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Compatibility of the Rat and the Dragon in a relationship

Compatible Rat and Dragon in love

The compatibility of the Rat and the Dragon is quite favorable. But not in the realm of love.

They can be great friends, colleagues, partners, even start a family. But in a love relationship, success does not always wait for them.

Let’s try to figure it out.

Compatibility in love

The relationship between these two signs is usually made very quickly. They notice each other in a crowd of people, fall in love instantly and completely immerse themselves in relationships. Passion does not subside long enough.

These are exactly such couples who cannot step apart from each other.

Compatibility of the Rat and the Dragon in a relationship

Despite the difference in character, the relationship can be good, because the partners complement each other. They can build a strong family, raise children and live together until old age.

But such an outcome is possible only if both will constantly work on relationships, successfully overcome problems and find compromises in problem situations.

Male rat and female dragon

Such a pair can be quite harmonious. This is a healthy relationship in which both partners complement each other perfectly.

They have every chance to save love and carry it through the years.

A man likes intelligence, charisma and creative nature of the chosen one. He quickly falls in love and seeks to conquer an inaccessible beauty at all costs.

He is delighted with her passionate temperament, mystery and intrigue.

Compatibility of the Rat and the Dragon in a relationship

The girl likes in the choice of his dedication, intelligence. She feels his self-confidence and it smashes her outright.

He meets all the ideas of an ideal partner.

Both individuals are purposeful, self-confident. Know what they want from life and achieve it.

This applies not only to implementation in society and career, but also relationships. They clearly understand which partner they would like to see next to them.

Their union is a healthy and harmonious relationship, in which there is no place for empty insults, claims and foolish quarrels. The only problem point is that the man will have to assume the lion’s share of household duties, because his chosen one hates doing household work.

But she can be a wonderful mother. Their children are becoming an example and role model.

What are the disadvantages of such a union:

  1. Both partners are strong and purposeful individuals. Everyone will fight for leadership, competition is inevitable here. To save the relationship, the girl should give in and recognize that the main man is.
  2. A man should try not to control her darling excessively, not to criticize her and allow her to be realized in life, and not turn her into a dreary housewife. Despite the fact that he will be the leader, it is necessary to take into account the opinion of the spouse, otherwise she will sooner or later be disappointed and leave.

Otherwise, everything will develop safely, to the envy of others.

Dragon Man and Female Rat

At first glance, their pair seems very successful. Relationships usually start very quickly, without unnecessary preludes.

Passion flashes instantly, and for a while the couple ceases to exist for the outside world, completely plunging into communication with each other.

Compatibility of the Rat and the Dragon in a relationship

If, after the passion subsides, they do not part, they can create a quite prosperous family. A woman will become a keeper of the home, will give a man the energy to achieve.

He, in turn, will try to do everything possible to ensure his wife and children a decent level of existence.

There will usually be no problems with money, because a man easily performs his duties as a defender, earner and responsible for solving problems. He is an excellent strategist who can see promising areas for development.

It is very important that the woman supports her husband in everything and provides him with a reliable rear, turning their home into a quiet, cozy harbor, where it is pleasant to return after a hard day’s work.

There is a problem point, which threatens to part if it is not solved. Both partners — ambitious natures, purposeful.

They can compete and compete for leadership, which is not worth doing in any way.

If a woman turns out to be strong enough and manages to bend the chosen one for herself, this will not end with anything good. From a successful man, sooner or later he will turn into a weak and weak-willed person.

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Tips and tricks

Above, we wrote that in order to maintain relationships, partners need to constantly work on them. What astrologers advise:

  1. First of all, they need to select priority areas for development and core activities. Well, if you manage to create a common business or get carried away by some kind of creative activity. There they will give negative energy, turning it into a driving force.
  2. In any conflict, you need to try to listen to a partner and find a compromise if no one is willing to give way. Joint decisions should suit both.
  3. The rat should take care to preserve the relationship first. Because it is she who is wiser and more calm, able to soberly assess the situation.
  4. In marriage, you need to be ready, that after a period of love comes a long period of lapping and addiction. At this time, possible major quarrels, until the separation. If they manage, then after a difficult stage true harmony will come.
  5. The most problematic moment is the eternal competition of signs. At least one of the pair must learn to give in. If this does not happen, the gap is almost inevitable.

We summarize: the union of the Dragon and the Rat can be successful, happy, full of love and harmony. But happiness is not created in such a pair by itself. Relationships need to carry out serious work.

If both partners are ready for this, everything will turn out well. If they are still inexperienced and not wise enough, a break is almost inevitable.

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