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Compatibility of Leo and Capricorn — causes of conflict

Compatibility of Leo and Capricorn in love and marriage

Astrologers describe the compatibility of Leo and Capricorn as a short “holiday” romance without a happy ending. The fire and earth elements of the signs are badly combined with each other, therefore their relations cannot be harmonious and filled with mutual love.

Compatibility in love

Leo appreciates respect for strength in humans above all. Therefore Capricorn attracts him — this sign has a very strong inner core, it is a purposeful and ambitious person.

Compatibility of Leo and Capricorn - causes of conflict

At the beginning of their relationship develops quite well, based primarily on mutual respect. But for the time being.

What is characteristic of such a zodiac pair:

  1. If Capricorn had not yet come across Lions, he will easily make contact. A couple quickly find a common language. At first they will make friends, because there is never an instant love between them.
  2. In the process of friendship, it can also happen that they decide to be together. This usually happens after corporate parties, parties or noisy entertainment, «under the influence of alcohol.»
  3. The more they get to know each other, the more Capricorn will fall in love. And Lev — cool. He then lets the chosen one close to him, then moves away. This contrast of emotions causes Capricorn to become truly dependent on the favors of the chosen one.

Co-dependencies can last for years. But end sooner or later it is very painful for Capricorn.

Causes of conflict

At the beginning of a relationship there is almost no quarrel. Capricorn falls in love completely and does not notice the flaws of Leo.

Therefore, forgives a lot, with pleasure fulfilling the whims of a partner. But when a romantic veil falls from the eyes of both, problems arise.

Compatibility of Leo and Capricorn - causes of conflict

What could be the source of conflicts in this pair:

  1. As soon as Capricorn stops looking at his partner through rose-colored glasses, he will make out and note all his flaws. He will understand that his merits and actions remain invaluable and will begin to be disappointed little by little.
  2. Leo often speaks behind the chosen one. He tells others about the flaws of Capricorn, often exaggerating. Rumors sooner or later reach the last, and scandals begin.
  3. These relationships have a high risk of becoming co-dependent. In which Capricorn — is dependent and loves endlessly, losing itself, and Leo — allows himself to love and uses his partner to the fullest.
  4. If they break up, Capricorn replaces love with hate and begins to desperately take revenge on the one who rejected it. He can cause a lot of trouble Lev after the break. It will take revenge using all available resources and methods.
  5. Both piously honor their personal boundaries and value freedom above all else. This is an independent nature, but the owners. Because of this trait, relationships can turn into hell. Because everyone will control the partner, but at the same time refusing to limit himself too.
  6. Capricorns are often fixated on themselves, but Lions are extremely narcissistic personalities. This is also a pair problem. None of them will give way to the leading role in the couple, demanding admiration and gratitude from the partner, but giving nothing in return.

It is unclear whether this couple has any chances to build a happy and harmonious relationship. The probability of a long-term and strong alliance is extremely small.

Female Leo and Male Capricorn

A woman will pay attention to Capricorn only if he can prove himself and stand out from the crowd of constantly surrounding her fans. He can attract her with serious actions that will prove and show how stable, solid and devoid of frivolity he is.

He has almost no chance to remain indifferent. Capricorn is fascinated by the Lioness almost immediately, although subconsciously he feels that he can become dependent on the favor of his companion and lose himself.

Compatibility of Leo and Capricorn - causes of conflict

At the beginning of a relationship, he will forgive all of her shortcomings, will willingly fulfill the whims, care for and give gifts. It is important for him to become the best for the chosen one, so that she appreciates his merits and recognizes how beautiful the man is with him.

He will do everything to make the girl happy. Unfortunately, this does not help preserve the relationship, because Leo and Capricorn are two absolute opposites.

Over time, relationships become a series of conflicts and painful partings. The chance to save them will appear only if both reconcile with each other’s disagreement and weaknesses.

But the couple rarely shows such wisdom. When they quarrel, they try to hurt their partner as much as possible.

It is in this alliance that the case can reach a fight.

A couple can survive for a long time if the woman has a stronger character and takes the role of a leader. The soft Capricorn is able to go this way, he will submit and will not start rebellions.

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Male Leo and Capricorn Woman

These people are very similar in their aspirations. Both want to become financially independent and successful, to achieve high social status and build a dizzying career.

This is the cause of their mutual attraction.

Usually they meet at work, get to know each other better and falling in love. Most often, the man occupies a leadership position, and the woman is in his submission.

Occurs office romance.

Relations between them are usually tied randomly. For example, at corporate events or traveling, when the brain is clouded with alcohol or emotions, and does not allow you to think rationally.

In ordinary life, the Capricorn girl is not attractive to Leo. She doesn’t really care about herself, doesn’t have natural charm and looks far from perfect.

Therefore, in everyday life, he is unlikely to notice it.

Their relationship is often an affair, an easy affair that does not last long. A woman should not build matrimonial plans, because the chosen one is unlikely to take her seriously.

Her main mistake is to start inventing names for future children and dream of how they will marry and live happily ever after. It is best to treat the novel as a short entertainment, so that after the end of the relationship does not remain with a broken heart.

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