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Compatibility of Leo and Aquarius — causes of conflict

Compatibility of Leo and Aquarius — the opposites attract

The compatibility of Leo and Aquarius is rightly considered favorable. The fire and air elements of signs are perfectly combined with each other.

This is a union of two opposites that attract and complement each other.

Compatibility in love

Astrologers characterize the type of such a union as «opposites attract.» This compatibility, though favorable, is rather specific, because to achieve harmony, partners will have to try pretty hard.

Compatibility of Leo and Aquarius - causes of conflict

Between them there are always two variants of relations — either immediately into the pool with a head, or a sharp dislike. Everything will depend only on the first impression made on each other.

What are the features of the relationship between these two signs:

  1. Despite the difference in the characters, this couple finds in each other a lot in common. Both noble and generous natures who love people and see the positive in the whole surrounding world.
  2. They are well brought up. Great friends who will always support and give a friendly shoulder. Therefore, this couple are happy to see in any company. Appearing in public, they immediately create a positive atmosphere in which everyone is comfortable.
  3. In a relationship, they understand how much they get from a partner. Leo takes a fair amount of inspiration from Aquarius and gets creative ideas to fulfill his goals. With Aquarius, he shares his irrepressible energy, which the partner is so lacking in relations with other signs.
  4. It is better for them not to conduct common affairs, not to create a business. Otherwise, everything will not work in the work, and the relationship will gradually deteriorate. In career matters, they can often conflict and argue, because they look at the world differently and perceive the possibilities that come from it.

We summarize: the union of Leo and Aquarius — with very good compatibility. If they immediately like each other, they can build a very long, happy and harmonious relationship.

But it is necessary that they are realized in society in different areas, otherwise conflicts and separation can not be avoided.

Causes of conflict

Both of these signs complement each other perfectly. But they have something to work on in the relationship, despite the favorable compatibility.

Compatibility of Leo and Aquarius - causes of conflict

What moments need to pay special attention:

  1. Aquarius should learn from his companion the ability to set goals and achieve them. Taking these qualities, he himself can become more organized and ambitious.
  2. It is necessary for Leo to learn to perceive criticism adequately, without being offended and not rolling up scandals on this basis. His habit of first doing, and then raking the consequences, can harm the harmony in a pair.
  3. Leo considers himself an ideal person without flaws. He thinks that the partner should be happy to be with him. Aquarius, of course, thinks otherwise. He may try to change his royal and somewhat arrogant elect.
  4. On equality in the pair can not speak. For a relationship to be happy, Aquarius needs to recognize that Leo will be the main thing in the couple. Then everything will be fine.

In general, the fate of the union will depend precisely on the wisdom and patience of Aquarius. And how much he can adapt to the uneasy character of Leo.

The Lion Woman and the Aquarius Man

This is a very ambiguous union. A woman will find a man quite worthy, he will arrange it completely. She will definitely want families and children, but she’s bewildered by the man’s total unwillingness to legitimize relationships.

For her, this approach is the avoidance of responsibility, which is why she begins to press her partner.

For him, the stamp in the passport means nothing. “We are so good together, why are these formalities?” He will say. It is possible that she will put up with it, because the sense of humor, intellect and non-standard approach to life attract her very much.

A couple can become a happy and harmonious union if both successfully overcome the stage of disgust in a relationship. They need to learn how to peacefully resolve conflicts and find compromises.

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The Lion Man and the Aquarius Woman

This man will impress the girl at first sight. She will be attracted by his unheard of generosity, sincere kindness and genuine interest in everything in the world.

But it is Lev who falls in love first, and therefore is actively caring, doing beautiful things and caring so that all the friends start to envy her.

At the beginning of the relationship, he will try to match the image of the ideal man, be courteous and well-mannered, and when necessary — modest. For these qualities, she will close her eyes to the negative traits of his character — hot temper, impulsiveness and sometimes aggressiveness.

Compatibility of Leo and Aquarius - causes of conflict

Therefore, at the dawn of a relationship, everything between them is quite smooth. The girl will bathe in the rays of admiration of the chosen one and take beautiful courtship. He will make surprises, showing himself only with the best hand.

It will seem to both that such a relationship is a real paradise.

Despite the love euphoria, both will constantly evaluate each other. It is important for them that the partner corresponds to the social status, intellect and upbringing.

In the first place, it will be the man who will look.

And if a woman satisfies him in all respects, he will become a reliable, loving and faithful spouse. The fate of the relationship in the future will depend on female wisdom.

It depends on how gently she can put out her hot-tempered bouts of temper.

In return, he will give her protection, security, solve all her problems and free her from everyday difficulties.

In this marriage will be the whole range of emotions. From stormy passion and great tenderness, to no less stormy scandals.

If they manage to accept the shortcomings of each other and find compromises in difficult situations, everything will turn out well.

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