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Compatibility of Virgo and Aries — the causes of conflict

Compatibility of Virgo and Aries in love

Compatibility of Virgo and Aries is considered unfavorable. Their elements are not just not combined, but also in conflict with each other.

Most often it is painful for Virgo, code-dependent relationships in which no one is happy.

Compatibility in love

This zodiacal union is probably the worst compatibility option. Together, it is incredibly difficult to be, and the parting is extremely painful, especially for the Virgin.

Compatibility of Virgo and Aries - the causes of conflict

At first they may just be friends. It would be better to stay in this status, but often a romantic continuation follows the friendship.

What is characteristic of their relationship:

  1. Virgo unconsciously feels how dangerous Aries is to her vulnerable soul, therefore she often avoids him without knowing why. But if he decided to get her, there is no chance of escape. A virgin falls in love instantly and also quickly begins to consider her chosen one as ideal, without noticing his shortcomings.
  2. Virgo attracts Aries with its calm character, sincerity, impeccable manners and intelligence. At first it seems to him that they are made for each other, and he begins to conquer with all his might, to take care of him and make romantic acts.

But over time, they realize that it is almost impossible to negotiate with each other. They differently look at the world, family, life.

Because of this, painful and tiresome quarrels often occur.

Causes of conflict

In order to try to build a harmonious and happy relationship in an incompatible couple, you have to try pretty hard. Both must understand the nature of the chosen one and try to adapt to each other.

Compatibility of Virgo and Aries - the causes of conflict

What it is worth working on in relations with this couple, what are the main causes of conflicts between them:

  1. Virgo tends to idealize partner. For a long time, she can completely ignore his shortcomings, ignoring the egoism, hot temper and insensitivity of the chosen one. And he is glad — he gives the Virgin the last place in the sphere of his interests and remembers it in moments of boredom or urgent need.
  2. It is unlikely that this couple will be able to build true love. Aries will be indifferent, and the Virgin will for some reason decide that its coldness is something taken for granted.
  3. Virgo appreciates home comfort. It is important for her that the house be a reliable rear, where she will return with joy and pleasure. People of this sign love to “build their nests.” She will do her best to provide household comfort. To Aries, all this everyday life is sickening — he needs an active social life outside the house, in which he appears only in order to sleep.
  4. Therefore, it is very important that it is Virgo who is responsible for the allocation of the family budget and the arrangement of life, and let Aries become the earner and protector. This distribution of roles is more favorable if Aries in a pair is male.
  5. Aries has a very powerful, tyrannical, hot-tempered and selfish character. And in a relationship with the Virgin, he shows these of his qualities in all its glory. Therefore, their partner will necessarily suffer: for the Virgin, this is a co-dependent relationship in which she loves, but in return receives only moral violence.
  6. Sooner or later, the Virgin will understand that she is not loved, but simply used as a convenient object for everyday life and household. Of course, it does not suit her. And then she can leave.

We summarize: the chances of this couple to build a happy relationship is not enough. Virgo would be better to look for a more loving and sincere partner, and Aries is the one who can pacify and endure his uneasy nature.

Virgo Woman and Aries Man

These relationships can be harmonious if they start at work. Moreover, a man should be a leader, and a woman should occupy a middle position, be subordinate to him, because he does not tolerate women who even exceed him in some way.

Compatibility of Virgo and Aries - the causes of conflict

Aries man — a real fighter. He never seeks the door to enter, but breaks his forehead with walls. His energy and tirelessness will help the girl to feel safe.

He will give her a sense of security, will help solve all the problems.

These relationships may well be harmonious. Virgo is perfectly able to gently and very gently convey to the chosen one her position, cool her violent temper in time and find compromises in conflict situations.

But whether she will receive enough love from him is a big question. It is likely that the lack of emotion girl decides to change.

If the fact of adultery is revealed, Aries mercilessly says goodbye to his companion, which, in principle, is not surprising.

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Male Virgo and Aries Woman

Most often, the initiative to start a relationship in this pair remains for the woman. Her decisive nature makes her act when she notices an attractive man.

She is attracted to her business skills and a high level of intelligence. She will quickly make friends with him, and then carefully and gradually try to seduce.

Most often, rapprochement occurs at noisy parties or corporate parties.

At the same time, a man is unlikely to take her seriously: most likely, he will offer light, non-binding, free relations. She will agree, hoping that in the future he will change his mind and see all of her wonderful merits.

A man may eventually become attached to the Aries girl, but this is extremely dangerous for him. He will have to spend not only a bunch of nerve cells, trying to calm the hot-tempered character of the chosen one, but also money, because the girl is extremely demanding.

This will be the stumbling block in the relationship. Because the man-virgin loves to save money, but he hates mindlessly spending.

Sooner or later he will get tired of meeting the high demands of his chosen one, and he will decide to leave.

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