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Compatibility of Scorpio and Taurus — causes of conflict

Compatibility of Scorpio and Taurus in a relationship

Compatibility of Scorpio and Taurus is considered favorable. This is a union of two opposites that perfectly complement each other. But the cloudless relationship will not be due to the difference in the characters.

We will understand in more detail.

Compatibility in love

Relations, despite the excellent compatibility, calm and simple are unlikely to be. Astrologers believe that the main task for such a pair is to learn to understand each other and cooperate, and not to clash and argue.

Fate will constantly throw up their problem situations, to test the characters for strength.

Compatibility of Scorpio and Taurus - causes of conflict

What is characteristic of the relationship of these two characters:

  1. When they meet, they either fall in love with each other at first sight, or they immediately experience acute hostility. It is the initial impression and it will depend on whether the relationship will begin in principle. If there is no rejection, they will converge without fail.
  2. Calm this pair can not see. Emotions are always seething in their relationships, which is why they often do not want to continue and quickly leave. But if they are willing to work on relationships and solve problems together, everything can turn out well.
  3. The main thing — to withstand the first, difficult period of grinding and getting used to each other. If they stand the test successfully, they can build true love and live together until the end of their lives.
  4. They are completely different. It attracts. Taurus likes Scorpio for its restraint, calm and stable character, albeit sometimes a bit boring. He ponders over his every decision for a long time, trying to weigh everything so as not to make a mistake.
  5. Scorpio nature is unpredictable. He jumps from one thing to another in his hobbies, constantly trying something new. It makes decisions quickly, can simultaneously lead several projects. This Taurus periodically annoying, because he does not keep up with the train of thoughts of the elect.
  6. When their opinions diverge, the matter usually ends in a major quarrel. They do not know how to seek compromises and will defend their point of view to the last. Taurus is important not to succumb to provocations, and Scorpio stop sting partner in the most sick of his place.

We summarize: compatibility in love with this pair is, and large. But they need to work long and hard on relationships to get used to the differences in the characters of each other.

Withstanding the stage of lapping, they can truly love and become happy together.

Causes of conflict

Despite the fact that the partners are suitable for each other, the relationship has something to work on. They can break up because of the inability to find compromises and sharp remarks about each other.

Compatibility of Scorpio and Taurus - causes of conflict

To maintain harmony and happiness in a pair, it is necessary to find common points of contact and not to affect the pain points of a partner. For example, Taurus may speak out to the former partners, friends and close people of his chosen one, which hurts the delicate nature of Scorpio.

What other problem points exist in the relationship of this couple:

  1. Both are temperamental enough. They don’t pick words and can be very careless in their statements. Because of this, quarrels usually proceed violently, conversations are conducted in a raised voice, and it is difficult to find a compromise.
  2. In a conflict situation, everyone tends to find a sore spot for the chosen one and beat him directly, offending each other and causing suffering. It is impossible to avoid this, but they must learn to put up immediately after steam is released during quarrels. The longer they begin to delay with reconciliation, the greater the likelihood of rupture.
  3. They treat money differently. Taurus prefers even monotonous, but stable work. It is important for him to clearly understand what tomorrow will bring. Changing the usual environment for him — a big stress. Scorpio, this approach seems passive, he is a careerist and willing to take risks.

In general, this couple can live happily ever after, if it learns to bypass the problematic moments or quickly solve them.

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Taurus woman and Scorpio man

Before meeting this girl, a man usually earns a reputation as a ladies ‘man, he is used to breaking girls’ hearts. The list of his victories is quite large.

But it is in the relationship with the female Taurus that he is changing, becoming able to become a faithful and devoted husband. She sees this and appreciates, so the relationship is extremely favorable.

A girl in a family with Scorpio becomes an excellent mistress, wife and mother. She is ready to devote her life to keeping the hearth and creating a favorable atmosphere in the house.

She creates space for the exploits of her chosen one.

Compatibility of Scorpio and Taurus - causes of conflict

The problem point is that Taurus will often criticize the chosen one. It makes her suffer and worry.

But if she learns to patiently and condescendingly treat this lack of it, not to take criticism to heart, then the relationship will be long, happy and harmonious.

Taurus man and Scorpio woman

In this pair of men — the breadwinner and protector. It is he who earns money and ensures the material well-being of the family.

The woman also plays the traditional role of homemaker and inspirer.

She supports her chosen one in everything, gives him energy for achievements and feats, motivates to set goals and achieve them, to achieve success for the common good. She is the most reliable rear, which never fails.

But she is not passive and is unlikely to become an ordinary housewife. She also needs to realize herself in work or creativity.

She is active, and therefore always remains interesting for her partner.

But a man can be quite skeptical about the new ideas of his chosen one. He is a born skeptic and critic.

True, later, when he sees the first results of her stormy activities, he changes his mind and begins to help with everything.

In this relationship, both partners develop and show their best qualities. A woman learns to be more wise, patient and compliant.

A man can tame her temper if he himself has a strong enough character.

But if he is weak by nature, he can turn into a henpecked, which is not worth admitting.

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