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Compatibility of gems with each other

Compatibility of gems with each other

The energy of natural stones favorably affects the human biofield and is able to protect it from many misfortunes. However, not all stones are combined with each other. Incompatible stones, used simultaneously, can significantly harm the body.

Stones from ancient times were prized by people. They showed the status of a person, helped to cope with troubles, restored health and defended. Centuries of observations have shown that each stone can strengthen its properties and weaken, depending on what influences it.

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How to combine stones

The stones belong to the four elements, which endow them with special, unique properties. If you use several decorations of different elements, be prepared for the fact that minerals will start to quarrel. This can lead to various consequences, including carrier disease.

Also, stones that are not combined with each other, lose their magical properties and become useless both to protect the person and to help in various situations.

The most incompatible minerals are: amethyst and emerald, topaz and diamond, pearl and sapphire, zircon and morion, chrysoprase and carnelian, onyx and citrine, jade and jasper, rhodonite and zircon, hematite and amber, hematite and carnelian, tourmaline and garnet, ruby ​​and amber, ruby ​​and obsidian, rhinestone and topaz. They must not only be worn separately, but not kept next to each other.

  • Do not carry minerals of different elements at the same time. They negatively affect the human biofield and “quench” each other’s energy.
  • As jewelry, choose stones that are combined with your element. The exception is stones of elements that can interact with each other. So, the fire element is combined with the air, and water — with the earth.
  • Minerals belonging to the same element, perfectly combined with each other, complementing and enhancing the energy properties of their «brothers».
  • Incompatible stones must be worn separately. The element of Fire is not compatible with the elements of the Earth. A stronger Fire suppresses the energetics of the Earth, and a weak mineral loses its properties, and may even begin to harm humans.
  • The stones of Water and Fire are antagonists, therefore, being nearby, they begin to destroy the energy of each other.
  • Water and Air are two elements that begin to create unpleasant vibrations in the human biofield. This can lead to various diseases, ailments and weakening of the natural protection of the person.

Elemental Stones

The stones of the elements are different, so it is necessary to distinguish them in order not to be trapped in their own ignorance.

Minerals belonging to elements of fire, mostly transparent. They have the following properties: they promote an increase in the tone of the body, a surge of strength, have a positive effect on mood and induce action. Best known diamond, ruby, heliodor, almandine.

Element of air — These are translucent stones, in which there are inclusions and heterogeneity, often there are impurities in the form of fog or haze. Such minerals have a positive effect on human consciousness, help make the right decisions, speed up metabolism, help find contacts between people. The minerals of the air include: tourmaline, topaz, lapis lazuli, amazonite, rock crystal, emerald.

Stones the elements of the earth distinguished by hardness and opacity. They affect consciousness and health, strengthening self-confidence and improving immunity. These include: jade, agate, lapis lazuli, malachite, turquoise, onyx.

Element of Water endows stones with imaginary transparency. They are able to change color, have a depth and unusual modulations. The abilities of these minerals: improving mood, getting rid of negative thoughts and emotions, protection from external negative.

These include: opal, moonstone, aquamarine, topaz, pearls, alexandrite.

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