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Compatibility of Pisces and Taurus — causes of conflict

Compatibility of Pisces and Taurus in love

The compatibility of Pisces and Taurus is considered very harmonious. The elements of signs — earth and water are perfectly combined with each other, therefore peace and love always reign in relationships.

Let us analyze this zodiac pair and see how they behave, united in a love union.

Compatibility in love

Both partners are very honest, sincere, loyal and dedicated people. Therefore, their relationship promises to be very strong, full of harmony and love.

Compatibility of Pisces and Taurus - causes of conflict

What characterizes the relationship between these two signs:

  1. Surprisingly, the rationality of Taurus is perfectly combined with the creative and sensitive nature of Pisces. These partners complement each other perfectly, creating very full, positive, promising and productive relationships. They not only enjoy each other, but are also able to achieve great success in almost any field.
  2. Despite the external sensitivity and softness of Pisces, they, like their partner, have a strong inner core, character and willpower. It is in a relationship with Taurus that Pisces becomes a Person, and does not turn into a rag or puppet, as happens when interacting with other characters.
  3. Taurus will by all means protect the partner from anxiety and excitement, understanding how emotional he is. He will bring a lot of reasonable arguments, give a fair assessment of what is happening, give a competent response.

Both appreciate and love each other. Always ready to make concessions.

There are almost no quarrels and crises in their relationship, so there are huge chances that they will build true love and be together until the end of their days.

Causes of conflict

Fish — natures are much more sociable than their partner. They always have a lot of friends and admirers, which provokes Taurus jealousy, which even in friendly communication can see flirt.

Compatibility of Pisces and Taurus - causes of conflict

He is angry and unnerving by the fact that the second half is demanded by the opposite sex. He understands: if they break up, Pisces will not be left alone for long.

And it infuriates him even more. In order to maintain harmony and tranquility in a couple, Taurus needs to temper its jealousy, and Pisces — to provoke it less often.

Pisces should also work on a more practical attitude to the family budget and in general to everyday life. The Earth Taurus prefers that everything is laid out on the shelves, order is important in everything.

He does not tolerate chaos, including in financial matters.

But the earthly sign is sometimes worth restrain its tediousness, stop harassing Pisces with criticism, remarks and notations. You can always just try to solve everyday problems together, without enduring a brain to anyone.

They quarrel quite infrequently, but it is precisely domestic problems that can sooner or later lead to parting, so they cannot be hung up on in any way.

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Woman-Fish and Taurus man

A man sees in the chosen one his ideal and source of unlimited inspiration. He will try to do everything that she lived in prosperity and happily.

This is a happy exception to the union, in which partners, if they are very young, are not afraid of responsibility and the birth of children.

Even if the child turns out unplanned, the man will find a way to provide for the whole family, he will be realized in his career and as a result he will ascend to the very peak of success. Acting together, combining the right male and female energies, these people are capable of doing something that no one else could do.

Compatibility of Pisces and Taurus - causes of conflict

In exchange for his achievements and deeds, a man does not demand anything. Enough admiration, gratitude and sincere joy of the second half is enough for him.

A girl need only recognize his merits and maintain the image of the hero. What she does with great pleasure and sincere feedback.

There is one negative point — all her friends will envy the girl. Perhaps someone will try to destroy such an ideal relationship, to get the “prince” to himself. Therefore, she should always be on her guard.

Although she can be one hundred percent sure in a man, you need to be alert to avoid unpleasant surprises from gossips and envious girls.

Pisces man and Taurus woman

Sympathy between them is rare, but if it happens, the couple are very lucky. If they are then able to successfully preserve the relationship after the end of the period of love, then everything will turn out just great.

It is strange that, in spite of rather strong feelings and excellent mutual understanding, this couple does not strive for marriage and family, it is not in a hurry to have children. They can “just meet” for a very long time or even live together, without attaching much importance to the stamp in the passport.

The thing is not that they are not serious about each other. And not in the absence of feelings at all.

Simply, they are so confident in their partner that they do not need formal confirmation. Astrologers believe this approach is not very reasonable.

And that’s why. Relationships in couple can be happy and strong.

But it is the family, official and “stamped”, common children, jointly acquired property and accumulated capital that can take the relationship to a completely different level, true spiritual closeness and unlimited trust.

It is in the family that they stop mindlessly spending their energy and time, directing their potential exclusively to the creative channel. They can achieve great success and become an example to follow in the world of successful people.

The greatest responsibility for the fate of the couple’s relationship lies with the man. He is a breadwinner, he makes decisions, is the head of the family. For Pisces, this is rather unusual, because with other signs he occupies a weak position.

And with Taurus is revealed fully, realizing his masculinity and showing the best qualities.

However, the organization of some areas of life the girl will have to take over. For example, planning a joint holiday.

But it is completely easy for her.

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