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Compatibility of Libra and Aries — the cause of conflict

Compatibility of Libra and Aries — how they complement each other

The compatibility of Libra and Aries is one of the most successful. Both signs are odd in the zodiacal table, air and fire elements are perfectly combined with each other.

But there are also issues that are important to consider.

Compatibility in love

This couple has great potential. But often they don’t use it in the right way, wasting their general energy on clarifying relationships. This is their main problem.

If you learn to solve it, the couple will live together happily.

Compatibility of Libra and Aries - the cause of conflict

What is characteristic of the union of Aries and Libra:

  1. Scales see their ideal in a partner. Meeting with Aries becomes for them a vivid adventure, accompanied by a mass of emotions. The passion between them arises almost immediately, they are drawn to each other with terrible force.
  2. For Aries, Libra is also incredibly attractive. It attracts their calm, poise, attractiveness and excellent manners.
  3. Both partners perfectly complement each other, developing their best qualities in relationships and getting the missing ones in a partner.

Fate can often throw them tests that need to endure with honor in order to maintain psychological comfort in a pair. The reward will be a strong love, mutual understanding and a bright, passionate relationship to the envy of others.

Cause of conflict

The union of Aries and Libra is favorable, but the partner is so different that conflicts between them cannot be avoided. Most often quarrels occur because of encroachments on the place of the leader in the pair, which is attractive for both.

Compatibility of Libra and Aries - the cause of conflict

Formally, the man will be the main. But this is his delusion. Because a woman will be very thin and gently manage it, unnoticed by him.

Therefore, in reality there is no leader in their pair.

What is worth working in a relationship:

  1. They can often argue because opinions differ on many issues. Each will endlessly defend their point of view. Because of this, there may be quarrels, so at least one of the partners must learn to restrain themselves.
  2. Weights are easier to make concessions because they are diplomats by nature. Aries are more stubborn and stubborn, if they learn to overcome themselves, the relationship will come to a new, higher quality and harmonious level.
  3. Aries never searches for doors to enter — it breaks walls and rushing like a tank. Scales, on the other hand, may endlessly doubt, considering each step they take and calculating possible variants of events. By this they annoy each other. Although it would be better to work in pairs, using these qualities to achieve common goals.
  4. It is very important that the roles be correctly distributed in the pair. Scales must be responsible for the ideas, inspiration and harmonious atmosphere in the relationship. Aries is a powerful driving force, it acts and is a source of tremendous fiery energy.
  5. Both must understand that they are equally responsible for the harmony in a relationship. Therefore, they must equally invest and make efforts to save love for a long time.

If the partners stop picking each other over trifles, they will be able to overcome all the problems and stay together. This alliance is an excellent chance for Libra to have at its disposal all the energy of a partner, which is not enough for them themselves.

And Aries can not waste their potential for nothing, using it only in a peaceful direction.

Woman-Libra and Aries man

This couple is traditional in all respects. As in the saying: woman’s neck, man-head.

Almost immediately after dating, they fall in love with each other. The man gives in to charm and charm of his attractive companion.

He likes her tenderness and romance, the way she admires him.

Compatibility of Libra and Aries - the cause of conflict

A girl can subtly manipulate Aries, which he will not even guess. But she does this only for the benefit of the relationship, and not from mercantile interests.

She sincerely admires them, thanks for everything he does for her. In response, he is able to perform real feats.

Full and perfect understanding forever can not be. Periodically in a pair of violent conflicts occur.

And most often on the initiative of a quick-tempered and unrestrained Aries. The girl in response is silent, offended, showing by all her appearance how upset she is.

Due to the fact that the woman does not start screaming in response, and offended, the man will feel guilty, will apologize, and the relationship will enter into the usual happy channel.

This union is pleasant to both: they get the necessary emotions, complement and support each other, it is easy and pleasant for them together. They strive to use life opportunities to the full extent, which they do with pleasure, enjoying relationships and a partner.

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Man-Libra and Aries woman

Aries woman — nature is bright, active, with a fiery temperament. In the Libra man, she likes his cold calculation and high intelligence.

She completely gives in to his charm, she is bribed by lovely deeds and gentleness at the initial stage of relations.

But she should not forget that the external softness of Libra is deceptive. This is a man with a strong inner core, great will power and poise in everything.

The girl likes to play with this man, she uses all the methods of manipulation known to her. Infinitely tests him for strength, with children’s curiosity trying to understand what his patience is enough for.

He with dignity stands all these tests, remaining true to his principles, for which she falls in love finally and begins to respect him. He must not forget to constantly demonstrate his intellect and high moral qualities, so as not to lose the trust and feelings of the chosen one.

He is not easy with her, the couple has long been attuned to each other, because the characters they are very different. But if a man can remain strong, he will support his chosen one in everything, without turning into a rag, the couple will live happily ever after.

From the side of the union seems very bright, harmonious and full of love.

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