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Compatibility of Fish and Scorpio — causes of conflict

Fish and Scorpio Compatibility — Perfect Relationships

Compatibility of Fish and Scorpio is considered successful. This is a union of two very similar people who perfectly understand each other.

There are also differences, but they do not lead to conflicts, but bring a highlight to the relationship, not letting the partners get bored. Consider what astrologers think about this.

Compatibility in love

These two signs are very similar, so they understand each other perfectly. Acquaintance usually occurs in the general company.

They quickly find common ground and build relationships.

Compatibility of Fish and Scorpio - causes of conflict

What is characteristic of such a zodiac union:

  1. Emotional compatibility between them is at a very high level. Often you don’t even need words to understand each other. Immediately after dating, they begin to feel a strong attraction and a great spiritual intimacy. This is the beginning of a relationship.
  2. The initiative to start a relationship usually remains for the sociable Scorpio. He will try to get closer as quickly as possible, and Pisces reciprocate, unable to resist such pressure.
  3. They are attracted to each other with terrible force. But it does not frighten, but rather stirs, pushing for incredible deeds. It seems to them that this is the very love at first sight, about which they had only seen or read in books before.
  4. Scorpio will always be a leader and a decision maker. Pisces can only accept and go with the flow. Intuition tells them: everything should be just like that, and you should not resist. On the contrary, you need to relax and allow events to evolve naturally.
  5. They feel a soul mate in a partner. And it is not surprising — their views on life, beliefs and attitudes largely agree. And the passion that arises instantly, does not subside even after a long time after the start of a relationship.
  6. Both signs have a well-developed intuition. They understand each other from a half-word, so conflicts rarely happen.

We summarize: a pair of Pisces and Scorpio is an extremely harmonious union, which is doomed to happiness and love. They can build relationships based on excellent mutual understanding, mutual respect and dedication.

Causes of conflict

Despite the excellent compatibility, conflicts occur in such a pair. It is only important to understand their probable causes in order to react in time and not to bring petty quarrels to violent scandals.

Compatibility of Fish and Scorpio - causes of conflict

What can be a stumbling block in such a zodiacal union:

  1. Scorpions are inborn manipulators and excellent psychologists. They will certainly try to use their abilities in a relationship for profit. But Pisces will immediately feel insincerity and may be seriously disappointed. To prevent this, Scorpio must refrain from manipulation and show only his real emotions.
  2. Rebuilding Pisces is impossible, although very desirable. It is important for Scorpio to accept the chosen one as it is, not trying to change it and adjust it to it.
  3. Pisces, on the other hand, need to close themselves less and go to themselves. They should speak openly about their emotions, experiences, feelings. Then everything will go well and well.
  4. The willful nature of Scorpio often pushes him to rash acts. With which he can injure and offend the chosen one. This sign should monitor their statements, be able to forgive insults, abandon plans for revenge and stop doing everything in a hurry. “Measure seven times, cut once” — only with such a motto will you keep the psychological comfort in a pair.

In fact, the emotionality of the signs, even if it manifests itself from the negative side, is only at hand. This does not allow the relationship to become a cozy, calm, but still swamp.

They never get bored together, and quarrels only add to the relationship and reinforce feelings.

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Woman Fish and Scorpio Man

The girl in this pair shows its impracticality in domestic issues and extravagance in all its glory. However, it does not confuse the chosen one.

Because the negative traits of the character of the chosen one are more than compensated by her ability to support, show her care and donate a lot of energy.

A man falls in love with the sensuality of his chosen one. He is crazy about her high morality, ability to empathize and support at the right time.

He himself is rather sarcastic, loves to criticize. It can hurt a sensitive girl, so it is better for him to refrain from stinging remarks about her.

Compatibility of Fish and Scorpio - causes of conflict

The girl likes the fact that in a relationship with Scorpio she can show herself real. She does not have to play and invent something; she is accepted as she is, sincere and vulnerable.

In everyday life, there are usually no problems. Roles are traditionally distributed in the family, both are happy and love each other.

Pisces man and Scorpio woman

A man in this relationship grows and develops, reaches career heights or builds a successful business. It is important for him to understand that the lion’s share of merit for his success belongs to a woman who helps, supports and provides her with the energy necessary for achievements.

Such a union can be quite dangerous for a man. But only if, being carried away by achievements, he stops paying enough attention to the beloved one.

In such a situation, she can begin to look at the side and decide on treason. Moreover, if the secret becomes clear, she will turn the situation so that the man himself feels guilty and he will have to ask for forgiveness.

Otherwise, things are usually pretty well formed, without any serious problems or omissions. The most important thing for them is not to delay the formal marriage, especially if both are still at a rather young age.

If you delay with marriage, walks under the moon can be delayed, and then the relationship will slowly and surely come to naught.

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