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Compatibility of Scorpio and Leo — Causes of Conflicts and Disagreements

Compatibility of Scorpio and Leo — is there a chance for love

Compatibility of Scorpio and Leo is considered unfavorable. They may become good friends, but everything will never be good in relationships. It’s all about the difference of the elements that do not fit well with each other.

Let’s try to figure out if this pair has a chance.

Compatibility in love

These signs can interact perfectly in work or business, but there will always be contradictions and differences in the relations between them. The water and fire elements of the partners do not fit together well, hence all the problems.

Compatibility of Scorpio and Leo - Causes of Conflicts and Disagreements

What is characteristic of the relationship of Leo and Scorpio:

  1. Leo wants to receive from the relationship only positive emotions. He expects to be admired and complimented. But Scorpio is capable of his criticism and sarcasm to instantly cool the ardor of a temperamental chosen one.
  2. For Leo, such a relationship is a true challenge. He will have to constantly fight for leadership and defend their rights. In disputes, his brute force most often loses subtle irony and non-standard approaches of Scorpio. Hence anger, frustration and incessant irritation.
  3. Scorpio nature is insidious. He sees the elect through and skillfully manipulates him. Able to bring the Lion to the white-hot by its coldness and calmness in response to violent outbursts of anger of the elect.

Sooner or later the lion will be completely defeated. These relationships will kill his self-esteem and deprive of his life force. After parting, he will heal for a long time wounds and rebound.

Scorpio treats the gap more easily, he instantly forgets about past love and finds a new second half.

Causes of Conflict and Disagreement

The source of the conflict most often becomes Scorpio. The lion is not distinguished by vindictiveness.

If he is offended, he easily leaves and forgets that his partner in hearts has told him.

Compatibility of Scorpio and Leo - Causes of Conflicts and Disagreements

Scorpio is a very vindictive nature. He keeps memories of the offenses caused to him for years and bears insidious plans for revenge.

Why do they quarrel:

  1. Both are purposeful individuals, ambitious and eager for leadership. Because of this, their relationship turns into a constant struggle of characters. No one wants to give in, defending their opinions and interests. Their union is the eternal war of two opposites.
  2. A big role is played by the education of partners. If it is lame with this, they can even arrange fights due to natural temper and inability to control themselves. If everything is in order with upbringing, a more subtle weapon will be used — sarcasm and biting words addressed to each other.
  3. It is Scorpio that most often comes out the winner in these bouts. Unlike the noisy Lion, who says what he thinks, Scorpio skillfully manipulates, putting pressure on the most painful places of a partner.
  4. If both do not want to change anything and do not work on relationships, the proud Leo will sooner or later slam the door and leave. Then he will remember for a long time how beautiful the relationship began, and how horribly it ended.

After the break, Scorpio will easily find a new partner. And Lev will long be wary of starting a new relationship, so as not to step on the old rake.

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Lion Woman and Scorpio Man

Most of all in men, this girl respects and appreciates strength. It is a strong character she wants to see in her chosen one, so that with pleasure she can finally become weak and free herself from the burden of worries.

It is she who takes the initiative when she meets a Scorpio man. He seems to her a strong personality with an inflexible character.

Therefore, she turns on the hunter’s instinct and she makes every effort to get it herself.

Compatibility of Scorpio and Leo - Causes of Conflicts and Disagreements

She likes purposefulness, passionate temperament and complex nature of the chosen one. But, unfortunately, she lacks the experience and wisdom to understand — this relationship has no future.

They will constantly fight for leadership, which will eventually lead to huge scandals and separation afterwards.

But at the very beginning this novel is twisted quickly enough. The man is not averse to adding this girl to the big list of his victories.

And she is flattered that such a popular gentleman turned his attention to her. With all her strength she will try to keep his interest.

But the relationship will end sadly for a woman. When Scorpio has played enough, he will leave her and go in search of the next chosen one.

Male lion and female scorpion

A huge sensual attraction immediately appears between them. A man is able to notice this girl among the crowd of others and immediately draw attention to her.

They quickly become like-minded people, enter into relationships, and at first everything goes fine.

They easily manage to find the key to each other’s heart, fall in love and become ready to build relationships. But the first love passes quickly, and the first problems begin.

A woman is confused by the fact that her man’s love is directed, first of all, at himself. And she will always be on the sidelines for him.

He will demand unquestioning obedience. He believes that she should constantly admire him, worship him and do everything he says.

But the girl does not want to do this. She eventually will see all the flaws of Leo, which in these relations are particularly pronounced. Because of this, both have a feeling of persistent irritation.

They start to get nervous and quarrel over trifles.

If at first Leo is attracted by the mystery and mystery of a girl, then later he is enraged by the fact that she seeks to fill in her whole life, controls and demands a lot.

Very bad if they quickly have a child. They will be forced to stay together, although love is long over.

Most often there is a divorce, after which the woman with all her strength will try to take away from the chosen one most of the jointly acquired property.

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