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Compatibility of the zodiac signs by date of birth — independent calculation

How to find out the compatibility of zodiac signs by date of birth

If you calculate the compatibility of the signs of the zodiac by date of birth, you can see if you and your partner are suitable for each other. If the indicator is below the norm, then you will see what weaknesses there are in your relationship, and you will be able to quickly solve the problem.

The importance of zodiacal compatibility

It happens that despite the great love, a man and a woman can not get along with each other. If a compromise fails, parting is inevitable.

But if you analyze the zodiac compatibility of such a pair, you will surely see that at the time of their birth simply “the stars did not converge”.

Compatibility of the zodiac signs by date of birth - independent calculation

What to do if compatibility horoscope gives such a sad forecast? It’s not at all necessary to part — it is better to analyze the problem points of the relationship and correct them.

Then the union of complete quarrels and conflicts will gradually turn into a happy and harmonious.

This is the importance of zodiacal compatibility.

What does compatibility with the zodiac sign and year of birth affect

Compatibility is calculated according to the canons of astrology and numerology, therefore it is distinguished by almost mathematical precision and gives a detailed forecast.

Compatibility of the zodiac signs by date of birth - independent calculation

What you can learn from the calculation:

  1. How similar or different your interests are.
  2. How do you prefer to spend your free time: in noisy companies, alone with the second half or away from the bustle of the city, in the lap of nature.
  3. Attitude of partners to parents: how much they copy their family and generic programs.
  4. How do the elements of nature affect the character and personality of each in a pair.
  5. Attitude to friends, colleagues and the world around us.
  6. Life settings, goals and objectives. If they differ, compatibility will not be perfect. For example, an ambitious and penetrative woman will find it difficult to get along with a calm hard worker without global goals.
  7. Character traits: strengths and weaknesses of the individual. Those qualities that are particularly influential on the relationship.
  8. To get an accurate calculation of compatibility, it is advisable to contact an experienced astrologer or numerologist. The specialist will make a detailed map of relationships, help her analyze and tell you about the most problematic points.

If this is not possible, you can make the calculation yourself. On how to calculate compatibility by date of birth, we wrote in this article.

Independent calculation

If with a numerological calculation everything is quite simple — you only need to know the dates of birth, your partner and yourself, then in astrology everything is much more complicated. You will have to carefully study the characteristics of each mark and analyze which qualities of the partners may conflict with each other.

Compatibility of the zodiac signs by date of birth - independent calculation

A brief description of compatible partners for each sign of the zodiac can be found in this article.

What you need to do to independently analyze how close you are with each other:

  • Write down the most important characteristics of your characters. Record those qualities that directly affect relationships. For example: the level of emotional intelligence, life goals, priorities, attitudes and beliefs, temperament, the idea of ​​an ideal partner
  • Then compare the entries in both columns: highlight the ones that are similar. These are strengths of a relationship. It is these traits that can turn you into real allies.
  • Then analyze the sharply opposite qualities. If they are, it is not always bad. For example, the typical softness of a Libra woman can balance an unpredictable and sometimes overly active Sagittarius. But her tendency to long-term decision-making will irritate the harsh, enterprising Twins men

There is no universal algorithm by which you determine your perfect compatibility. All relationships, like people, are individual.

And only you can analyze your particular case.

So turn on the logic and try. If it is difficult, use tips — find good books of reputable astrologers, whose opinion can be trusted.

Take from these books the descriptions of each of the signs of the zodiac.

Tip: you can check how reliable your predictions are. To do this, try to calculate the compatibility of some familiar pair.

It is desirable that their relationship has existed long enough.

Watch the video about the 12 most suitable zodiacal unions:

Spheres of relations for analysis

Any astrologer, having made his forecast, will surely give a description of several areas of relationships. It:

  1. Compatibility in love. How similar is your emotional intelligence. You are inclined to openly express your feelings or, on the contrary, prefer to hide emotions. This is a very important factor that strongly influences the atmosphere in a pair. For example, temperamental Aries can offend the external coldness of Libra
  2. Sexual compatibility. The similarity of temperaments is also very important. It is desirable that this indicator was at partners about the same level, otherwise treason is inevitable
  3. Marriage compatibility. This factor indicates what are the chances to build a happy family, and is it worth it to go to the registrar
  4. Friendship. Also very important in a relationship. If the partners can not make friends, their feelings will never turn into true love. Physical attraction and vivid emotions are not always about love, if there is no friendship, feelings will pass sooner or later
  5. Partnership As far as people can interact in work and business. Actual for partners who are colleagues or plan to create some kind of common affairs

Analyzing the forecast, be sure to look at how many points you have similarities. It happens that people are ideally compatible only as partners.

It is better for them to build not a relationship, but a common business.

But, of course, such a calculation is not a sentence for a relationship. Stars can also be wrong, so you should not part if in real life you are fine, but according to the horoscope — horror.

It is better to take note of the problem points and work them out to eliminate conflicts in the future.

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