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Compatibility of Scorpio and Aquarius — the cause of conflict

Compatibility of Scorpio and Aquarius — will they be together

The compatibility of Scorpio and Aquarius is not considered favorable. These signs perfectly interact with each other in doing, but they are unlikely to succeed in building love.

It is all about the difference of elements that conflict with each other and hinder the achievement of mutual understanding.

Compatibility in love

At first glance, Scorpio can make Aquarius a great game. He will be the right hand, assistant and partner in everything.

Will help, support and implement any ideas of his chosen one.

Compatibility of Scorpio and Aquarius - the cause of conflict

But this type of compatibility is successful only in business or friendly relationships. In love, everything will turn out not so well.

What is characteristic of the relationship of these two characters:

  1. Aquarius is a great strategist. He is able to direct the energy and temperament of his chosen one to a peaceful course. And Scorpio in this tandem is a great performer. Therefore, subject to common goals, they meet for a long time and almost do not quarrel.
  2. Scorpio’s intuition helps partners avoid serious mistakes. Aquarius will appreciate this gift of a partner and will use it for the benefit of both. It is thanks to the ability to anticipate, both sensibly assess the prospects of any joint plans.
  3. Scorpio — a passionate, temperamental nature. Having fallen in love, he is able to perform real feats. This attracts Aquarius, who always evaluates people by their actions, and not by their words.
  4. Aquarius is a great strategist and a generator of ideas. But he does not have enough energy to translate them into reality. His partner is able to help with this.
  5. The initiative to start a relationship is also always behind the air sign. It is he who decides to meet and has the first signs of attention. Scorpio can not resist such pressure.
  6. Their attitude to problems is usually indifferent. Both expect that everything will be decided by itself, without their active participation. Of course, this is impossible, so a lump of resentment and complaints accumulates in order to result in a grand and painful separation.

There is a chance to stay together and live happily for many years only if they accept the partner’s shortcomings, stop focusing on them, learn to give in and find compromises during quarrels.

Cause of conflict

Scorpio can suddenly escape from a relationship, breaking off all contacts. For his chosen one it will be a complete surprise — after all, everything was going so well.

Therefore, he needs to be prepared for any sudden circumstances.

Compatibility of Scorpio and Aquarius - the cause of conflict

What it takes to work in a relationship with this couple:

  1. They need to learn to understand each other. Often they speak different languages, which makes both angry and annoying. Aquarius operates on the arguments of reason, and his companion relies on feelings. That is the problem.
  2. This feature is especially noticeable when Scorpio is a woman in a relationship. She should become more balanced and calm if she does not want to part sooner or later.
  3. Aquarius sometimes thinks that because of the relationship he does not develop, he stands still. Because of this, he may decide to part and start looking for a more promising life partner, with whom they can succeed together.
  4. To prevent this from happening, Scorpio must prove and demonstrate that it is capable of much. It is important for him not to focus on relationships, but also to be realized in all other areas of his life.

In fact, despite the poor compatibility, they can live together perfectly and preserve relationships for many years. But only under the condition that both are experienced enough.

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Aquarius woman and Scorpio man

Such couples can be seen in student cafes very often. The Aquarius girl and the Scorpion boy are attracted to each other only at a young age.

More experienced partners often do not find anything interesting in each other.

For a couple, this relationship is a challenge, an exciting experiment and a test of strength. The girl likes self-confidence, a sense of humor and the intellect of the chosen one.

He is attracted by her popularity with other men, inaccessibility and strong character.

Compatibility of Scorpio and Aquarius - the cause of conflict

A man wants to get such an interesting «sacrifice» and include it in a huge list of victories. Between them, the game will be tied up — a test of strength.

But how long it will last is unknown.

In a more mature age, the partners already consciously approach the relationship. The girl will be interested in Scorpio, if she is sufficiently successful and independent.

Then she can agree to get to know each other. More often than not, she will be responsible for financial well-being and contain a man.

Favorable relations will develop only if a man agrees to the leadership of a woman and does not compete with her.

Aquarius man and Scorpio woman

From the outside, this relationship looks classic. It seems that the man — the leader, and the woman — the keeper of the home.

This distribution of roles is the most correct. It is Aquarius, thanks to innate intelligence and a multitude of possibilities, that is able to take responsibility for material well-being.

A sensual and emotional woman inspires him and creates an incredibly calm, warm, love-filled atmosphere at home.

Both dreamed of such a relationship with the very youth. Therefore, having become acquainted, they believe that they have met true love, the very second half, with which they will live together until old age.

At first, everything really goes smoothly. But the more time they spend with each other, the more they become frustrated.

As a result, realize that together they are bad, and leave. The gap is usually soft and painless for both — just did not agree on the characters.

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