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Compatibility of Scorpio and Pisces — causes of conflict

Compatibility Scorpio and Pisces — perfect relationship

The compatibility of Scorpio and Pisces is considered harmonious. Both live in the power of the elements of Water, so it is easy to find a common language. But there are also problematic points about which it is important to know.

Consider more.

Compatibility in love

Usually the relationship begins after a long conversation with the general company. They are gradually looking at each other, not immediately daring to start a relationship.

But soon they realize that they can build true love, because they are very similar.

Compatibility of Scorpio and Pisces - causes of conflict

What is characteristic of the relationship of this zodiac pair:

  1. The initiative is usually shown by Scorpio, because it is more sociable and active. Even if Pisces takes the first step, he willingly accepts signs of attention and responds to them.
  2. After some time after they meet, they begin to pull each other. Mutual attraction is so strong that they are not able to keep from intimacy. After the first night spent together, they decide to start a serious relationship. Understand that they fit together perfectly.
  3. Trust between them also arises very quickly. Both signs have a well-developed intuition, so they completely rely on their own feelings. It seems to them that the next, close, close person who will always understand and support.
  4. For Pisces, Scorpio is always the patron, protector and adviser. They willingly accept his advice and follow them, trusting the partner completely.
  5. In relationships, they always cooperate, listening to the opinion of the partner. This helps to avoid quarrels and easily find compromises in problem situations.
  6. Sometimes Pisce offends the wayward character of the chosen one. They are hurt by sharp remarks, sarcasm, and not always relevant jokes. But it is enough just to say this, and the caustic remarks immediately cease.

In this union, respect, mutual support, trust and love always reign. It is difficult to imagine why they can part — most likely they will live together happily ever after.

Causes of conflict

Despite the harmonious relationship, the reasons for quarrels and omissions in this pair are still there. There is something to work on.

Compatibility of Scorpio and Pisces - causes of conflict

Causes of conflict may be the following:

  1. Scorpio is a born manipulator and a great psychologist. He used to manage people, treacherously touching their sore points. But in relations with Pisces he is powerless. Attempts to manage a partner and get something out of him fail miserably. Because of this, he can be nervous and provoke scandals.
  2. Scorpio’s restless and unpredictable temper is initially liked by Pisces, but can sometimes be tiring. They do not understand what is the cause of aggression and hot temper, so they can be offended, withdraw and go into themselves.
  3. Both signs are extremely emotional. This prevents them from soberly assessing the situation during an argument. They can tell each other a lot of nasty things, offend and injure a partner. They should learn to cool down first, and only then make complaints.
  4. Scorpio will try to control the partner, which will cause desperate resistance. The fish will try to free themselves and will want to find a more agreeable chosen one. Therefore, he needs to give up trying to establish their own rules and restrictions.

Despite periodic scandals, the relationship may well develop safely. At least, partners will not be bored for sure.

The contrast of negative and positive emotions gives their relationship a special highlight.

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Woman Fish and Scorpio Man

Relationships of this couple develop quite harmoniously. They do not notice each other’s shortcomings, but they perfectly see the advantages and appreciate them.

The impractical and emotional nature of Pisces does not repel a man. On the contrary, he is ready to take on himself the solution of all her problems, to become a reliable companion of life who will provide the family with all the necessary benefits.

Compatibility of Scorpio and Pisces - causes of conflict

A man is attracted by a soft, tactful and diplomatic girl. He is attracted by her selflessness, sincerity and calm nature.

She sees in him a strong support, the notorious «stone wall» and a man with whom you can go through life without fear of difficulties.

The woman likes that in this relationship she can be herself. She doesn’t have to pretend to play. She is loved for who she is, real and sincere.

It is enough to behave naturally, and the chosen one falls in love.

In everyday life, they also easily find a common language. The girl likes to play the role of the keeper of the home, she completely protects the man from household chores.

Pisces man and Scorpio woman

This couple shows a pattern of near-perfect relationships. A man in union with such a chosen one grows and develops.

He is able, with support and inspiration, to achieve a lot.

She gives him all the power of her energy, which gives the process of achieving his ambitious goals a significant acceleration. But there are also problematic issues that are important to consider so that everything goes well.

A man busy with achievements may miss a woman. Having ceased to receive a sufficient amount of attention, she is fully capable of having an intrigue on the side.

The secret will always be revealed, and the complete collapse of the relationship will come.

Surprisingly, even after the betrayal, they can stay together if the woman manages to turn the situation around, instilling in her partner a feeling of guilt. She is a skilled manipulator, so she can achieve not only forgiveness, but also an apology from her partner.

Otherwise, everything is quite calm. A woman gives her chosen one free rein.

She is confident in his feelings, so she will never check the phone, control and restrict his freedom.

The most important thing for them is not to delay the marriage for a long time, because they can quickly get fed up with each other, if the relationship does not develop and does not move to the next stage.

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