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Compatibility of Sagittarius and Virgo — causes of conflict

Compatibility Sagittarius and Virgo — why is it difficult for them together

Compatibility of Sagittarius and Virgo is considered unfavorable. These people perfectly find a common language in business, work or business.

But relationships almost always fail. The whole reason is the incompatibility of the elements, fiery and earthy. Therefore, it is difficult for them to get along with each other.

Let’s try to figure out whether this union has chances for a happy future.

Compatibility in love

This alliance will exist for a long time only if the partners have some kind of common goal to achieve which they will strive. Otherwise, they will simply part when the period of love passes and they realize that nothing but passion did not unite them.

Compatibility of Sagittarius and Virgo - causes of conflict

What is characteristic of the relationship of such a pair:

  1. Sagittarius must take responsibility for making decisions. It is he who will play the role of a mentor and patron, and Virgo becomes a wise and patient performer who helps the partner bring all his ideas to life.
  2. If the distribution of roles is different, conflicts in the pair are inevitable. The Sagittarius will desperately resist the attempts of the Virgin to instruct and control him. He openly expresses his grievances, without choosing words that will hurt the delicate sensual nature of the chosen one.
  3. Sagittarius prefers to lead all the processes and give instructions, plan and choose a vector for common development. But to fulfill the intended, to be a performer he does not like. Therefore, all the «rough» duties will lay on the hardworking and patient Virgo.
  4. She is keenly interested in his life, trusts his opinion and helps to bring to life any, even the most courageous plans of the chosen one.
  5. They rarely spend time together. Virgo is a typical homebody. She is more accustomed to being at home, in a cozy and quiet space, which she decorates and creates. Sagittarius is eager for adventures: to the crowd, to friends, to a party. Because of this, quarrels often occur, because the Virgin lacks the attention of a partner and his usual presence in her life.
  6. They still have common interests. Both are attracted by all that is beautiful, they adore art, creativity in all its forms. They read a lot, discussing books with each other, go to theaters and museums.

They could have become wonderful friends and partners if they had not decided to be together. Dissatisfaction is constantly growing and due to incompatibility in the sexual and sensual spheres.

Sagittarius wants to experiment, new sensations, and Virgo prefers sex on schedule, in the dark and under a blanket.

Causes of conflict

Despite the adverse compatibility, the relationship can try to keep. But both should want this and put a lot of effort.

Otherwise, nothing happens.

Compatibility of Sagittarius and Virgo - causes of conflict

What is worth working in a relationship:

  1. At first, Virgo Sagittarius seems ideal in everything. His character suits her completely and completely, but over time she can seriously become disillusioned with her partner. It is repelled by the fact that his character is completely opposite to her own. She must understand and accept that they are completely different, stop focusing on the shortcomings of her partner.
  2. For Sagittarius, Virgo is generally a completely atypical choice. Therefore, it is also difficult for him to come to terms with the differences that are clearly visible in their pair. He must learn to sometimes give in, be more restrained in his statements and take care of the feelings of his partner.
  3. They have different views on life, and very much. In order to preserve the relationship, it is imperative to speak out and set some common goals that they will achieve by joint efforts.
  4. Sagittarius wants to turn his life into a permanent holiday, the Virgin wants peace and quiet family life. Therefore, the first is more likely to appear at home, and the second — do not try to control and restrict the freedom of the elect.

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Virgo and Sagittarius

The woman completely falls into the power of the charm of the narcissist, assertive and temperamental male Sagittarius. But over time, she realizes that he does not fit her at all.

She is offended by the sharp remarks of her partner, his inability to remain silent, constant criticism.

By virtue of natural restraint, she will for a long time tolerate everything that does not suit her, without expressing any complaints. But resentment will accumulate and, sooner or later, will break through with a major scandal.

The girl sees that her lover likes almost all women without exception. She suffers from this, is jealous, tries to control and limit it.

A man does not like this state of affairs — he is not ready to part with his freedom, therefore he desperately protests.

Compatibility of Sagittarius and Virgo - causes of conflict

He, like a capricious child, in spite of the chosen one will be throwing up all new reasons for jealousy. He seeks to show that he “rules” the relationship, and he also makes decisions.

And her opinion is not so significant.

This relationship can last long if both set common financial goals and achieve them together. Benefit will keep them close to each other, although it will not help preserve the senses.

Virgo and Sagittarius

It is difficult for a bright and temperamental girl to understand what interested her in a closed and quiet man-Virgo. She rarely draws attention to earth signs, so such a union is quite rare.

Perhaps she wanted to change her life, or there wasn’t a more suitable candidate for a life partner.

A man is led into a dead end by her unpredictable character on the one hand, and straightforwardness, sharpness on the other. But he is so attracted by her passionate nature, assertiveness, that he closes his eyes to many of her shortcomings.

He immediately begins to trust her because he sees in her a faithful and devoted person. He likes the fact that she is intellectually developed, strives to constantly improve her cultural level.

Because of this, he closes his eyes to many of its shortcomings. But only at first.

Gradually, the man will want to establish his own order in the relationship, impose his own rules on the chosen one. In response, she begins to protest desperately.

There comes a series of violent conflicts, in the end — parting and mutual curses against each other.

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