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Compatibility of Pisces and Leo — causes of conflict

Pisces and Leo Compatibility — a novel without a happy ending

Compatibility of Pisces and Leo is considered unfavorable. Signs have different parity, and their elements — Fire and Water are not combined with each other.

Astrologers say that this is a short novel without a happy ending, which is not destined to last long. Let’s try to figure out whether there is a chance for such a pair to save love and build happiness.

Compatibility in love

Such a union can not be called calm. Between partners constantly seething passion.

Stormy scandals are replaced by no less stormy reconciliations. Yes, and start a relationship like a fiery flash — fast, bright, illogical.

Compatibility of Pisces and Leo - causes of conflict

Fish affect Leo in some very magical way. Their calm disposition, skillful manipulations and the abyss of sensuality are fighting the companion outright.

He is ready for almost everything from the first minute of dating.

What is characteristic of the relationship of this zodiac pair:

  1. The lion will develop, spiritually and sensually. He knows that he does not reach the partner, so he wants to become better in order to keep attention. It is paradoxical that in relations with other signs he will never begin to think about what needs to be changed. Rather, try to change the chosen one.
  2. The goal of the constant development of Leo is also in the desire to understand Pisces. He does not have access to what and what the partner is thinking about; he does not understand the feelings and experiences of the elect. Therefore, all efforts remain in vain.
  3. If at first Pisces can be strongly interested: they are attracted by the exuberant fiery temperament, willpower and purposefulness of Leo, then gradually they get bored and begin to give up. The chosen one begins to seem too limited emotionally, unable to understand all facets and shades of feelings.

It is clear to others that these people are completely unsuitable for each other. And it really is. Sooner or later (usually the first to realize Pisces), it comes to a sweet couple, and they part.

The gap is easy, without unnecessary emotions, as a rule.

Causes of conflict

Of all the rules there are exceptions. Perhaps your pair is the one that does not confirm the opinion of astrologers about poor compatibility.

But then you need to seriously work on the relationship, understand the possible causes of potential conflicts.

Compatibility of Pisces and Leo - causes of conflict

What is worth working in the relationship of Pisces and Leo:

  1. Fish at first will think that Leo is able to move mountains. After all, he is so «tasty» and interestingly told about his exploits. But over time it becomes clear that most of his words are empty words. Therefore, Pisces need to listen less, and their partner needs to do more so as not to disappoint the chosen one.
  2. It is desirable that the earner was Leo. Before a relationship with Pisces, he should be realized in a career, become quite successful. Otherwise, a break will definitely be inevitable, because Pisces will not appreciate loud words without actually confirming them.
  3. Complacency and selfishness Leo very quickly bored. And Pisces will think that it is worthwhile to part, because to endure these traits of the character of the chosen one simply has no strength.
  4. Leo should learn to compromise, stop thinking exclusively about yourself. Play partner. rather than dismiss when he broadcasts about his experiences and feelings. Only in this case there is a chance that Pisces will not decide to part, and will try to harmonize the relationship and make them happy.

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Female Pisces and Lion Man

The fate of this relationship depends only on the woman. On how wise she is, how well she understands male psychology and can smooth sharp corners.

If she wants to keep peace and tranquility in a couple, she should come to terms with the sometimes sharp nature of the chosen one, stop being offended and learn to control it unobtrusively.

It is desirable that the earner responsible for the family budget should be a man. But a woman should distribute money, otherwise they will never be missed, because Lions are incredible spenders.

Compatibility of Pisces and Leo - causes of conflict

The lions of nature are narcissistic, they rarely pay attention to the experiences of the second half, so the girl will often be offended. A man needs to learn to be more empathetic, to talk more often with her beloved, in order to understand her desires, to notice the complaints in time.

If a girl displays feminine wisdom and manages to manipulate her “Fiery” partner, everything can turn out quite well. But it is not known how long she will be able to play the role, how quickly she will get tired of the limitations and avarice on the emotions of the chosen one.

The decision to break is often made by a girl who lacks sensuality, attention and sincere care.

Pisces man and Lion woman

This man needs a chosen one, above all, energetic. He is attracted to women who never sit still, are in constant motion and strive to get the best from life.

He is ready to love and honor such a chosen one, admire her and indulge her endlessly.

A lion girl has just such a character. At the same time, she strives to be central to relationships, she is rational and practical.

At first, it seems to her that the leader in the pair is she — the man simply skillfully supports this delusion. He will impress his darling with his intuition, his ability to analyze what is happening with a foreboding inaccessible to her, and not logic.

The sensuality of the chosen one will make the girl fall in love and forget about the principles.

If a man is already quite experienced, the relationship will quickly bore him. Because the chosen one will be too easy prey, too accessible and uninteresting.

Yes, and in the relationship he is looking for something completely different, not something that a Leo woman can give.

But if he is still quite young and has not learned to understand people, it may seem to him that this relationship is what is needed. But still quickly disappointed and leave, leaving the girl to suffer and suffer.

Only a very young Pisces guy can stay with the Lioness on the condition that she is successful and will provide him. He will easily and naturally enter her confidence and make him patronize him.

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