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Compatibility of the eastern and zodiac horoscopes: your real sign

Compatibility of the eastern and zodiac horoscopes: your real sign

Eastern and zodiac horoscopes can tell a lot about the character and characteristics of each person. However, few people know that the totality of these Marks provides even more accurate characteristics.

Most people use horoscopes to find out what awaits them on their way to life. The centuries-long observations of astrologers will help you understand what features you have awarded the stars and what to do to achieve well-being. In the table you will find the zodiacal and oriental Signs, and at their intersection — the consolidated Sign, which most fully and in detail tells about your personal characteristics.

The experts at the site dailyhoro.ru collected for you seven exact characteristics that will help you better understand yourself.

The people of this Sign are strong personalities who are accustomed to pursue their own at any cost. For them, the motto of life is the phrase «all or nothing.» Kings are characterized by a balanced character and purposefulness; they do not need to be confirmed by outsiders.

They are able to get out of any situation with their heads held high, self-sufficient and have excellent leadership qualities.

Representatives of this Mark are distinguished by openness, honesty and outstanding intellectual abilities. These people have the gift of persuasion, and therefore are able to lead. They do not tolerate lies and are used to telling the truth in the face.

The experts at the site dailyhoro.ru recommend people born under this sign to realize themselves in large projects, not limited to minor tasks.

III Knight

These people are distinguished by mercy and strong love for the world around them. They are accustomed to give disinterested care to all those in need, not counting such an occupation as a feat. Differ honesty and kindness.

Often, the representatives of this Sign occupy the positions of psychologists, realizing their energy in practical councils. They make inborn mentors, educators and teachers, excellent parents.

IV Aristocrat

For the aristocrats, their Sign provides an opportunity to realize themselves in the field of art. These people have a refined taste and are used to being in the center of attention and drawing inspiration from everywhere. They are distinguished by originality of thoughts and actions, conflict-free and passionate desire to make this world more beautiful.

V professor

Professors are distinguished by rationalism and practicality. They are accustomed to follow a predetermined plan consistently and without haste. Their feature is the ability to find the right words, to persuade and give useful instructions to people around them.

People of this Sign do not differ in high emotionality, therefore strong emotions can shake their settled world and introduce chaos into it.

Shutov distinguish unique intellectual abilities. They are excellent psychologists, so they always choose the “right” social circle. The jesters are emotional and optimistic, able to present themselves not as who they really are, protecting their rich inner world from prying eyes.

Thanks to an active lifestyle and subtle instinct, Jesters are able to quickly find what they want. They know how to take healthy criticism and laugh at their own blunders.

VII Vector

The vocation of the Vector is to follow everything extraordinary. Adventurers in life, these people are not inclined to long reflections. They are accustomed to take everything from life and not be afraid of risky activities.

Able to lead people and show them the diversity of the world. Preventing people from becoming disheartened and turning their own lives into a swamp is the true purpose of the Vectors.

To learn about yourself a little more, you can use the numerological calculation by date of birth. Astrologers recommend that everyone not cease to develop, regardless of zodiacal affiliation, bring up the best character traits and not lose heart. We wish you good luck in all your endeavors, and do not forget to press the buttons and

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