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Compatibility of Capricorn and Taurus — causes of conflict

Compatibility of Capricorn and Taurus — peace and harmony

The compatibility of Capricorn and Taurus is considered to be extremely harmonious. These people are able to carry their love through the years, successfully overcoming all the obstacles that occur on the path of life.

Let’s carry out the astrological analysis of the zodiac union of these two signs.

Compatibility in love

Astrologers consider the union of these two signs to be one of the strongest and most stable, in comparison with other zodiac pairs. It is not surprising — both earth signs prefer stability, they are reliable and stand firmly on their feet, they are fundamentally related to the choice of a partner.

Compatibility of Capricorn and Taurus - causes of conflict

What is characteristic of their relationship:

  1. Capricorn has a stronger and stronger character. Therefore, in a relationship, most often it is he — support, protection and responsibility. He helps Taurus in everything, supports him and seeks to protect him. In return, he receives comfort, peace of mind and true love and devotion.
  2. This relationship will never develop violently. Both partners are fairly calm and balanced, they prefer to show their feelings by actions and actions. And the love between them arises very slowly, gradually.
  3. They do not fall in love with each other at first sight. Rather, they are friends first, and then, finding out more and more about their partner, they begin to experience feelings. First, small, implicit, but which eventually turn into a big, very strong and stable love. It is based, first of all, on spiritual compatibility.
  4. They understand each other perfectly. Sometimes one glance is enough to guess the thoughts of a partner. It feels like there is some kind of telepathic connection between them. In fact, they just thoroughly study the chosen one in the relationship process, so over time they can guess what he thinks about, what he wants.
  5. Together they develop and improve. Disadvantages go into oblivion, and the advantages are fully disclosed. Capricorn ceases to criticize and delve into itself, begins to relate to everything that happens in life is much easier. And Taurus gains confidence, begins to trust a partner, heals his fears and complexes.
  6. This is a union of two like-minded people who always act together. They strive not only to build harmonious love, but also set common goals, think out a plan for their achievement. This tandem is very effective in business and business.
  7. This is perhaps the only couple who will not quarrel, working together. They are well able to separate personal and business life, never mixing these areas. Therefore, they can be colleagues or business partners.

We summarize: the union of Capricorn and Taurus is a very stable and strong pair of two people confident in each other. They are friends, love, achieve goals and create a family.

All with great promise. One of the most successful couples in the zodiac table.

Causes of conflict

Despite the excellent compatibility, some problems in the pair may occur. But to solve them is not difficult.

It is enough to know where the potential causes of quarrels and disagreements are hidden.

Compatibility of Capricorn and Taurus - causes of conflict

What is worth working in the relationship of this couple:

  1. The most dangerous period for their union is the time of stagnation, when it will seem to both that they have stopped in development and it is not clear where to go further. These signs are always important progress, including in his personal life. Therefore, they should never stop cultivating.
  2. Be sure to set all new goals. Enough for some time to enjoy the new victory, and immediately begin to work on something new. It is ideal for a pair of Capricorn and Taurus.
  3. Capricorn can be quite sharp. He speaks rudely, not always correctly, deprived of diplomacy and tact. He should learn to choose words in order not to injure his more sensitive partner.
  4. Capricorn is also worth learning to talk about feelings, and not to withdraw into quarrels. Taurus will never guess what offended his chosen one, so it is important to be able to convey to him claims and offenses in a sufficiently correct form so as not to provoke an even greater scandal.

In general, their relationship always develops safely. If you pay attention to the solution of small problems, gradually they will cease to emerge completely, and the couple will become harmonious, happy and loving.

Capricorn Woman and Taurus Man

They get along well and are easy to find a common language. It is all about the similarity of their views on life, common interests and goals.

Both are patient enough, so they never roll up loud tantrums. Accustomed to restrain negative and positive emotions equally, so from the side it may seem like a rather “cold” couple, in which there are no strong feelings.

Compatibility of Capricorn and Taurus - causes of conflict

But this impression is deceptive — they love each other very deeply, sincerely and with all their hearts. Just feeling prefer to demonstrate actions, rather than manifestations of tenderness in humans.

Couples like this can be seen in the movies. These are those grandparents who, after decades of marriage together, walk in the park holding hands.

They relate to each other with great trepidation.

Capricorn male and Taurus female

This union is absolutely classical, in which roles are traditionally distributed. A man is a breadwinner and protector who provides for the family, solves all problems and takes responsibility.

The woman is his inspirer, she keeps the family hearth, brings up children and creates a reliable rear, where her companion returns after her domestic exploits.

Both signs are quite practical and straightforward. It unites them.

They strive for common goals, they are always interesting to each other, they want to develop and improve together. All this strengthens relations, brings harmony and mutual understanding in them.

They perfectly interact with each other. They work and achieve goals together, the result is important for them, not the process.

Equally invested experience, knowledge, skills and all available resources.

They speak little affectionate words to each other. They prefer to show love in deeds, and it turns out they have just excellent.

Ideally compatible in physical terms, so they never think about treason.

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