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Compatibility of Capricorn and Sagittarius

Compatibility of Capricorn and Sagittarius — is there a chance for love

The compatibility of Capricorn and Sagittarius is considered unfavorable. Astrologers characterize this type of union as envy under the guise of love. The fire and earth elements do not fit together well, so mutual understanding in a pair is unlikely to last for a long time.

We will understand in more detail.

Compatibility in love

These people are very different, they have different interests, temperaments, characters. But, as they say, opposites attract, so sooner or later they end up together and fall in love with each other.

Compatibility of Capricorn and Sagittarius

What is characteristic of the relationship of such a zodiac pair:

  1. Despite the poor compatibility, their relationship can last for many years. The thing is that over time they become great friends and allies. This keeps them close to each other, even if the feelings end.
  2. But if they could not make friends and become spiritually close people, the gap usually happens fairly quickly. A restless Sagittarius who seeks diversity in everything can get bored next to the steady Capricorn. The latter prefers a quiet, measured life, he “takes root” and rarely agrees to change his habitat. It is important to him to adhere to the established lifestyle.
  3. They converge initially on the fact that both strive for success, want a better life. They are in the eternal search for the ideal, which they discuss with each other. Here are the only ways to achieve their goals are usually different. Sagittarius everything comes easily and quickly, he used to go right through. He thinks not by problems, but by solutions. Capricorn prefers to slowly but surely move towards the goal, albeit with hard work.
  4. Capricorn sees in the partner a strong and bright, ambitious personality, deserving respect. He wants to receive a charge of positive energy and inspiration. And receives, but only at the beginning.
  5. Gradually, they enter the path of long conflicts. Compromises are rare. Everyone will stand on his own and with foaming at the mouth to defend his own opinion, not wanting to hear a partner. Eternal competition and the struggle for leadership — it destroys their relationship.
  6. Sagittarius is used to manipulating people, but his tricks do not work with Capricorn. He condescendingly refers to attempts to control him, losing trust in the partner and gradually becoming disillusioned.
  7. Capricorn tries to give advice to the chosen one, acting with the best of intentions. But he rarely listens to them, even if he understands that he is wrong.

We summarize: in spite of the fact that they may greatly like each other, relationships are in most cases doomed. The problem is the lack of desire to hear a partner and make compromises.

Causes of conflict

If you have already fallen into such a union, it is worth trying to restore harmony and peace in a pair. Perhaps then your future will be cloudless.

Compatibility of Capricorn and Sagittarius

What is worth working in the relationship Capricorn and Sagittarius:

  1. Capricorn wants to Sagittarius settled down, become more calm and family. But his companion is sickened by ordinariness, he is constantly in search of new impressions. Because of this, they often quarrel.
  2. Therefore, Sagittarius should be at home more often, and Capricorn — sometimes letting a partner spend time in noisy companies, without being jealous and not making scandals. Then there is a chance to maintain a favorable atmosphere in the pair.
  3. Capricorn is also worth learning to bring Sagittarius to emotions. And not only positive. It is the contrast of feelings that will not let the flame of their passion die away. If the relationship is too calm, lively and bright Sagittarius will get bored and start looking for impressions on the side.
  4. Partners have a very different concept of love. For Sagittarius this is an opportunity to receive new emotions, for his partner — stability and reliability. For this reason, they often do not understand each other, giving in relationships not what the elect needs.
  5. Capricorn can gobble up in its attempts to control the beloved. He will try to limit the freedom-loving nature of Sagittarius, which is detrimental to relationships. He should ease the pressure if he does not want to lose his chosen one.
  6. Both signs are rather selfish in nature. They should learn to meet each other, seek and find compromises. Then there is a chance that everything will develop as safely as possible.
  7. Often it seems to Sagittarius that the partner is happy about his failures, giving out criticism and condemnation. In fact, Capricorn pursues only good goals — he wants to teach the chosen one and set him on the right path.

Their relationship will be happy only if both die off their egoism and go to meet the wishes of their partner.

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Capricorn Woman and Sagittarius Man

This girl is very stable, calm and balanced. She stands firmly on her feet, knows what she wants from life, sets goals and achieves them.

She attracts a man with her mind, wisdom and rationality.

Sagittarius likes her for his determination, tremendous charm and sincerity. And if he is already successful enough, she will definitely fall in love, because she respects goal-oriented and intelligent men.

Compatibility of Capricorn and Sagittarius

Despite the unfavorable compatibility, their relationship can be long and happy. But only if the man already represents something.

If he is still young and looking for herself, the girl will quickly become disillusioned and find a more suitable partner.

Capricorn male and Sagittarius female

These relationships could become happy and prosperous if it were not for the great mutual jealousy. It is this negative emotion that can completely kill all the positive feelings that partners have for each other.

A man is jealous of the turbulent social life of his chosen one. He sees that she has a huge number of fans and everyone is happy to be in his place.

But she does not understand that she chose him and would not think of treason.

And if at first the temperamental nature of the chosen one strongly attracts him, then over time he becomes disappointed, loses confidence and ceases to consider the girl as a future wife. He understands that her character is not at all domestic.

There is little hope that it will become a reliable rear and guardian of the family hearth.

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