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Compatibility of Pisces and Aries — causes of conflict

Compatibility of Pisces and Aries — a combination of incompatible

Compatibility of Pisces and Aries, according to astrologers, is not the most favorable. Water and fire elements do not fit together well, so it is extremely difficult for partners to find a common language.

Let’s try to figure out what the features of such a union.

Compatibility in love

These signs — personality completely opposite in nature. Characters, beliefs, views on life and attitudes to problems differ.

But perhaps these very opposites attract themselves? We try to figure it out.

Compatibility of Pisces and Aries - causes of conflict

What is characteristic of such a zodiac union:

  1. These people are completely different. That is why they seem so attractive. They meet, fall in love and try to build relationships. At first, they are ready to accept the shortcomings of a partner, because they receive tremendous support from him.
  2. Pisces always want harmony, peace and warmth from relationships. But this is almost impossible to achieve in a pair with the fiery nature of Aries. He, as an extremely active and active person, will never be satisfied with a quiet life, he will quickly get bored with a cozy and quiet, but still “bog” routine.
  3. Aries is a strong-willed and purposeful person. He is always rushing through, not planning anything and not noticing the obstacles in his path. Fish like it a lot. it seems to them that the chosen one is that notorious “stone wall”, which will save from the hardships of life and solve all problems.
  4. The contrast of characters at first seems to both extremely interesting and attractive. It is because of the opposite natures that they attract each other with terrible force, and in relationships there is always passion and emotion.
  5. Aries is a great adviser for Pisces. He will always support, give energy for achievements, help in solving problems. Those, in turn, share their gratitude, love and moral support in full.
  6. Fish become a generator of creative ideas. They are able to creatively approach the solution of any problem, come up with a clever plan for achieving goals. But they never have enough energy and courage to bring all their ideas to life. With this they are useful Aries.

If they unite, begin to work and achieve goals together, they will have a tremendous success. General plans and goals can save their relationship, even with the full astrological incompatibility.

Causes of conflict

Conflicts and quarrels in such a pair are almost inevitable. After all, the partners are very different, so in many issues it is difficult for them to reach a mutual understanding.

Compatibility of Pisces and Aries - causes of conflict

What it takes to work to preserve relationships and make them more harmonious:

  1. Aries is often to show emotions, showing his love. He should share affection, tenderness, care, so that Pisces would not think that the chosen one became insensible and cold.
  2. Pisces also need to learn to defend their borders, not to turn into a «rag» and not always adapt to a partner. Aries appreciates and respects only the same strong personalities as himself. It is necessary to give up the slack — and he will sit on the neck, realizing that he is allowed absolutely everything.
  3. It is important for them to accept the fact that they will never be on the same wavelength, will not become like-minded people. It is necessary to accept the difference in the characters and learn to accept the chosen one as he is, not trying to re-educate or change him.
  4. If Pisces can become more active and less closed, and Aries — more sensual and less harsh, the relationship has a chance.

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Woman Fish and Aries Man

The girl in this relationship is very soft, limp. She tirelessly listens to the stories of her chosen one about the exploits he accomplished, never interrupts and does not insert her own opinion.

Therefore, at first it seems to a man that he has met a real inspirer, a wise and feminine chosen one, with whom he will become happy. He is flattered that in the eyes of others he looks like a real man next to an obedient and sincere woman.

But calm in a relationship lasts for the time being. Sooner or later serious problems begin. This usually happens when they decide to live together or have a family.

Then the disadvantages and «dark» sides of both are revealed in all their glory.

Compatibility of Pisces and Aries - causes of conflict

The man understands that behind the outward calm and “convenience” of the chosen one lies a very sensitive, with a minus sign character. She very often worries over trifles, is extremely demanding, jealous, will not miss the opportunity to throw a tantrum.

This seems to him extremely annoying and unreasonable. He wonders why the beloved turns into fury because of some trifles.

The girl does not have enough moral support, tenderness and care. But instead of talking about her desires, she simply closes herself and goes into herself, occasionally throwing tantrums.

Mentally, she put an end to relationships, so parting is only a matter of time.

It is she who will be guilty of the break. The reason for the problems is that she tends to strongly idealize her partner, although he did not promise anything.

And then to be disappointed when the fictional image is cut off from reality.

Pisces man and Aries woman

In this pair, it will be the woman who will dominate and make decisions. With her strong character, she completely suppresses the chosen one, leaving him no chance to become a leader in this relationship. He will never be able to insist on his own opinion.

Two ways — either to obey or to leave.

A happy alliance is unlikely to be. A man wants to receive warmth, tenderness and affection from the chosen one.

But she will never show herself that way. This is a strong, strong-willed nature, which does not tolerate sentiment.

If a man does not recognize matriarchy, the only option for him is to completely end the relationship and find a more suitable person for himself.

A woman, if she seeks to preserve the relationship, needs to learn to give in and at least compromise in something. Their union can be made happy only if it suppresses the desire to lead a partner and make decisions.

But in practice, such an outcome is very rare.

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