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Compatibility of Sagittarius and Leo — causes of conflict

Sagittarius and Leo Compatibility — Fire Alliance

The compatibility of Sagittarius and Leo is very harmonious. Both natures are fiery, temperamental. They are very similar, so they understand and complement each other perfectly.

But there are also problematic points about which it is important to know. Let’s try to figure it out.

Compatibility in love

The main qualities of Leo — the desire for power and domination. Sagittarius — the love of freedom and hatred of any kind of restrictions.

Therefore, at the initial stage of relations, together it is quite difficult for them. But when they learn to interact, and not compete, can take a partner for what it is, and correctly distribute the roles in the pair, everything will go smoothly.

Compatibility of Sagittarius and Leo - causes of conflict

What is characteristic of the relationship of this zodiac pair:

  1. It is very important that Leo dominate, direct and decide in this pair. He must become a wise teacher and mentor for the capricious, impermanent and unpredictable Sagittarius. If the latter is satisfied with such a role, and he will not fight for leadership, the relationship will be extremely harmonious.
  2. Both personalities are interesting, bright, temperamental. There is always passion in their relationship: violent conflicts end in no less emotional reconciliation. It seems to others that this couple will not last together for a long time, precisely because of the enormous heat of feelings. But partners do not care about people’s opinions — they are happy and continue to build their love. The contrast of emotions they even need.
  3. For Leo, this relationship seems a real challenge. He likes to control everyone and everything, so a meeting with an independent and freedom-loving Taurus becomes a complete surprise. The chosen one refuses to limit himself and obey, it is useless to resist. Therefore, Leo will first be angry, then he will accept and feel that things are not so bad at all.
  4. It is important for him to learn to direct the irrepressible energy of the satellite to the right direction, without wasting it over trivial matters. Then together they are able to conquer huge heights, achieve great success in life, complementing and supporting each other.
  5. The attraction between them is incredibly strong and arises from the first minutes of dating. They want to constantly spend time together and actively. Travel, explore new countries, engage in active recreation, participate in unthinkable adventures.
  6. After both of them grow up, get up on their feet and become financially secure, complete harmony comes in the relationship. This union is very strong, stable, full of love. Nobody will be able to destroy their feelings, although there will be foes.

We summarize: these people will be happy together. The main thing — to withstand the difficult period of grinding and getting used to. Ideally, if they begin to develop some kind of common cause, they will realize their goals together.

This is a pair of bright, strong personalities, which causes admiration and envy of others.

Causes of conflict

Quarrels and scandals in this couple is always a lot. This is not to say that it is bad — the contrast between positive and negative emotions is necessary for both, and it contributes to their relationship.

Compatibility of Sagittarius and Leo - causes of conflict

But it is necessary to learn all the same to be more loyal to the partner’s shortcomings, in order not to overpower with these emotions and not part, inflaming once again.

What can lead to quarrels in this pair:

  1. Obo idealists who want to see a person without flaws next to them. That’s the problem, because everyone has flaws. It is important for them to understand that it is impossible to idealize a partner in order not to be disappointed in the future, having discovered some unpleasant moments.
  2. Leo — nature faithful and faithful. He will never change, he will be faithful and will not make his partner doubt him. Sagittarius treats treason more easily. He doesn’t consider his intrigues on the side to be betrayals — this is just a reason to get new emotions. If the secret becomes clear, the relationship will cease instantly on the initiative of the proud Leo. He will not tolerate the adventures of the second half.
  3. Sagittarius should more often demonstrate their feelings, admire a partner, arrange pleasant surprises for him. Otherwise, Leo may seem to be neglected, they are underestimated. Because of this, he can take out his disappointment by scandals over trifles.

In principle, the compatibility of this pair is so great that even serious problems in the relationship will not make them part. But in order to maintain harmony, it is important for them to be more generous, tolerant, learn to forgive and ask for forgiveness.

And every time you want to quarrel, cool down first, and only then calmly express your displeasure.

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Lion Woman and Sagittarius Man

Relationships in this pair can be quite difficult at first. The girl wants to be the “neck”, which will guide the man, keeping him from spontaneous decisions and rash acts.

This is right — it is her sign that should play the role of a mentor and teacher in the union.

But a man does not always agree to become an object of instruction, because of this, harmony is broken and the union ceases to seem so compatible.

When meeting them almost immediately begins to pull each other with terrible force. The girl is delighted with the living nature, unpredictability and temperament of her gentleman.

He is completely fascinated by her appearance, refined manners and strong character.

Compatibility of Sagittarius and Leo - causes of conflict

In the future comes disappointment. The lioness is angry at her constant sarcasm.

A man does not receive admiration and gratitude in the amount in which he would like to receive.

The easiest way to get used to each other, to change together and learn to interact will be young partners. Then they will easily overcome the period of lapping and will be able to save love.

But mature and experienced people change their habits and attitudes to life much more difficult. To preserve the relationship will have to make an incredibly huge amount of joint efforts.

Male Lion and Female Sagittarius

That man becomes the initiator of dating and relationships. The girl is quite happy with it — she believes that then the responsibility for everything that happens will lie with her partner.

Their pair is eternal life on a powder keg. It is not clear when another violent quarrel will happen again, and when they will be cute to coo with each other. But, which is typical for such a union, the main thing is to survive a difficult period. learn to talk and hear each other.

Then the stage of lapping will be replaced by a stage of complete harmony.

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