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Compatibility of Sagittarius and Cancer — causes of conflict

Compatibility of Sagittarius and Cancer: a novel without a happy end

Compatibility of Sagittarius and Cancer is a complex, short romance without a happy ending. The elements of the partners are badly combined with each other, so it is difficult for them to reach a mutual understanding. Is there a chance to save love?

Let’s try to figure it out.

Compatibility in love

They are attracted to each other with terrible force, they fall in love at first sight. This is a union of two opposites that attract.

But subconsciously, they feel that nothing good can be expected from the relationship, so they have long avoided meeting with their chosen one.

Compatibility of Sagittarius and Cancer - causes of conflict

What is characteristic of such a zodiac union:

  1. Having met, each of the partners will think: “Oh well, he is absolutely not in my taste!”. But after long communication, there comes a moment when a spark passes between them. And the relationship begins, short-lived, but painful.
  2. Astrologers characterize their couple as the union of a boa and a rabbit. The first role is played, oddly enough, by Cancer — he only allows himself to love and plays with the feelings of a partner. The “Rabbit” becomes an emotional Sagittarius, who falls in love completely and is ready to satisfy all the vagaries of the second half.
  3. Despite the fact that they speak different languages ​​and seem to exist in different worlds, at first the union can be successful. But it will be favorable not in the emotional and sensual sphere, but in business. Together, they can quickly and easily find solutions to a wide variety of problems, offering a non-standard approach.
  4. To Cancer, it sometimes seems that Sagittarius’s humor is too flat, and his thinking is rather limited. But on the other hand, he really likes the purposefulness and strong character of the partner, courage and the ability to find a way out even in the most difficult situations.
  5. Cancer feels that a partner is capable of anything for him, and because of this can be very insolent. But he should understand that right at the very beginning it’s not worth downloading the rights. First, you need to gain the trust and respect of the chosen one, who, quite possibly, more than once burned on such a relationship.
  6. But Cancer can be absolutely not afraid that the partner will change or weave intrigue. You can trust completely and without limits. Sagittarius considers his companion special, he idealizes him, focusing on the merits and not noticing the flaws.

Summarize: this alliance can be extremely painful for the Sagittarius. He will suffer in a relationship, not receiving a return and love from a partner. They better interact in business.

Together they can achieve great success in life. But to build love is better not to even try.

Causes of conflict

As we said above, this novel will not be happy. Such relationships rarely end in something good.

But you can try to at least slightly turn the alliance into more or less happy, if you learn how to solve conflicts and successfully overcome problematic situations.

Compatibility of Sagittarius and Cancer - causes of conflict

What is worth working in the relationship of this couple:

  1. Sagittarius is often too straightforward and does not match words. It offends and offends his partner, forcing to quarrel more often. He needs to learn to be more tactful and diplomatic if he wants the relationship to last long.
  2. Cancer initially tries to rehabilitate the Sagittarius, but all his efforts will be in vain. He should not even try to remake a partner. The only thing you need is to keep your personal boundaries, not to allow them to break and sit on your neck. Then he can gain respect and not turn into a «rag».
  3. Conflicts will also arise on the basis of different views on the distribution and expenditure of the family budget. Both do not want to take responsibility, so they always lack money, which creates a couple of not very good emotional atmosphere.
  4. Cancer is extremely emotional. This is also the secret of their incompatibility. Sagittarius is more thick-skinned, he does not attach much importance to minor problems, unlike his sensitively chosen one.

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Cancer Woman and Sagittarius Male

For this relationship to exist for a long time, a man needs to be shown that he is quite successful and promising. Only then can a woman turn her attention to him and want to stay together.

There is no need to talk about love — the girl enters a relationship solely for the sake of gain. She skillfully manipulates the lover in love and gets everything he wants from him.

And he did not even guess, idealizing the chosen one and endowing her with many non-existent merits.

He will never make her work, he will fulfill all the whims and solve her problems. But at the same time she will always miss something: now romantics, then gifts.

Lack of emotion pushes her to seek entertainment on the side. Changes without a twinge of conscience.

Compatibility of Sagittarius and Cancer - causes of conflict

And if it comes to a divorce, she will sue half of the property.

Cancer man and Sagittarius woman

This is a very ambiguous couple, in which there are many difficulties and problems. A man seems to be a darling rather timid and shy, which can repel.

But at the same time she is able to appreciate his rich inner world, intellect and romantic nature.

She is looking for a strong companion with whom she will go through life. But in Cancer this force does not see.

This makes you constantly doubt — is that the person nearby?

To a man, the Sagittarius girl seems too temperamental, active and bright, she is always too much. He would have preferred to admire at a distance, not getting close enough to not get burned.

However, the attraction is so strong that in the end he is doing everything possible to get it.

Between them is quite a strong passion. But rarely are any other points of contact. Relationships can last long, oddly enough, only if the woman is successful and financially.

Then the man will sit on her neck, that he will be completely satisfied.

The truth is, such relationships will not last long anyway, because sooner or later the girl will understand — she is simply used, and not loved.

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