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Compatibility of the Dragon and the Bull

Compatibility of the Dragon and the Bull — a relationship without a chance

Compatibility of the Dragon and the Bull — what is it? How partners are able to get along with each other and build harmonious relationships?

Astrologers do not give an unambiguous forecast, so we will try to understand all the nuances in more detail.

General Compatibility Characteristic

Dragon and Bull are representatives of two very strong energetic signs. Their union is amazing, because, united, they create not just a pair, but a spiritual tandem.

But both do not always understand what responsibility fate has placed on them.

Compatibility of the Dragon and the Bull

What characterizes the relationship between the Bull and the Dragon:

  1. This union is one of the most ambiguous in the eastern horoscope. Partners have extremely inconsistent characters, so to exist together and build harmonious relationships for them in practice is quite difficult. But they must learn to comfortably interact, develop together and benefit society — this is their karmic task.
  2. The bull is conservative by nature. He was used to certain rituals, setting, environment. It is not adjusted to change anything, because in a new situation it feels not so comfortable.
  3. The dragon, on the other hand, is open to adventure and novelty. He has tremendous willpower, he is generous and generous, but sometimes unbearable in his stubbornness. It can be hot-tempered and unrestrained in words.
  4. Dragon nature of fire. It ignites quickly, but no less quickly goes out. A bull should help a partner catch a wave of energy and manage to do all important things in a short period of inspiration. Otherwise, it will be difficult for him to live.

Generally surprising that made them pay attention to each other. The bull avoids such people, and at first the chosen one seems dramatically dull to the Dragon.

The only thing that unites partners is love for nature.

Bull Man and Dragon Woman

In this version of the union compatibility can not be called favorable. This is a pair of two stubborn people who will never yield to each other.

It is strange that relations between them have arisen at all, because they are full of contradictions, claims to the outside world and to each other.

Compatibility of the Dragon and the Bull

What features can be noted in such a complex pair:

  1. A man attracts the chosen one with his strong character. He is purposeful, and not only in words, but also in deeds. Set clear goals and a coherent plan of action, which is followed, not paying attention to external obstacles. In addition, he is focused on serious relationships, wants families and children, is faithful and will never change.
  2. The man in this pair is just made for marriage, but the same cannot be said about the woman. She is like a cat that walks by itself, a man of freedom. She values ​​her independence above all else, is not ready to limit herself to anything, serious relations are not for her at all.
  3. She loves gloss and appearance shine, prefers to appear rather than be. She tries with all her might to impress others, to remain in the center of attention. He does not want to hear anything about responsibility, life and other mundane things. If at first a man is amused by such a character, he gradually begins to irritate, then derange himself, but in the end he realizes that he has chosen the wrong person and decides to end everything with a break.
  4. Most often, such a union — no more than a light holiday romance. Although the relationship can last longer, provided that the girl has walked enough, and the man gained experience and wisdom to put up with the shortcomings of the second half.
  5. But to get married and live together until old age, they can only if everyone tries to remake themselves a little. The girl will settle down, the man will get rid of a bit of tediousness.

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Dragon Man and Bull Woman

This is a very unstable relationship that is unlikely to last long. For a serious and thorough girl, the Dragon will seem too frivolous, empty, unreal.

She will take it as an exciting adventure, but is unlikely to agree to a serious relationship.

Compatibility of the Dragon and the Bull

What can be noted in such a union:

  1. The dragon is quite satisfied that no matrimonial plans are being made in relation to him. He fits the role of a lover or a passing cavalier. He is not going to bind himself at all by marriage, he cannot stand obligations. Therefore, if both are satisfied with this situation, they can enjoy a magnificent short novel for a while.
  2. A man charms the chosen one with his irrepressible energy, bright charisma and sparkling humor. At first, he seemed to her an incredible enthusiast, a creative person, almost a genius. But rose-colored glasses will quickly fall down, and she will understand that the chosen one speaks more than she does.
  3. He too quickly disappointed in his beloved. When the passion passes and the romantic fervor fades away, it will seem to him incredibly boring, gray, while it demands only bright colors from life. Quiet and peaceful relationships will come to naught to a general satisfaction.
  4. And the novel begins, as a rule, at the moment when the Dragon, a little tired of the endless series of entertainments, begins to seek peace and solitude.
  5. A disaster if they decide to start a family. A man will rarely appear at home, and his wife will izvestret himself with jealousy and turn into a grumpy woman, with whom it is unpleasant to be in the same territory.

In the rare moments of fatigue and the desire to retire, the Dragon will be at home, interacting with children and listening to the claims of the second half. But after a week, maximum = a couple of months, he will again sail away «into the sunset.»

A rare woman will endure such an attitude, so the Bull remains with him only when she has victim syndrome or incredible patience.

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