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Compatibility of Libra and Scorpio — causes of conflict

Compatibility of Libra and Scorpio — the gap is inevitable

Compatibility of Libra and Scorpio is considered unfavorable. Signs have different parities in the zodiacal table, and their elements are poorly combined with each other.

Therefore, there is no need to talk about mutual understanding. We will understand in more detail.

Compatibility in love

Despite the adverse compatibility, such a pair can often be found in real life. At first, relationships are good.

Scorpio helps Libra and supports them in all endeavors, in return for inspiration and emotions.

Compatibility of Libra and Scorpio - causes of conflict

What characterizes the relationship between these two signs:

  1. Scorpio falls in love so much that it begins to spend its full potential for the help and support of a partner. Itself at the same time in the development stops, because it gives more resources than it receives.
  2. He likes that Libra needs him, admires, respects and constantly emphasizes that they would be lost without a partner. Scorpio teaches the elect to make decisions quickly, appreciates his intellect and is ready for much for the sake of love.
  3. Scales, on the other hand, treat relationships more prudently. They understand that they can receive many benefits from the union and use this opportunity to its fullest.
  4. It seems to those around him that this couple is almost perfect and made for each other. But this is only an illusion. Both of them simply do not tolerate their interpersonal problems to the public, but on the other hand, they arrange stormy showdowns in private.
  5. Scales think a lot, but do little. Scorpios — the opposite. They differ in the sensual sphere. The first is a sign that feels subtle, inclined to experience and constantly show its emotions. The second is an incorrigible optimist who sees the positive in everything, but does not like to show his feelings.

It is not known what chances this pair will have in building a happy and harmonious relationship. Astrologers in their case do not give any predictions, because everything is very unpredictable.

Causes of conflict

The partners in this pair are very different. This is the case when opposites attracted to each other, but quickly realized that they did it in vain.

Compatibility of Libra and Scorpio - causes of conflict

What can be a source of conflict in the pair:

  1. If at first Scorpios are fascinated by the incorrigible optimism and vitality of Libra, then over time he realizes: this is in fact frivolity and a superficial view of the world.
  2. After realizing this fact, Scorpio begins to redo his partner, teach him to live and guide him on the right path. And this is a fatal mistake. Because Libra is soft only at first glance. By virtue of their diplomacy, they will pretend to accept criticism, but in fact they will quickly get tired of it and will want to leave.
  3. Scorpio is used to manipulating people. And he is doing well, but not in the case of Libra. Finding that trying to control a partner does not give results, Scorpio loses his temper when he feels utterly helpless.
  4. Scales are hard to show their feelings, so they can seem like a cold and heartless partner. Scorpio lacks the obvious manifestations of love, from which he receives less necessary emotions. Because of this, you may begin to look for these emotions on the side.
  5. Flirting with the opposite sex will not go unnoticed by Scorpio, he will become jealous, will no longer trust and be completely disappointed. He will not talk about insults out loud, but sooner or later he will prick his partner into the most painful place, wanting revenge.
  6. The financial sphere of the relationship is also a problem. Scales mindlessly spend money, while earning is not very good. They prefer to appear rather than be, splurging. Scorpio is annoying because he seeks material well-being.

The decision to part is usually taken by Libra. They get everything they want, and decide to break the relationship.

Scorpio is experiencing a gap is very painful, for a long time ceasing to trust people.

Scorpio Woman and Libra Man

This couple will be admired by others. All friends will approve the choice of the girl. After all, her man is interesting, charming and calm.

He is purposeful and attractive.

The girl at the beginning of the relationship will bathe in the attention of her chosen one. This makes her selfish, but quickly makes you bored, because calm is not for her.

She wants more vivid emotions, but not ordinary and stable everyday life.

Gradually, both are beginning to realize that they are very different. They do not have the same goals, beliefs, views on life, family and raising children. Therefore, sooner or later they become disappointed in the partner and make a decision to part.

The gap is painless for both.

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Scorpio man and woman Libra

Relationships in this pair can develop successfully. But the chances are slim because the partners are very different, and sooner or later they start getting tired of each other.

Only grand efforts will save their love and help them stay together.

At the very beginning the girl manages to stir up the ever-thoughtful elect. Her lightness, ease, and a great sense of humor amuse Scorpio.

He again begins to feel like a child and falls deeply in love.

It seems to him that it was this woman who managed to paint his gray life with bright colors. At first he sees only her better qualities: vitality, visual appeal and grooming, endless optimism and creative potential.

Compatibility of Libra and Scorpio - causes of conflict

An inspired man is capable of real feats for the sake of his beloved. He will solve her problems, provide a full and help not to care about household trifles.

But Libra, feeling his full power, sooner or later insolent. The girl will stare at other men, because the loving Scorpion stifles her too much with her attention, and she wants to be free.

This will be the end. A jealous man will not endure flirting with him like him and will lose faith in the chosen one, will be completely disappointed in her.

The trust will pass, it will be impossible to return it, so the couple will part.

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