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Compatibility of Sagittarius and Taurus — causes of conflict

Compatibility Sagittarius and Taurus — a dangerous party

Compatibility of Sagittarius and Taurus is not only unfavorable, but also quite dangerous. And it is for the fire sign, which falls in love very much, but does not receive recoil.

Consider the peculiarity of such relationships in terms of astrology.

Compatibility in love

Taurus would be better to run away from Sagittarius without thinking, because this relationship will not bring him anything good and will not make him happy. He is completely helpless when falling in love, unable to resist his feelings.

The partner acts on him as a boa on a rabbit, completely suppressing the will.

Compatibility of Sagittarius and Taurus - causes of conflict

What characterizes the relationship between these two characters:

  1. Sagittarius attracts Taurus with its innate charm. He is incredibly charismatic: he jokes with sparkle, looks good and always basks in the rays of attention of the opposite sex. Very often they are just friends, but at the same time, Taurus sooner or later turns out to be unrequited lovers.
  2. Sagittarius is unlikely to really fall in love. He can feel only physical attraction, which quickly passes. This sign is in the eternal search for some unattainable ideal and often changes partners. It is not clear how he generally decides to try a relationship with a boring (in his opinion) and mundane Taurus.
  3. Sagittarius is unlikely to take his partner seriously. He communicates with him only if he is forced — for example, they have to interact at work, or he is dependent on him in another area of ​​life.
  4. In any case, he easily finds the approach and wins the heart of Taurus, he has no chance not to fall in love. And there are co-dependencies in which one partner suffers, and the second only plays with his feelings.
  5. As soon as Sagittarius is satisfied with his partner, he will leave him without regret and go to meet adventures. Interest is lost, there is no desire to continue the relationship. Taurus from this literally goes crazy and in every way tries to return a non-permanent partner. If he succeeds in this, he will have to agree to any conditions.
  6. Taurus is trying with all his might to show that his partner will be fine. He does his best to keep the relationship. He tries, but all this is in vain. If Sagittarius decides to continue dating, he will change or disappear for weeks.
  7. Taurus will never be able to surprise a partner, offer him something new and interesting. The only thing that can keep Sagittarius close to him is some kind of material gain.

We summarize: these relationships should not begin at all. It is especially important for Taurus to avoid Streltsov in his life.

Because a partner will never love him as much and sooner or later make him absolutely unhappy.

Causes of conflict

Taurus himself is happy to be deceived: he attributes to the chosen one many non-existent merits, and prefers to ignore the disadvantages. His partner, on the contrary, only notes that he is not satisfied.

Taurus will never be a significant figure for Sagittarius in life.

Compatibility of Sagittarius and Taurus - causes of conflict

Why do they have conflicts:

  1. They look at the world in completely different ways. They have different views on how to spend leisure time, where to work and relax, with whom to be friends. Complete incompatibility in all respects. From here quarrels, disagreements and omissions.
  2. Sagittarius chosen one often seems short-sighted and trite, he does not respect him at all. From this earthly sign suffers and can make hysterics a la «you do not love me as much as you can.»
  3. Previously, Taurus thought that he was extremely principled and would not agree to such an attitude on the part of his partner. But in this union, all his principles are trampled in the dirt. He loses all authority, suffers and suffers. He turns into a sacrifice beside the tyrant, who is completely disregarded with his feelings.
  4. Taurus is jealous and frantic when he notices that the opposite sex is always reaching for his chosen one. He is the owner and does not even want to think that the partner can communicate with someone else, flirt and, possibly, change.
  5. Sagittarius almost never keeps its promises. He understands: no sanctions for his unworthy behavior will come, therefore, he becomes impudent. He does not wish to bear absolutely no responsibility for his actions.
  6. Despite the fact that the relationship rolls into a dark hole and is obvious to everyone around — this couple will not last long, Taurus hopes for a better future at heart. He endlessly gives the chosen one chances, expecting him to appreciate his efforts and endless patience.

The outcome of the relationship is predictable: Sagittarius will entertain his self-esteem for some time, receive from the satellite everything he needs, and “sail away into the sunset”, leaving Taurus to suffer and feel like he lost on all fronts.

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Taurus woman and Sagittarius man

The girl, obeying her earthly element, becomes an excellent mistress, wife and mother. She economically spends the family budget, does not think of change, and is ready to do everything to preserve harmony in relations.

Sagittarius does not care about all the efforts of the second half. He is not looking for consistency, he is attracted to entertainment, he wants adventure and does not want to give his life to a single woman.

Compatibility of Sagittarius and Taurus - causes of conflict

Often, he categorically does not agree to formalize the marriage, because he understands: this is not the woman with whom he wants to spend the rest of his life. The only possible variant of the union is the young Alfonso in union with an adult and successful woman who will support it.

Taurus man and Sagittarius woman

A man will not resist the charms of this charming coquette. She does not even have to make an effort to turn his head.

He feels her incredibly passionate temperament, falls in love with powerful energy and is ready for anything for the sake of the chosen one.

But the fate of the union is predictable. Relationships are unlikely to be long, despite the efforts of men. The girl does not want to create a family with him, she does not think about a serious relationship.

Keep it Taurus can only show the tangible benefits of communicating with him.

Compared to other boyfriends, this man seems to her unbearably boring, boring, devoid of a sense of humor and craving for adventure. Therefore, she will even look in the relationship at other, more attractive, in her opinion, gentlemen.

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