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Compatibility of Pisces and Cancer — causes of conflict

Compatibility of Pisces and Cancer in love

Compatibility of Pisces and Cancer on the zodiac table is considered to be very harmonious. Both signs are even, they have the element of Water, so they understand each other perfectly.

There is every chance to build a happy, good relationship.

Compatibility in love

A spark does not always appear between them. Feelings can flare up over time, in the process of communication. These two signs need to know each other well before starting a relationship.

Fate does not prepare them any obstacles, so everything should develop smoothly and well.

Compatibility of Pisces and Cancer - causes of conflict

What is characteristic of relationships in such a «star» couple:

  1. Between partners reigns almost perfect understanding. Both are developed emotionally, sensual, so often they simply feel the condition of their partner, and they do not need words to convey their position.
  2. Over time, when relationships are tested for strength, this couple can develop true spiritual intimacy, which is simply not available to many alliances. But these two characters have such a well developed intuition, they feel and understand each other so well that they can create an ideal relationship with great prospects.
  3. It cannot be said that one positive always reigns between them. There are conflicts. This usually happens because of the closeness of partners, their lack of desire to discuss problems and share their feelings, to seek compromises. Therefore, problems are often hushed up, and a large number of complaints and offenses can accumulate inside.
  4. The leader and responsible pair is usually Pisces. He makes decisions, chooses a common vector of development, dominates and becomes a wise mentor. Cancer should accept this state of affairs and not resist, then the relationship over time will become very harmonious, almost without quarrels.
  5. Fish simply love their partner and accept him for who he is. Forgive whims and antics, but at the same time clearly indicate their boundaries, not allowing to sit on the neck and pushed around.
  6. They are perfectly compatible in the field of creativity. Cancer becomes an inspiration, which gives energy and generates ideas, and Pisces brings these ideas to life, never criticizes or condemns. Together they are able to achieve a lot in the field of creative work.

We summarize: such a pair can only envy. Their relationship is incredibly harmonious, calm, sensual.

They understand each other without words. In order to maintain happiness and love, it is important to adhere to the correct distribution of roles.

Then everything will go well.

Causes of conflict

Despite the near-perfect compatibility, this couple may quarrel. To safely get out of quarrels, it is worth working on relationships.

Compatibility of Pisces and Cancer - causes of conflict

In which areas need to work with potential problems and conflicts:

  1. They need to be prepared for difficulties that will sooner or later arise on the path of life. Water signs prefer to go with the flow and not to do anything to deal with insurmountable circumstances. This can negatively affect relationships. Because at least someone should be strong and solve problems, and not roll tantrums.
  2. Cancer often gives way to nerves. In general, in this relationship, he resembles a capricious child, who continually demands a toy. And if it doesn’t, it gets angry. stomping their feet and crying. The example is exaggerated, but in reality this is usually the case. Pisces need to either accept or leave immediately, while the relationship has not yet tied partners to each other too much.

The rest of the problems should not be. These partners converge interests and family values, views on rest and everything that happens around.

Therefore, there should be no serious disagreement. Especially if the relationship was entered by people mature enough and experienced.

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Cancer Woman and Fish Man

This is the most favorable variant of the union of Cancer and Pisces. The man in this pair is more active, he sets goals and solves problems, is more energetic and aggressive even sometimes.

The girl is a nature of a soft, restrained, flexible. She prefers not to talk to her forehead, but to slyly and tactfully convey her thoughts to her interlocutor.

A man will take care of and care, in return, receiving also care, attention and boundless love. The girl will be grateful to him for all the efforts that he puts on, will appreciate his actions and efforts. She can bring rationalism into his life.

It is more rational, therefore, it can be responsible for the competent and economical distribution of the family budget.

Compatibility of Pisces and Cancer - causes of conflict

Relationships promise to be very romantic, filled with love and harmony. There will be a lot of dates, declarations of love, bright sensual moments and shared memories.

The quarrels practically do not happen, because both are easy to make compromises.

Cancer Man and Woman Fish

At first glance, the chosen one seems to the girl very soft, spineless and weak-willed. But this is far from the case.

He is already an accomplished person with his own views, opinions and beliefs, which he is not going to change. Therefore, she should immediately leave the thought of how to rehabilitate him.

This man will try to protect his companion from all adversity and failure. He will strive to solve all her problems, he will want to constantly delight and amaze.

But at the same time he is an incredible owner, so he will limit her freedom and control all actions.

The girl will initially be delighted with the relationship of the chosen one, but after she gets tired of her control, the first quarrels begin. Despite the fact that this woman is not very eager to spend time with friends, she still needs a certain degree of freedom.

Astrologers notice that a Cancer man will become successful in his work and career only on the condition that there is a woman inspirer next to him. They are capable of anything for the sake of the beloved, it is she who gives him energy for feats and accomplishments in the outside world.

Cancers are often not confident, especially if they are already enough for years. Therefore, the chosen one will often have to motivate the satellite to do something, otherwise he will not do anything at all.

Not from laziness, but because of the fear that his feelings would be unrequited.

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