.

Compatibility in love

These signs have excellent compatibility due to the common element. They have every chance to build long, happy and very stable relationships that neither life circumstances nor the machinations of ill-wishers can destroy.

And the pair will always have enemies, for some unknown reason.

Compatibility of Virgo and Capricorn - causes of conflict

What is characteristic of such a union:

  1. Virgo is attracted to Capricorn by his gentle and calm nature, tact and charm, prudence and wisdom in the conduct of business. She feels her chosen one more than anyone else, so they often do not need words to agree.
  2. It is Virgo who is responsible for psychological comfort in a couple. And she easily manages to maintain a relaxed and easy atmosphere in relationships, unobtrusively managing her chosen one.
  3. Both natures are pragmatic, rational and practical. They stand firmly on their feet and do not spend time for long thoughts, preferring to act. They use a sober approach to everything, both to deeds and to love.
  4. They are easy and comfortable with each other also because they do not expect anything from their chosen one, but give everything they can to him. They say little, but they do a lot, step by step achieve common goals and build harmonious relations.
  5. Even if quarrels occur, the conflict is resolved rather quickly. They simply talk and convey their feelings, grievances and complaints in a tactful manner, and then seek a compromise, a solution that will suit both.
  6. Almost always, they succeed precisely together, step by step building life, family budget. They have everything orderly, harmoniously, like all earthly signs. There are therefore no material problems, except in youth, when they have not yet risen to their feet.
  7. From the outside, they seem to be two mercantile personalities who build mutually beneficial relationships that are convenient to both. But only two of them know that what unites them is not only a financial goal, but also strong feelings. They just do not show love in public, preferring to do it alone.

They have their own, closed world, comfortable for both, which is not accessible to outsiders. They sacrifice their family, never take the dirty linen out of the hut.

Therefore, it may seem like a pair in which there are no conflicts and disagreements.

Causes of conflict

This pair is very harmonious. Between them there is no serious quarrels and conflicts.

But there are problematic issues that are still worth working on in order to maintain a relaxed and happy atmosphere in the relationship.

Compatibility of Virgo and Capricorn - causes of conflict

What is worth working in the relationship of Virgo and Capricorn:

  1. Virgo gives too much attention to detail, which often worries. Any violation of the usual course of things can immerse her in depression. Capricorn does not share such an attitude to life; he is used to thinking in solutions, not problems. Therefore, this behavior of the Virgin can annoy and annoy him.
  2. Capricorn itself sometimes appears to the Virgo to be overly positive, superficial in decisions and evaluations. It is not surprising that her pessimistic forecasts come true more often because she is more rational and practical. At these moments, she begins to criticize the partner and make claims to him, which hurts the pride of the elect. This can be a serious stumbling block and even destroy relationships.
  3. Capricorn wants to be a leader, so when a Virgo transcends him in something, he is offended, withdraws into himself and can leave to find a more suitable chosen one. To avoid this, Virgo needs to boast less about its successes and demonstrate its superiority.
  4. Capricorn is annoyed by the excessive fussiness of the Virgin, and it is infuriated by his unmutable obstinacy and sometimes unsupported ambitions. But she often manages to find a compromise, because she is soft and compliant in nature.
  5. When Capricorn becomes hot-tempered, Virgo turns into a closed and closed man, to reach which is very difficult. She needs to learn to talk about her feelings so that the accumulated claims do not lead to an explosion sooner or later.

Both periodically need time to be alone, be left alone with their thoughts and come to their senses. The main thing is that these periods coincide, then there will be no problems.

Otherwise, it may seem to them that the partner has fallen out of love, and therefore closes, which is far from untrue.

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Capricorn male and Virgo female

They have the same views on family life. Both hate disarray in everything: in the house, relationships and affairs.

On this basis, they converge, because they seem to each other very similar. They will make every effort to build long, promising and “quality” relationships.

For some reason, this couple always has many ill-wishers who constantly try to separate them. But the couple successfully overcomes all the difficulties.

Her prudence and practicality help the virgin in this, and the man — his responsibility and masculinity.

Compatibility of Virgo and Capricorn - causes of conflict

In gratitude for the care and tenderness of a man becomes ready for anything for the sake of his chosen one. He is a real breadwinner and protector, behind whom a woman feels like a stone wall.

Due to the fact that the girl does not have to think about money, she gives maximum effort to the arrangement of the household and maintenance of life.

Capricorn Woman and Virgo Man

This union is also very harmonious. Partners usually interact not only in relationships, but also conduct joint business or work together.

They perfectly complement each other and develop, showing their best qualities.

Sometimes a girl has periods of decadence, she walks without mood and does not want to do anything, terrorizing those around her with her experiences. A man in these situations manifests itself only with the best hand.

He supports the other half in everything, helping to quickly regain a great mood and not thinking about material problems.

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