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Compatibility of Libra and Capricorn — causes of conflict

Libra and Capricorn are compatible

The compatibility of Libra and Capricorn is not the most favorable, according to astrologers. These signs interact best in business, and building true love will be quite difficult.

Let’s figure out whether there is a chance for such a relationship.

Compatibility in love

Libra is the wrong partner for Capricorn. It is strange that they generally try to build a serious relationship.

Compatibility is unfavorable because the characters of the characters contrast sharply with each other.

Compatibility of Libra and Capricorn - causes of conflict

What is characteristic of such a zodiac union:

  1. The prospects for a long and serious relationship are few. They cooperate productively in the business sphere, but there is no need to talk about love. Although at the beginning there can be passion and some bright moments.
  2. Astrologers characterize the type of such relationships as the union of the patron and adviser. The patron saint is Capricorn, the counselor, respectively, Libra.
  3. Libra lacks sensuality in Capricorn, they lack less emotion and the inspiration they need. But at the same time they can appreciate all the benefits of the relationship, so they decide to start them.
  4. The Earth Capricorn can go head over to work, fully immersed in the solution of some significant problem. Scales are able to help: they give ideas for the realization of which they themselves do not have enough diligence and energy.
  5. They can become excellent business partners: Capricorn receives a lot of ideas from Libra and becomes an ideal performer. He is admired by the ease and speed of thinking of a partner, he sincerely respects him and understands that next is an intellectual person with great prospects for development. Therefore, seeking to get such a valuable ally.
  6. As long as they are just friends or cooperating, everything is fine. But it is necessary to start a relationship and fall in love, how everything will come to nothing.
  7. Capricorn attracts in the partner objectivity, a heightened sense of justice and honesty. In these qualities he sees himself. But here Libra’s aspiration to constantly dream and soar in the clouds is tiring. He lacks the chosen organization, perseverance and hard work.
  8. Problems begin during the time Capricorn tries to impose on Libra the performance of some duties, the solution of significance for both tasks. The role of Libra is an inspirer and a generator of ideas, but not a performer.
  9. Their family may exist for a long time, but there will be no deep love and strong affection. The partners are united by friendship, mutual respect and trust, but they never really fall in love with each other.

Only common goals and objectives can unite them and help maintain relationships. Therefore, it is desirable for such a couple to have a common business, engage in creative work and achieve goals.

Otherwise, over time there will be no points of contact.

Causes of conflict

As long as they are just friends, are friends or work together, no problems arise. But in a love relationship, mutual claims and grievances are almost inevitable, as in other couples that unite incompatible elements — Earth and Air.

Compatibility of Libra and Capricorn - causes of conflict

What can be a source of conflict:

  1. Both partners are constantly trying to impose their point of view on each other. They argue, scandalous, not wanting to compromise and give up. They also control and re-elect the chosen one, not wanting to accept him as he is, with all the flaws.
  2. Capricorn is annoyed by the fact that Libra has no ambitions and they do not pursue goals in life, preferring to go with the flow. The lack of determination for them is a very serious hindrance to relationships. If Capricorn sees the problem and tries to solve it in any way possible, then Libra is in the clouds, waiting for the decision to fall from the sky.
  3. Infuriates Capricorn and the irrationality of Libra. He is angry that the partner does not know how to manage the money, spends more than he should. Requests from Libra are huge, and the possibilities do not correspond at all.
  4. Instead of gently and diplomatically conveying his point of view to a partner, Capricorn will argue, condemn, be aggressive and overly assertive. This offends and hurts Libra, they begin to think about finding a more restrained and gentle partner.
  5. Libra does not believe that material goods are so important in life. They see the world from their point of view — they value everything beautiful. Estets and creators, they prefer not to think about their daily bread and do not try to earn money or save money.
  6. From this approach, Capricorn is just shaking. He, as an earthly and practical sign, is not able to accept the squandering of the second half.

It is financial differences that can lead to separation. There is a chance to preserve relationships, but only if Capricorn assumes responsibility for the welfare of the family.

He will earn and manage the family budget, allowing the partner not to think about pragmatic things.

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Capricorn Woman and Libra Man

In this pair, the main woman will be. It is possible that the relationship will begin precisely on her initiative, because she is more active and prefers to act without waiting for the mutual sympathy of the elect and the first steps on her part.

This is bad, because in the future she will not respect her man. He is always on the sidelines for her.

Of course, it can not not offend. And if at the beginning of a relationship he is light, romantic and loving, then gradually the feelings pass.

But the man is able to inspire his darling to break away from the endless achievement of goals and work. He will open for her travel, new places.

That’s just completely incur the costs is unlikely.

Capricorn male and female Libra

Such a union is already more prosperous, because the roles in the couple are traditionally distributed. The man — the getter, the defender.

He takes all the responsibility for making decisions and chooses the vector of development of the couple.

That it is financially responsible, as well as solving all sorts of problems. At first, he will be enticed by the role of a strong man with a weak and defenseless woman.

But over time, he gets tired to rake her endless problems and wants peace of mind.

A woman is not satisfied with imperiousness and uncompromising choice. She wants to remain independent and free, so the eternal control and Capricorn’s attempts to impose its rules sooner or later will also lead to the collapse of relations.

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