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Compatibility of Libra with other signs — how they behave in relationships

Compatibility of Libra with other zodiac signs

Knowing the compatibility of Libra with other zodiac signs, you can easily choose a suitable pair for yourself. Also, compatibility analysis will help you better understand your partner, bypass the sharp corners in relationships and build mutual understanding.

Best and worst compatibility

Gemini and Aquarius are ideal partners for Libra. They more than compensate for the lack of decisiveness of this airborne sign and fill life in relationships with meaning and harmony.

Compatibility of Libra with other signs - how they behave in relationships

Aquarius directs Libra: it helps to decide (which the doubting sign is always lacking) in which sphere of activity to direct energy for self-realization. Gemini also generate a lot of ideas that Libra quickly pick up.

But the relationship between the two scales, most likely, will be doomed to failure. They easily converge in their youth, when they are not burdened with special obligations, there are no financial problems.

But in older adults, Libra reinforces the negative character traits of each other and suffers in relationships.

Favorable alliances

The air sign of Libra can make a harmonious pair with signs of the fire element: Aries, Lions or Sagittarius.

Compatibility of Libra with other signs - how they behave in relationships

The features of relationships in such couples are as follows:

  • Scales harmonize and pacify the destructive power of fire signs. They are able to protect the partner from rash acts and impulsive decisions. Direct and prompt, support, and in return receive a lot of energy and inspiration.
  • Relations with Aries can be bright, passionate, but complex. However, this applies only to young people who, because of their youth and inexperience, are not able to reach compromises. And in later life this union will be very strong and harmonious.
  • With Libra Lions, it is important to stick to the right attitude. In no case should not try to suppress the royal lion’s nature. But Libra is able to give the Lions what they most need — admiration, gratitude and praise. Do not forget about the infinite respect for the partner.
  • With Sagittarius, the union promises to be very harmonious and happy. This is a union of two equal partners, an equal spiritual potential and almost perfect, very happy relationship.

It should be understood that even with favorable compatibility in relations there are sharp corners and conflicts that Libra needs to be able to smooth out. Then everything will be fine.

Unfavorable unions

Least of all Libra for relationships are the signs of the elements of Water and Earth. These are Taurus, Crayfish, Virgo, Scorpios, Pisces and Capricorns.

Compatibility of Libra with other signs - how they behave in relationships

The features of relationships in such couples are as follows:

  • Scales are poorly compatible with the signs of the water element: Pisces, Crayfish, Scorpios. The sign of the Air quickly gets tired of the changeable nature and unpredictable actions that are characteristic of these people. In turn, representatives of aquatic will never listen to the feelings and experiences of Libra, which is very important for them.
  • Tauruses, Capricorns and Virgos will constantly be in negative shock from the doubting and changeable nature of Libra. They seem to them frivolous, idle, frivolous. The maximum of such an alliance is easy, non-binding, open relationship.

The rationalism of these signs will seem to Libra as tedious, their desire to streamline everything — monotony, and the desire to secure a financial pillow for itself — obsession with money. All this is infinitely annoying Libra, who are most of his life in a dreamy state.

How does Libra behave in relationships

If your partner is Libra, you need to know how to approach him. And astrology provides all the tools for this, describing the nature of the air sign in all its details.

Peculiarities of Libra behavior in love relationships:

  • Very non-conflict, prefer to remain silent than to say that they do not like. This can go sideways if the partner begins to violate their boundaries. Silence will lead to the fact that a life partner will simply become brazen, and Libra will suffer and suffer.
  • Scales often resist relationships. All their life they are in search of a certain bright ideal, which simply does not exist. Fate, meanwhile, sends them one or another worthy partner, with whom it is possible to create a harmonious union. But Libra often does not notice this.
  • If Libra does not control his feelings with his mind, they can immerse themselves in relationships too much, forgetting about all other areas of their life. This leads to fanatical devotion, obsession, because of which the partner will sooner or later want to run away to take a deep breath.

Watch the video about the astrological compatibility of Libra with other zodiac signs:

Libra is favored by the planet Venus, so that they have such positive qualities:

  • Tendency to perfection, transformation of everything around, striving for beauty. Aesthetics is all for Libra. It is important for them to be surrounded only by beautiful people and things. Beautiful both externally and internally.
  • The pursuit of justice. They will always protect the offended, help restore peace after a friendly quarrel, create a special atmosphere of goodwill in the working team.
  • Care and self-care. Scales take care of themselves, so often they look better than other signs. Appearance is important for them, but it is necessary that this does not turn into narcissism and excessive self-admiration.
  • Sociable and flirtatious Libra is usually surrounded by a mass of fans. They are well aware that everything can be achieved from a person by applying affection, praise and compliments. But because of the love of flirting, they often seem frivolous, especially rational earth signs.

In general, Libra is able to find mutual understanding with almost any person. It is pleasant to communicate with them, they have to themselves.

Therefore, absolutely attractive to all signs of the zodiac. Problems usually begin later when inappropriate representatives of the zodiacal system learn more about the air and light nature of Libra.

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