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Compatibility of the Tiger and the Bull

Compatibility of the Tiger and the Bull in a relationship

Compatibility of the Tiger and the Bull according to the eastern horoscope — what is it? Astrologers do not give an unambiguous forecast.

The characters of the partners differ, so they do not always succeed in reaching mutual understanding. But with enough experience in relationships, they can build a happy love.

Bull Man and Tiger Woman

This pair is considered to be very strong and stable. This is a traditional model of relations in which a man is a reliable support and protection of his chosen one.

And she skillfully inspires him, is wise enough to not quarrel over trifles and successfully plays the role of the keeper of the hearth.

Compatibility of the Tiger and the Bull

What is characteristic of such a union:

  1. Both partners are committed to supporting each other. They will make every effort to maintain relationships, make them harmonious and happy.
  2. The Tiger Woman is a real generator. From it always comes a lot of ideas to which a man will listen. She is able to help him reach incredible heights in his career, make him stronger and more confident.
  3. Also, a woman, as nature is more emotional, helps a man learn to enjoy life. Next to her life will sparkle with new colors, he will be able to enjoy every moment, he will feel comfortable and relaxed.
  4. The girl appreciates his reliability, a rational mind and a high sense of responsibility in a man. She may feel weak, fragile, she will never have to solve problems on her own.

Relationships will develop harmoniously if both partners are determined to build, not destroy. They should resolve conflicts calmly, support each other in everything.

Tiger Man and Bull Woman

In such a pair, everything is much more complicated, because a woman is used to being strong and often plays male roles in life. She is not ready to give in and be wise, therefore partners quarrel a lot and are not always able to build harmonious relations.

Compatibility of the Tiger and the Bull

What is characteristic of such a union, according to the eastern horoscope:

  1. The fate of the relationship will depend more on the woman. More precisely, from its willingness to show wisdom, to give in and make compromises. If she learns to be softer and more feminine, is able to quench her temperament in time and recognizes the power of a man, there is a chance to save love.
  2. But more often the girl puts pressure on the man, forcing him to make decisions for which he is not ready. If he turns out to be patient enough and is able to rehabilitate his partner, to be stronger than her, to defend his personal boundaries, everything can turn out well. But a long period of quarrels and lapping is unlikely to succeed.
  3. Bull Woman — practical nature. It is rational to everything. It is important for her that everything in life is organized and harmonious. Her chosen one, on the contrary, is very impulsive, prefers to live in the present day and does not really think about the future.

It is very important for them to learn to negotiate, to determine in which areas of life who will be in charge. And stop getting into your own business, be ready to give up if necessary. If the feelings are strong enough, they will succeed.

Otherwise, the separation is inevitable.

Relationship minuses

In any couple there are always problem moments that can be detrimental to the relationship. Therefore, partners should know what to work on in order to preserve love and harmony.

Compatibility of the Tiger and the Bull

What is the «zasadka» relations between Tigre and Bull:

  • If a girl in a pair is a Bull, there will always be an acute question about who is the head of the family. Partners will certainly compete with each other to take a dominant position. Therefore, a woman will have to learn to give in, to pacify her rebellious character, if she wants a happy family.
  • Astrologers do not give such a pair of safe forecasts. They believe that partners have little chance of building a happy family. Only a great love and desire to change, to accept a partner as he is, will help the Tiger and the Bull stay together.
  • A man does not always notice and appreciates the efforts of his partner. Therefore, he should “open his eyes” and be grateful for everything she does for him. Otherwise, dissatisfaction will grow every day and may lead to the collapse of the relationship.

They should also accept each other’s interests, not try to remake a partner. It is advisable to periodically spend time and relax separately, so that everyone gets the necessary resources from life.

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Sexual compatibility

The girl nature is more emotional and temperamental, the man is rather cold, he has low libido. Because of this, there may be problems in the sexual life.

They may need to contact a sexologist so that dissatisfaction does not grow.

Otherwise, the couple will occasionally happen to betray. A woman will cease to be faithful, wanting to find more thrill than her partner can give.

A man can begin to look for spiritual intimacy that he does not receive from a chosen one who does not invest a soul in sex like him.

Problems can be in the desire of women to dominate, which is not always like a man. You can try to agree, express your desires partner, and not be silent, expecting that he himself would guess.

Quiet and romantic evenings alone with each other will help to correct the situation. Both are important beautiful and sophisticated furnishings: candles, rose petals, good wine and pleasant music.

It is not known how events will develop, because both partners are not always ready to work on the quality of sex life. They would prefer to find someone on the side to meet their needs, but at the same time the marriage can be strong enough.

If the betrayal does not become apparent, the marriage between the Tiger and the Bull is able to survive until old age. This is the paradox of their relationship.

Sex for both is the most insignificant part of life, the more they value spiritual closeness, love and friendship.

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