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Compatibility of Sagittarius and Libra — causes of conflicts

Compatibility Sagittarius and Libra — a harmonious pair

The astrologers consider the compatibility of Sagittarius and Libra to be very favorable. Both signs occupy an odd position in the zodiacal map, the fire and air elements perfectly complement each other, their relations, as a rule, are extremely harmonious.

We will understand the most important points.

Compatibility in love

Scales are considered the most favorable partner for Streltsov. Despite the opposite elements of these signs, together they make up a harmonious couple.

Compatibility of Sagittarius and Libra - causes of conflicts

What are the features of the love horoscope of these signs:

  1. Sagittarius is famous for its vitality and optimism, but it is a somewhat chaotic sign, to the life of which Libra bring balance and regularity. They are wiser, able to always find a compromise and calm the lush nature of their companion.
  2. These people are never bored together, they are constantly opening up new facets in each other. The only thing that can be a hindrance to a happy relationship is that it is difficult for Sagittarius to perceive Libra as the patron, which they are.
  3. It is very important for Sagittarius to accept the force and the inner core of Libra, to respect their borders. He will often rebel, which may cause conflicts. But Libra’s diplomacy and tact will help to find compromises.
  4. Another painful moment is the sensibility of Libra. They rarely speak out loud about their negative feelings, vindictive. They can hold a grudge, and then take revenge. It is important to work on this moment so that the relationship does not fall apart.
  5. But Sagittarius helps Libra learn to make clear and concrete decisions, and not to doubt himself constantly. They harmoniously complement each other, improve together and are able to achieve very much in tandem.
  6. Selfishness Sagittarius Scales also compensate well. This is a favorable fact that helps the relationship to stay afloat already in marriage, after the birth of children.

We summarize: the union of these signs is very successful, but there are also problem points. If you consider them, everything will turn out well.

Causes of conflict

It is important to understand that despite favorable compatibility, Libra and Sagittarius can clash and quarrel. It is necessary to be aware of this and work in a relationship so as not to part with the times.

Compatibility of Sagittarius and Libra - causes of conflicts

Problem areas of the relationship of the air-fire pair are as follows:

  1. Sagittarius flatly refuses to obey, and Libra wants to dominate, which can be a source of conflict. Weights in this case, it is important to preserve their natural wisdom, to be cunning, so that their partner himself would like to fulfill their whims and desires.
  2. Sagittarius likes to shift the responsibility, which for Libra can be an unbearable burden. He needs to learn not to blame the partner for the blunders, but to establish cooperation, to make the relationship a partnership.
  3. Sagittarius — does, Libra — dreams and doubts. The straightness of the fire element can irritate the air sign. Therefore, Libra must show that they are reliable and capable of making concrete decisions. No need to draw conclusions and learn to act more, and not just think about the meaning of life.
  4. The passion between partners is usually strong. But she can quickly fade away if Libra continues to give, but not keep her promises. Sagittarius do not tolerate verbal noise, it is important for them to see the actions of the satellite, otherwise they can quickly become disillusioned with their partner.
  5. Frequent conflicts arise due to the discrepancy between the desires of the two characters. Sagittarius pull in one direction, Libra — in the other. Because of this, quarrels arise, the couple may even break up. But if both of them want to keep the relationship and do everything for this, the union will be long, happy and harmonious.

Watch the video about compatibility in the love of Streltsov and Libra:

Sagittarius Woman and Libra Man

This union is almost perfect and harmonious. It will be easy for a woman to become “younger” in a relationship, she will accept the leading role of a man and will not protest, fight for leadership.

Compatibility of Sagittarius and Libra - causes of conflicts

The man, in turn, treats his companion with great respect. He never violates its borders, does not seek to restrict freedom and enter into some kind of rigid framework.

These are a couple of two sociable optimists who easily set joint goals and achieve them. They are social nature, people of action.

Such couples are visible from afar — they laugh, chat, hug.

The wisdom and responsibility for decision making in the union lies with the man. He is very balanced, he never brings matters to conflict. Willingly helps a woman in everyday affairs, one cannot hear from him: «Woman, your place in the kitchen.»

And to the whims of his beautiful companion he reacts with his usual ease and humor.

Sagittarius male and female Libra

The man in this couple admires his companion and is in full power of her charm. She is his muse: inspires and gives energy for achievement.

Emotional instability of a girl can be a problem in a couple: she often changes opinions, moods and desires. This unpredictability and intrigues, and leads to a dead end.

But both partners strive for independence, freedom and personal boundaries are important for them. They are ready to give each other personal space and adjust, so relationships often develop safely.

The most important thing for both is to give up trying to manipulate, learn to respect and appreciate each other, to adapt to the desires and interests of the partner. Then everything goes well for both.

We summarize: a pair of Libra and Sagittarius to be extremely successful. It is an easy, free relationship, filled with love, mutual understanding and harmony.

They have conflicts, but they are easily resolved, because the partners are ready to compromise and respect each other.

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