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Compatibility of Scorpio and Cancer — causes of conflict

Compatibility of Scorpio and Cancer — life in harmony

The compatibility of Scorpio and Cancer is considered to be extremely harmonious. Both partners obey the water element, so they understand each other perfectly.

But there are also problem moments. We will understand in more detail.

Compatibility in love

They understand each other perfectly. Sometimes even without words, feeling a partner at the level of intuition, even being at a distance from him.

Astrologers consider the compatibility between partners to be somewhat mystical, because both have a good sense of premonition.

Compatibility of Scorpio and Cancer - causes of conflict

What is characteristic of the union of Scorpio and Cancer:

  1. Both understand that next to them is a soul mate. Therefore, they are immediately tuned to a serious and long-lasting relationship. We are ready to do everything to make them feel good together. Trying to save love by all means.
  2. Roles in a pair are distributed naturally and harmoniously. They will not fight for leadership, seeking to cooperate and interact, find a common language. Cancer is responsible for planning, new ideas and choosing a vector for development. Scorpio — rather a performer who easily goes to meet his chosen one.
  3. Cancer for Scorpio is attractive because it is always ready to support, listen, help. This is the perfect «vest» for sensitive and vulnerable nature. Scorpio appreciates that which can feel close to a partner in complete safety, trusts him as himself.
  4. On the part of their relationship may seem strange. But they are good together, so do not care about the opinions of others.
  5. The impulsive and temperamental Scorpio perfectly complements his gentle, diplomatic and calm companion. Both develop in relationships, getting from a partner the qualities that are lacking.

We summarize: this pair is extremely harmonious. They have every chance to build a happy family, to live together until old age.

The main thing is to learn how to solve conflicts together and not to keep feelings in yourself, pronouncing all offenses in time.

Causes of conflict

Despite favorable compatibility, relationships can be difficult and painful if partners do not learn how to successfully solve problems and get out of conflict situations.

Compatibility of Scorpio and Cancer - causes of conflict

What it takes to work in a relationship with these signs:

  1. Both are pretty touchy and vindictive. Every now and then they can hurt each other’s feelings without thinking about the consequences. They should learn to correctly and tactfully convey their complaints to the chosen one, without accumulating resentment within themselves.
  2. If they subside offense, in the future they will wait for the moment when the chosen one will be weak. And hit in a sore spot, wanting to avenge their own mocked feelings. If this happens, the relationship will not last long; there will be no comfortable atmosphere in the couple.
  3. Cancer needs to learn how to smooth out conflicts first, because Scorpio has a more temperamental and violent disposition. Under the influence of emotions, he is not always able to contain his negative.
  4. Both have a great sense of humor. But they must understand that in their jokes and sarcasm one cannot cross the line. The irony should not hurt the feelings of the chosen one, so that the relationship evolved safely.
  5. Periodically, partners need to free up personal space from each other. Sometimes they have to be alone with themselves, with their thoughts and experiences. This is extremely important.
  6. The problem of loyalty in this pair is also acute. Both love attention from the opposite sex, and never miss the moment to get it. Hence jealousy and quarrels, frustration and lack of trust.

We summarize: the compatibility of these signs is good, but there is something to work on. They must sometimes give in and give the partner time to be alone and deal with their own experiences.

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Scorpio Woman and Cancer Man

In this union, the girl is revealed and developed. She shows such qualities of her personality that she had never even suspected before.

A man helps her to be realized, to find herself in life and to feel true happiness.

He plays the role of a teacher, patron and protector in this pair. Guides, advises, supports in everything and soothes in difficult moments of life.

He is ready to satisfy any whims of the chosen one, because he is very serious about her.

Relationships will exist for a long time if they find common points of contact not only in the sensual and emotional spheres, but also learn to respect each other, listen to the partner’s opinion and solve problems together.

Compatibility of Scorpio and Cancer - causes of conflict

The main thing for a woman is not to dawn, understanding how her elect is fond of, and not to insolent. Otherwise, she can break the heart of a partner and leave without thinking about how his fate will develop in the future.

Scorpio and Cancer

It is this man who is able to understand the subtle mental organization of the Woman-Cancer, which usually does not develop relationships with the opposite sex. Unlike everyone else, he will appreciate her sensuality and see the enormous potential.

In return, she would surround him with such care and affection that he had not previously received. Due to the same elements, the partners understand each other perfectly, because their characters are very similar.

They can build a truly happy, sincere and trusting relationship. There is no benefit in this union, but there is only love and the desire to cooperate with each other.

However, problems in the pair can still be. They begin after the ardor of the first love subsides and it is time to decide how the relationship will develop further.

They need to learn to discuss with each other plans for the family, material development and everything else that concerns the future of the future. Make concrete and informed decisions, and not soar in the clouds.

Most likely, the girl will gladly give all power and responsibility into the hands of her chosen one. The main thing that he handled and met her expectations.

Then disappointment will never come, and they will live together for a long time, happily.

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