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Compatibility of Scorpio and Aries — causes of conflict

The compatibility of Scorpio and Aries — why is it difficult for them together?

The compatibility of Scorpio and Aries is not the most favorable. They have different parities in the zodiacal table, and the water and fire elements are not combined with each other.

Astrologers promise such a sad ending. Consider the features of the relationship between the two characters.

Compatibility in love

This union is one of the most difficult. Relationships in such a pair will never be cloudless.

Scorpio’s habit of manipulating people will be confronted with the fiery obstinacy and strong character of Aries, and a real explosion can occur.

Compatibility of Scorpio and Aries - causes of conflict

What is characteristic of the relationship of such a pair:

  1. Both signs patronized Mars. Only for this reason they can converge in principle, having discovered common topics for conversations, a sphere for activity or creativity. For the same reason, they interact well in work, business, or business. Together they can set ambitious goals and quickly achieve them.
  2. But the love relationship will never be well. This is not cooperation, but eternal confrontation. Partners endlessly test each other for strength, measured by characters, argue and refuse to compromise.
  3. It is the difference of the elements — water and fiery, which prevents to reach mutual understanding. These signs are eternal adversaries, which is destructive for a relationship.
  4. Astrologers characterize such a union as the relationship «boa» and «rabbit.» The role of the sly snake is played by Scorpio. He skillfully manipulates the feelings of the chosen one, realizing that they are deeply in love with him. Rabbit -Oven will reach out to his partner with incredible strength, for him this relationship is an addiction, a sick love.
  5. Aries subconsciously afraid of Scorpio, because it feels — this person will bring a lot of pain and disappointment. Therefore, at the very beginning, when the couple only met, he can avoid close acquaintance. But to resist the charm and passion of Scorpio, he eventually will be unable to.
  6. At first, Scorpio is strongly interested in the bright nature of the partner. He is attracted by fiery energy, passion and lively character. But over time, the chosen Aries begins to seem to him too primitive, superficial, a man who lives his life aimlessly.
  7. Equality in the pair will never be. Scorpio will never accept Aries to be his partner, with whom he will communicate on equal terms. He treats the second half condescendingly, underestimating his positive qualities and noticing only the flaws.
  8. Scorpio sees and notices all the weak, sore spots of his chosen one. And it hurts when it gets boring. For this reason, the relationship for Aries is true torture, the games in “closer — further”. He is allowed to come to him, then move away. Carrying it is unbearably difficult. But for some time he suffers and suffers.

We summarize: I am unlikely to have a successful relationship between these two signs. Scorpio will get carried away, but not for long, and then will only use the chosen one, playing his feelings.

Aries will fall in love and will eventually become a victim, suffering from a lack of attention and love from a partner.

Causes of conflict

In such a complex union, conflicts cannot be avoided. They practically do not stop from the very beginning of the relationship.

A pair with such incompatible elements does not know how to get along together.

Compatibility of Scorpio and Aries - causes of conflict

If before Scorpio did not meet with people born under the element of Fire, it will be unusual for him to be in a relationship with Aries. He will constantly feel that their pair is somehow “wrong”, ridiculous, that they look ridiculous in the eyes of society.

In the emotional sphere of relations, partners do not find mutual understanding. In Aries, feelings are seething, boiling and bursting out.

Scorpio is used to holding feelings in itself, not showing them either in front of a partner or in public.

These signs are complete opposites. But the opinions that opposites attract, they do not justify.

On the contrary, between them constantly conflicts arise, quarrels. They infinitely find out the relationship.

Scorpio quickly gets tired of this and makes a decision to part. Aries suffers and keeps long memories of this man in his memory.

Scorpio, moreover, nature is pessimistic. He tends to see the bad in everything.

It tires a cheerful optimist-Aries who do not understand how one can have such a gloomy view of the world, to see it only in dark colors.

The recommendations of astrologers are quite understandable: never start a relationship if you are born under such incompatible signs. In addition to problems, this union will not bring anything.

The chance to build a happy love is almost non-existent.

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Scorpio man and Aries woman

Aries girl — a passionate, bright, active nature. She has a strong and strong-willed character, complex, but attracting attention.

A man who is used to getting from other women whatever he wants, easily and effortlessly, will be interested in such difficult prey.

Aries woman awakens in him the excitement of hunting and provokes. Despite the fact that they get closer and start a relationship very quickly, interest may not disappear for quite a long time.

But such a union is nothing more than a holiday romance, which will end as soon as passion fades away, and the candy bouquet period will pass. Both understand it and are ready for such an outcome of events.

Compatibility of Scorpio and Aries - causes of conflict

The only thing that a girl falls in love is stronger, therefore, it is more difficult for her to survive the gap. She may try to renew the relationship, but all attempts will be in vain.

Scorpio Woman and Aries Man

Such a union in real life is more common than the previous one. The girl, having noticed an attractive man, will easily arouse interest in him, arranging the whole thing as if the initiative was coming from his side.

They are a great manipulator. Therefore, at first, he will show a man everything that he can, will sincerely admire him and love himself.

And then she will try to get in the relationship all the possible benefits for themselves.

Surprisingly, the staunch and stubborn Aries, who is usually the leader in a relationship, in this pair will become a slave. Although he may not understand and not be aware of this.

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