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Compatibility of Libra and Sagittarius — the problem moments of the relationship

Compatibility of Libra and Sagittarius — so different, but still together

The compatibility of Libra and Sagittarius is considered harmonious, like all other unions of Fire and Air. They are able to build really strong, stable and harmonious relations if they learn to hear and support each other.

Compatibility in love

Libra is one of the most suitable partners for Sagittarius. It is they who are able to bring peace and balance to the turbulent and chaotic life of their companion.

At the same time, the influence of Libra will not let the Sagittarius’ fiery temperament go out, but on the contrary, it will give energy to increase several times.

Compatibility of Libra and Sagittarius - the problem moments of the relationship

What is characteristic of the relationship of this pair:

  1. The unpredictable and changeable nature of Libra constantly surprises Sagittarius and gives him all the necessary emotions. Therefore, novelty is always present in their union.
  2. It is desirable that the Libra partner is more experienced, older and wiser, so that psychological comfort is paired. If they are of the same age, maintaining harmony is much more difficult.
  3. Also, Libra must show its strength, because their partner values ​​this quality in people above all. The slightest weakness — and he sits on the neck, naughty and insolent.
  4. Diplomacy and tact Libra help to maintain a calm atmosphere in the relationship, to refrain from scandals, conflicts and violent quarrels.
  5. Both signs clearly know what they want from life, and in tandem can achieve a lot. The main thing — do not confuse the role. Sagittarius is the performer, and his companion is the generator and ideological inspirer, the brain of all the processes taking place.
  6. The marriage between these signs saves the fact that Libra is very responsible for the family and children. Their partner himself remains a child almost to old age, he is selfish and requires much attention to himself.

This couple may seem strange from the outside: they are very different. But it is not for nothing that they say that opposites attract.

Therefore, they have great chances to build true love, carrying it through many years.

Problem moments of a relationship

Problems in a pair usually begin because of Sagittarius. He has to give the lead to Libra, which does not always suit him.

Therefore, the last (especially if Libra in a pair is a woman), it is necessary to pretend that Sagittarius makes decisions, but to do everything in its own way.

Compatibility of Libra and Sagittarius - the problem moments of the relationship

In principle, Libra by nature has enough wisdom to cope with the disobedient and temperamental character of the chosen one. They will always be able to solve the situation so that everyone is satisfied.

If Sagittarius enters into a relationship at a young age, there are no problems at all. He easily puts all the responsibility on the shoulders of the partner.

But quarrels can be, if at the same time he blames Libra for failures and failures.

Sagittarius — active nature. He is very independent and straightforward, so the indecision of Libra can annoy him.

He does not understand why the partner is always in doubt and spends a lot of time thinking about things instead of acting.

Annoying him and the fact that Libra can make promises, but a very long time to delay their implementation. This verbal noise sooner or later begins to tire.

Only passion and love hold back at such moments in order not to part.

Scales, too, wonder why you need to run to run to fulfill all desires and ideas. After all, you need to analyze everything, weigh it in order to prevent mistakes.

In order not to quarrel on this ground, it is important for them to correctly assign roles. Libra — generates ideas and thinks out strategy, Sagittarius — executes, using all the power of its energy.

Sagittarius Woman and Libra Man

This pair is considered to be very harmonious, they have excellent compatibility. A woman, as demanded by a traditional society, becomes weak and defenseless, yielding the right to her elect to be the main one and make decisions.

A man respects her independence, knowing that they both need a certain freedom. They do not like borders and restrictions, so there is practically no conflict over control and jealousy.

Both see a soul mate in a partner. They are united by optimism and interpersonal skills, they adore noisy companies, make grand plans and together achieve their bold goals.

Compatibility of Libra and Sagittarius - the problem moments of the relationship

A man in a pair — very tactful, calm, balanced. It is he who most often suppresses emerging conflicts, makes concessions and compromises. But this does not prevent him from being the main one.

He is a breadwinner, protector and solves all problems. And she perceives small whims and mood changes of her companion with irony.

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Sagittarius male and female Libra

A bright, spontaneous and charming man will strike the heart of his chosen one with beautiful actions and courtings. It is possible that no one has done such actions for her before.

Therefore, even if at first she treated him with suspicion, the wall will gradually fall, thanks to his care, support and undivided attention.

He is very interested with the Libra girl. He is captivated by her softness, femininity and attractiveness.

He sees in her an intelligent, purposeful and very beautiful girl who deserves to be a life companion.

The only thing that confuses Sagittarius is the frequent mood swings of the chosen one for no apparent reason. But he forgives all the inspiration that she gives him.

And the contrast of emotions with time begins to seem familiar and even adds a touch to the calm and measured course of events.

Both are paired — freedom-loving and independent personalities. They do not want to completely dissolve in a partner, they need to leave personal space for themselves.

Therefore, we are ready to give freedom to each other without too much jealousy and disagreement.

The fate of the union will depend mostly on the man. He will sometimes have to adjust to the capricious and unpredictable second half, forgetting about his own pride.

In order for relationships not to end, Libra should not be too often abused by such power over the elect.

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