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Compatibility of Scales with Scales — causes of conflicts

Compatible pair Scales — Scales — mirror relationships

Compatibility of the pair Scales — Scales is very ambiguous. On the one hand, these are soul mates who mirror each other.

But can everything go well and happily? Let’s try to figure it out.

Compatibility in love

In this alliance, partners are constantly in search of harmony and balance. But this eternal search may never end.

They will by all means try to maintain relationships, make them happy, but never become a harmonious couple.

Compatibility of Scales with Scales - causes of conflicts

The features of the two Libra relations are as follows:

  1. Libra all his life is in search of a bright ideal, striving for harmony and aesthetics, for balance in everything. This can unite them at the initial stage of the relationship.
  2. Each of them is in eternal doubt, striving for balance, which for this air mark is almost unattainable. And if none is able to balance himself, what to say about the partner?
  3. The relationship of two Libra is rarely long-term, although at the very beginning they seem to be a fairly happy and stable couple. But it is better for them to be friends, and not to create a love affair.
  4. In friendship, work, business, these are ideal partners. They have the same level of creative potential, both are freedom-loving, diplomatic, respect each other and understand perfectly. They never impose their point of view on the other person; on the contrary, they always try to listen and put themselves in his place.
  5. Both natures are sociable, they like themselves, each other and practically all the people around them, they do not like conflicts. That’s why they converge easily. Strong love feelings rarely arise between them, but quite friendly sympathy and sincere human interest.
  6. A favorable feature of such a union is in the non-conflict nature of both. They are easy to compromise, inferior. It is difficult to imagine the scales as an aggressor, if they “release claws”, it is only in response to other people’s provocations and aggression.
  7. They are pretty comfortable together. Between them there is a wonderful creative compatibility. They easily generate a lot of ideas, immediately discuss them and try to implement them.
  8. Very often, love arises between two Scales precisely after a long friendship. But, even if love happens, it does not last long, and the relationship returns to the friendship stage.
  9. This is the case when the «ex» continue to communicate easily and naturally. The separation of two Libra is not painful, no one suffers and does not suffer.

The problem with the pair is that Libra tends to seem, not to be. They strive to make the partner the most positive impression, often posing as a completely different person, which they are not.

In the future, this will surely come around, since it’s impossible to play someone else’s role for a long time.

Therefore, when they suddenly realize that the nearby is not the same person whom they saw at the very beginning, there comes a stage of disappointment, the final of which is separation. It is almost inevitable in such a seemingly calm and stable union.

Compatibility of Scales with Scales - causes of conflicts

The prediction of the relationship of two Libra is not always so disappointing. There are chances to build a long and happy relationship.

But only if the partners will connect a common cause, they will discern the motion vector, according to which they will go together in life.

Despite the similarity of signs, people in a couple can be different: in character, temperament. Then they can meet for a long time.

But if they turn out to be the same in many ways, the relationship to both of them will quickly get bored.

Interestingly, Scales often fall into the same situation. But none of them know how to solve problems properly, so relationships turn into a stagnant swamp, from which no one knows how to get out.

Both value freedom and respect the personal boundaries of a partner, love and want children, are democratic in their views, strive to decorate, improve and transform the surrounding space for the better. Good results can grow on this soil.

Therefore, you can try to save relationships.

Watch a video about the astrological compatibility of a pair of two Libra:

Causes of conflict

Despite the natural softness and goodwill, there are conflicts in a pair of two Libra. They are rare, fairly calm, but you still need to know how to solve problem situations.

Compatibility of Scales with Scales - causes of conflicts

What is worth working Libra in a relationship:

  1. The type of their union is not for nothing that the astrologers call me and my mirror. Lovers coincide not only in their good qualities, but also in negative ones. This is the main pain of their relationship. Noting the partner’s own shortcomings, Scales can be shocked. They go into the stage of denial, when the whole world becomes not nice, but especially a person who is near and emphasized their negative qualities.
  2. For Libra, public opinion is very important. If the surrounding people begin to condemn their partner, this is a tremendous blow for Libra and a reason to wonder whether that person is next to them. And none of the pair is able to defend, protect. They carry disappointment and frustration not into the external environment, but into relationships, which often turns out to be disastrous for the couple.
  3. Scales — not the surest sign. Despite mutual respect, they have a rather windy and frivolous nature, which sooner or later can lead to adultery, especially if there is not enough emotion in a relationship.
  4. To conclude an official marriage, to become a family man for Libra, who love freedom, is incredibly difficult. They may be true, but at the same time they do not want to drive the relationship into some kind of framework familiar to society.
  5. People of this sign often disagree with the case. Both promise a lot to a partner, but do not fulfill the given word. It is also a source of constant quarrels and quarrels.
  6. Woman-Libra in difficult periods of life will need a strong protector and patron, which man-Libra is not able to give — he is focused on solving problems together and never takes full responsibility for himself.

The relationship of the two Libra is a shaky and unstable air lock, which can dissolve from the slightest breeze of the wind. Nevertheless, the union can be strong if you jointly want to work on the weak sides of the relationship.

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