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Compatibility of Leo and Virgo — causes of conflict

Compatibility of Leo and Virgo — cooperation, but not love

The compatibility of Leo and Virgo is not the most favorable, according to astrologers. Their elements, earthen and fiery, contradict each other and are in constant conflict.

Therefore, it is difficult for them to be together. Is there a chance for this pair?

Let’s try to figure it out.

Compatibility in love

This couple is better to remain friends, because friendship will bring both much more bonuses. In a relationship, they show only their worst qualities.

They do not develop, but degrade.

Compatibility of Leo and Virgo - causes of conflict

Most astrologers believe that such a union is doomed to failure. Relationships are unlikely to last long due to the complete inconsistency of views on everything: starting from leisure activities to finances.

If Leo prefers noisy companies, he is sociable, sociable, then Virgo chooses for himself a very limited circle of people with whom he spends time.

If Leo makes chaos and disorder around himself, breaking the idyll in everything, then Virgo is manically clean and does not like it when everything is not in its place.

In finance Lev is a spender and mote. He loves luxury, can spend a lot of money on brand things.

And Virgo loves to save, save, save, limiting herself to luxury goods, which for her are absolutely not valuable.

But not everything is so bad, this couple still has chances. To make the union more harmonious and happy, Leo needs to become a brain center, a generator of ideas and a breadwinner.

And Virgo must rely on his decisions and engage in everyday life, become a clear and responsible executor in the implementation of common goals.

Virgo is able to adapt, especially if she feels strong feelings for her partner. Therefore, it is her responsibility for the fate of this relationship.

If she learns to give in and create space for exploits to Leo, everything can turn out well.

It is important for Leo to be able to provide for the family and be responsible for the material sphere of their life. If he is still young and has not achieved anything yet, the couple will face a complete failure.

As long as he dreams of unattainable riches and promise much, Virgo will quickly become disillusioned and realize that all his words are an empty sound.

Compatibility of Leo and Virgo - causes of conflict

Strong love between them will never happen. But they can get used to each other, to establish life or establish a joint business. Then the relationship will turn into a strong friendship and stable cooperation.

But there will always be a risk that someone from a couple will fall in love and go for inspiration to another chosen one.

Virgo man and woman Leo

When a man meets his darling, he will first think that she is absolutely inaccessible to him. But she attracts him so much with her charisma, tireless energy and strong character that he does everything possible to achieve her position. She, too, does not harbor illusions and clearly knows that she wants to see a stronger and more confident man next to her.

But he can give up if he does not see more suitable options for himself.

It seems strange that these two were generally together. But for some reason, Virgo and Leo agree quite often.

At first they may like each other, because both are pretty charming, well-bred, they look good and have developed intelligence. Their differences in character seem trivial and not annoying at first.

But only in the period of love and courtship.

Compatibility of Leo and Virgo - causes of conflict

When the relationship goes into a more serious stage, the girl begins to exhaust her chosen one endlessly flirting with other men. She may be true, but at the same time seeks to charm everyone they meet.

The maiden is infuriating, he is extremely jealous. He will try with all his might to limit the freedom of his girlfriend and crush her under his total control. But a relationship can only be successful if she agrees to these restrictions.

Otherwise, living in one territory will turn into hell.

Male lion and female virgo

Confident, temperamental and proud Leo will certainly suppress his woman. He is very domineering and uncompromising nature, who does not tolerate when they disagree with him.

At first, his narcissism and charm will attract her, but over time she will close and close without receiving the amount of love and care she wants. It will seem to Leo that the girl has cooled to him, and will also suffer without admiration, flattery and compliments, which he needs like air.

Their relationship is something unpredictable and incomprehensible. Between them, the fire comes on — and all is well.

That begins the «swamp» in which both are boring and unbearably unpleasant.

In principle, they can become a happy and harmonious couple, if they set some global common goals. Then all the negative energy will go towards achieving these goals, and only positive will remain in communication with each other.

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Causes of conflict

The lion in this pair shows all its worst qualities. All its complexes, negative traits of character and internal contradictions emerge.

He becomes extremely selfish, obsessing only on his desires, preferring to consume the resources of his partner, without giving anything in return.

He becomes a squander, which shocks and annoys the practical Virgo. Begin the first scandals on domestic soil.

Virgo is cold enough and stingy with emotions. She is not able to truly inspire Leo and give him what he most needs — admiration, gratitude and faith.

Virgo’s good qualities are pedantry and thriftiness, Leo seems like tediousness and stinginess, which makes him irritated and turns into a grumbler who is always dissatisfied with everyone.

He begins to criticize the Virgin, which greatly offends her. In response to criticism, she closes in on herself and leaves the house — to friends, to work or hobbies, ceasing to notice a partner.

Relationships will become happy only when someone demonstrates wisdom and agrees to become patient, accepting the partner’s shortcomings and realizing that it is impossible to correct them.

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