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Compatibility of Virgo and Aquarius — causes of conflict

Compatibility of Virgo and Aquarius in love

Compatibility of Virgo and Aquarius is unfavorable. Astrologers believe that this is a novel with no chance of a happy ending.

Is everything so bad, and is there an opportunity to build a happy relationship? Let’s try to figure it out.

Compatibility in love

Both signs are endowed with well-developed intelligence and outstanding thinking. This unites them at the initial stage. Only use natural data in their own way.

Virgo rationally and practically calculates the outcome of the case, and Aquarius dreams and sometimes sets global, unattainable goals. In these relations he is a visionary and a creator, and Virgo is a performer and a skeptic.

Compatibility of Virgo and Aquarius - causes of conflict

What is characteristic of such a union:

  1. Virgo will begin a relationship with Aquarius, if she sees that they are beneficial to her. If he seems to be quite promising, ready for achievements and goal-oriented, she is not without mercenary interest to charm and subjugate herself.
  2. It is Virgo who decides whether the relationship will begin at all. Aquarius only thinks that he in this pair is a conqueror and leader. In fact, it is always the only object of competent manipulation.
  3. Virgo adequately assesses the entire flow of ideas and thoughts that its elect is generating. She is perfectly able to separate the wheat from the chaff and understands when Aquarius is too deep into the world of fantasy. All his words she divides at least two.
  4. Aquarius delights in Virgo her organization, businessman skills and rationalism. He sees that she is able to earn money from the air. This delights him. He tries to learn from this practicality and develop the missing skills.

But, unfortunately, the outcome of the relationship for Aquarius is always sad. He is always in love with this couple more, only from his side there are sincere feelings. Virgo also enters into a union only for the sake of material gain and comfort.

Sooner or later, she decides to leave, having found a more profitable party. And Aquarius will have to collect fragments of a broken heart.

Causes of conflict

Astrologers promise an unfortunate ending for this pair. When the romantic ardor and love are exhausted, Virgo will be bored by the fact that Aquarius says a lot, but does not keep his promises.

And he will get tired of eternal control, criticism and endless claims of the chosen one.

Compatibility of Virgo and Aquarius - causes of conflict

At first, it seems to Aquarius that there is unlimited trust between them, but will gradually understand that they are trying to limit him and constantly jealous. It depresses him, annoys him, and makes him go in search of a new second half, without yet breaking off the old relationship.

Only if Virgo is able to weaken her pressure, is there a chance to save love and build a full-fledged happy relationship without scandals. But this is unlikely, because Virgin nature is vindictive, touchy and extremely vindictive.

They can accumulate their claims for years to give to their partner in one fell swoop.

Aquarius, on the contrary, instantly forgets about negative events. He can be hot-tempered, but at the same time otkhodchiv, so it is not known to him why the chosen one is constantly angry.

She thinks that her feelings are not important to him.

Aquarius does not understand at all why Dev constantly remembers the past, delves into himself and lives in favor of stereotypes. It seems to him that life is an easy, carefree game in which there is no need to dwell on problems.

Ending a relationship is always sad for Aquarius. Virgo, with the practicality peculiar to her, takes from the novel only experience, material wealth and everything that her partner can give. Therefore, the parting is given to her painlessly.

But Aquarius will suffer, feel desolation long enough.

Compatibility of Virgo and Aquarius - causes of conflict

For a long time this relationship can exist only if the Virgin sees in them a material benefit for herself. She will be there for as long as the chosen one can fulfill her desires and provide for all the whims.

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Virgo woman and Aquarius man

The man in this pair is a creative person. He seeks to belong to the circle of the elect, he is attracted by a luxurious and bohemian lifestyle.

The woman is the opposite. It is important for her to stand firmly on her feet, she is rational and practical, like no other.

It is difficult to even suggest why their relationship began. The girl at first seems to Aquarius a simple, too uninteresting and boring.

It will seem to her that he leads a meaningless life, preferring to appear rather than be.

Due to the lack of mutual sympathy, relations in such a pair are quite rare. But if a man falls in love, he can, if he wishes, be able to hit the imagination of the Virgin, using all his extraordinary mind.

He may think that she will be an excellent partner who will bring orderliness to his frivolous life.

Despite the fact that Aquarius is often selfish, focused only on himself, the man will listen to the opinion of his chosen one, finding him to be quite sound and reasonable.

If Virgo weakens her control, gives a man some freedom, refrains from criticism and restrictions, then the relationship can develop safely.

Male Virgo and Aquarius Woman

At first it seems to them that between them is a very strong attraction. But mutual attraction will not be durable.

When the period of acute falling in love passes, rose-colored glasses fall off, and both can appreciate the partner’s shortcomings, an inevitable rupture will occur.

A man from an early age was used to the fact that girls practically do not pay attention to him. This is typical of all young Virgos.

Relationships in the opposite sex with them begin to take shape already at a more mature age, when they become successful and more or less realized in life.

Therefore, the girl-Aquarius, he usually meets after he gets up on his feet. In a relationship with her, he will enter for the sake of emotions and new sensations, which she gives in full.

For her, he wants to achieve even greater success in life, will be implemented in material terms, to ensure the chosen one reliable rear.

And he believes that in return he should receive tenderness, gratitude and devotion. This is true, but he often does not ask for all this, but demands that he may offend the chosen one, who tries even without reminders.

A woman in a partner is attracted by calm and rational approach to life. She is impressed by his soft and conflict-free nature, because she does not tolerate even the slightest rudeness.

Therefore, she will try to do everything possible so that the chosen one is satisfied, she will be a real female holiday.

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