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Compatibility of Sagittarius with other characters — character and temperament

Compatibility: Sagittarius with other signs in friendship and love

Charm Sagittarius attracts people of different signs of the zodiac. He easily finds a common language with others, creates a pleasant atmosphere for communication.

All problems in Sagittarius occur only in the marriage union. Consider compatibility: Sagittarius with other signs of the zodiac.

How to find the right approach to Sagittarius, and how Sagittarius get along in conjunction with other signs of the zodiac?

Compatibility of Sagittarius with other characters - character and temperament

Character and temperament

A special feature of Sagittarius is the ability to fall in love with many women (men). The ease of perception of life creates the impression of lightheadedness and levity.

However, do not confuse sympathy with love or love. Sagittarius likes to communicate with many people whom they sympathize with.

If Sagittarius truly loves him, he will give a part of his soul to his chosen one.

A Sagittarius man is one of those who wear his darling in his arms and make her a happy woman.

Girl Sagittarius will constantly captivate her chosen one with female charm and passion. However, to incline Sagittarius to a serious relationship is not an easy task.

Why? Because the Sagittarius cares about their own independence.

These are romantics from the main road, who need a constant change of impressions.

How to understand that Sagittarius is really in love? He will begin to severely jealous of his darling.

Sagittarius jealousy can be scary.

Compatibility of Sagittarius with other characters - character and temperament

Marriage bond

Fire signs

Astrologers agree that marriage a pair of Streltsov maybe perfect. Both are able to diversify their lives with new impressions, tend to surprise each other. Sexually, compatibility is excellent.

They are on the same wavelength, constantly warming up each other. They love the same things in the world, the same occupation, their worldview is completely the same.

Both like to go to parties, fun meetings, and prefer this to socializing at home.

With Aries there is love at first sight. Both signs complement each other so much that they create the impression of perfect harmony. Aries also loves all kinds of entertainment, like Sagittarius, and is distinguished by fiery temperament and indomitable optimism.

Together they can turn mountains around and turn family life into a continuous holiday. However, both do not like to deal with domestic problems and try to shift the responsibility on each other.

With leo the union will not be harmonious even if there is a unifying element of fire. Lions are too proud and narcissistic to notice anyone around them. It does not suit the sparkling and refined Sagittarius.

However, if the spouses learn to forgive each other, the union will be successful. Spouse Sagittarius for the sake of his lioness is ready to temper sexual ardor and focus all attention on the family hearth.

Earth signs

With the mundane Taurus the union is unlikely, since Taurus is prone to aggression with the appearance of phlegmatic and external calm. Furious Taurus — a spectacle bright and always dramatic.

The fact is that Taurus takes very seriously any relationship, especially family relationships. Sagittarius, with its unpredictable behavior, constantly unbalances Taurus.

However, while maintaining the union, both signs can beneficially influence each other — Taurus will teach Sagittarius responsibility, and Sagittarius will release Taurus from captivity of conservatism.

With the Virgin union is unreal. Pedantry and the pathological desire of the Virgin to cleanliness never get along with the creative disorder that accompanies Sagittarius through life.

The love of Sagittarius will not tolerate the rigid framework set by Virgo. Sagittarius will never become a homebody, as the economic Maiden wishes.

In the exceptional case, a union can exist only under the condition of a unifying common goal.

With Capricorn the union is not harmonious. At the very beginning of the relationship, the partners see each other only positive qualities, but subsequently they begin to notice the negative and cannot accept it. These people have too different goals and different temperaments.

Capricorn does not understand the free spirit of Sagittarius, it scares him. This is especially true for the couple, where Capricorn is a woman — she will constantly admonish her good-for-nothing husband and nag her for free-thinking and unwise actions. Together with a Capricorn man there will be an endless struggle for leadership.

However, the union will hold in the presence of a common financial goal.

Air signs

With twins harmony is also unlikely, since both signs are not used to giving up their positions. They can become very close people, but with the same probability and sworn enemies.

In family life, problems can arise from disputes over finances. Both are too demanding and biased to yield to each other. If ambition prevails over love, union will inevitably fall apart.

Someone from a pair needs to make concessions.

With Scales Sagittarius can find happiness of mutual love. Opposites attract — this is exactly about Sagittarius and Libra.

Woman Libra can inspire her husband Sagittarius and does not limit his freedom. In a pair of Sagittarius women with Libra, you need to temper ambition and not criticize the husband with the straightforwardness inherent in the fiery signs.

With Aquarius a stable union is possible, since both signs have a common understanding of life. Partners can inspire each other and are on the same wavelength.

Only the boredom and routine of family life can prevent the union.

Water signs

With crayfish union is unlikely. Both signs attract the positive qualities of a partner, but they are not able to put up with negative manifestations.

This is especially true for a couple where a woman Sagittarius is trying to discipline her husband Cancer. In response, Cancer will demonstrate his negative qualities hidden in the depths of the water — manipulation, blackmail and intimidation.

Do not forget that quiet Cancer in moments of anger can use force and manifest the destructive qualities of his personality. The complex nature of Cancer is incomprehensible to Sagittarius, and he is not going to understand the whirlpools and quiet backwaters of his partner — he will simply leave.

With scorpio Compatibility is poor. Scorpio needs a family, and Sagittarius loves an open relationship. If Scorpio can combine the role of a lover and a family man at the same time, then the female Sagittarius will have no soul in him.

Scorpio men need to abandon the claims of the only leader in the family. Under these conditions, the union will be quite harmonious.

But we should not forget about the ability of Scorpio to save grievances, and then throw them out in a grand scandal.

For Pisces Sagittarius looks unreliable and frivolous. Rectilinear Sagittarius constantly touches sensitive Pisces with sharp remarks, and Pisces can torment Sagittarius with endless reproaches. Sagittarius Pisces seems helpless and weak-willed, especially with a Pisces husband.

The husband of Pisces is surprised at the irresponsibility of the female Sagittarius. Only a common goal or a single religion can unite a couple.

Compatibility of Sagittarius with other characters - character and temperament

Partnership and friendship

Sagittarius is one of the few signs of the zodiac that can be friends with everyone.

Archers love to communicate with people, and, with all in a row.

The incredible vitality and optimism of Streltsov has a beneficial effect on everyone and is capable of cheering the most sullen and dissatisfied person with something. This is the soul of the company, humorist and humorist.

Sagittarius easily get in touch with people and can inspire confidence even among the most suspicious.

These people are never lonely and do not feel lonely, because they are always in the center of all events. Sagittarius is always a bright firework in any company, an explosion of positive emotions and optimism.

If two Sagittarius are friends, they will jointly go in search of adventure and fun.

In a business partnership, a better Sagittarius can hardly be found. It is a generator of ideas, a strategist and an energy source for the implementation of plans.

Sagittarius always thinks creatively, finds an extraordinary approach to business. However, provided that this case is interesting to him. Sagittarius easily copes with any difficult issues, thanks to the inexhaustible optimism and tremendous vitality.

Such a capricious thing as fortune loves the representatives of the fire sign of the zodiac.

However, one should not think that Sagittarius is infinitely lucky because of a good combination of circumstances. These are tireless workers who give their soul to their beloved work.

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